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WELLLLLLL!!!  I have finished BOTH stories like a good little girl.  Mailed the last one off Friday afternoon and have been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off ever since. 
Gees Louise!!  Who knew there was so much I forgot!  LOL.  So…er…well, shall I tell you that the water gremilins have followed me from England?  Yes, I think I shall.  The water gremlins followed me from England. 
I swear, I have not bathed in three weeks.  I have been stuck with showers. 
While staying at my first lovely sister’ s in London I had a room to myself with my own bathroom which had a shower, no tub.  This was lovely, and I didn’t miss the tub because I had work to do and couldn’t take the time for a long soak. 
Then I came to Cambridge and continued with the shower deal, telling myself that — Once I was done my deadline, I could take a long soak in the huge lovely tub.  You don’t know how much I looked forward to it.  The last three days I was writing I just kept thinking of that big huge tub.  But, Friday night I was too exhausted to take one!  I thought, no problem, I’d take it Saturday morning…Mmmmm, a long soak, a good book….Mmmmm. 
So, Saturday morning, I had just  gathered everything together and taken it to the bathroom when Decker, aka Ray the deck guy who is building my sister’s new cedar deck, knocked on the door and asked if he could go to the washroom.  No problem, downstairs I went to wait for him to finish so I could take my bath.  While he was up there, there was another knock on the door. 
Do do do do.  (Think Jaws music)
It was the plumber.  
Do do do do again.
There had been a small problem in the basement the last week with the drain backing up.  My sister thought it might have something to do with the deck since it had started around the time they’d put the cement post holders in.  The plumber asked that no one use the water while he checked it out….Okayyyyyy, no problem.  I would wait for him to finish.
BAD NEWS.  It was the deck.  They’d gone through the drain pipe in the back yard and it was backing up.  We shouldn’t use water until it was fixed.  They are coming Monday morning at 6 a.m.  So much for my long anticipated bath  LOL.  You have to laugh at this stuff.  Life is really quite entertaining at times.  Besides, the water gremlin probably followed me from England.  After it blew our boiler there, it probably hung around a bit, thought I was an interesting specimen to stress, then stowed away on the plane to Canada with me to jump down my sister’s drains and cause problems here. 
Anyway, we have been eating out and visiting Coffee shops and such alot and today I am heading for the airport hotel.  This saves me from having to get up at 3:30 and heading to the car rental place to return the car, and then getting lost like I did last time and panicking about making my flight. 
Instead, I shall leave here in a couple hours, check into the hotel, work on revisions for Vincent’s story, get a good night’s sleep, then get up at 5:30,  drop off the car and be driven to my terminal.  Sigh.  Sounds much more relaxing, doesn’t it?  And I can take a bath tonight too at the hotel…unless the water gremlin follows me and buggers up the hotel’s water.  I am hoping it doesn’t.
Anyway, then tomorrow morning I fly to New York.  And surely the water gremlin wouldn’t dare strike out at New Yorkers.  They can be a scary bunch.
I get to see my spice soon!!!!  YAY!
Dum dum de dum, dum dum de dum….<evil grin>

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Hmmm, there seem to be a lot of babies born in the September/October time period.  Spice and at least four of his friends were all September babies, and now Fox’s sister, his Mrs Fox and my gran and Aunt and cousin…I’m leaving someone out I know it …Anyway, they are all October babies.  Guess we don’t have to wonder what most people were probably doing in December and January. (Smile) But then it’s a cold, grey time of year, and there isn’t really much else to do unless you have snowmobiles, or skis and snow.
Happy Birthday Gran!!  Love you!!

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Just checking in

Well, my spice spice baby told me today that I should post an entry before everyone decides I haven’t really gone to Canada but that he "done me in" as he called it   So here goes…


I haven’t got much to post, I’m just trying to squeeze in everything around writing and a little sleep too.  I’m almost half way done Clarissa, so that’s good.  I’m hoping to get the worst of it done this week and only have a bit to finish next week along with editing.  The worst of it is done. 

Saturday I got up early, wrote most of the morning, then my sisters and I went shopping for a wedding dress.  Yes, I know, nothing like leaving things to the eleventh hour, but honestly, all I seem to have done for the longest time is work.  That’s it work work work.  Frankly, I’m ready for a vacation, but I have rewrites to do in November after I get back from honeymoon, then a half story due for the end of December, and then…. 


Anyway, enough of my whining, the point is, Saturday we found a dress.  YAYYYYYY!

Then, today I wrote this morning, then went out again for shoes and accessories before going to my gran’s for her birthday party.  A sign of how spun I am at the moment is that I left a bag with $150 to $200 dollars worth of lingerie in it in the change room of one of the stores when I left.  I didn’t even notice until I reached my gran’s and aunt’s.  ARGH!  Fortunately, my aunt suggested I call the stores I’d been in and the first one I called is where I left it.  I can pick it up tomorrow. 

Anyway, I had a lovely time visiting my friends and family (I say friends and family because I am fortunate enough to have family who are also friends) and now I am home at my sister’s and going to go back to work and try to get another 5000 words done of Clarissa’s story before I go to bed.  It could be a problem though, I am already really really tired and staying up until four a.m. at this moment is not appealing.  Ah well, we shall see.

I’ll check in again in a couple days.

Hope you’re all well!

Sandi, who really hasn’t been "done in" and is missing her spice like crazy

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Just a quick rant

So, I’ll post today, but it’s a short one because I’m working hard to get this second story done.  I heard a tale the other night at the dinner table that really just bugs the hell out of me.
There are a lot of houses being built just a couple blocks from my sister’s home and it seems a local teenager and some of his friends decided to get into mischief and explore one on a day the construction men were off.  So, one of these bright lights jumped down into the basement of one of the half built houses to see what he could find. 
What he found was that he couldn’t get out once down there.  There were no stairs installed yet and the construction crew had taken the ladder away with them when they’d left at the end of the work day. 
Well, apparently his friends either couldn’t or wouldn’t help him get out and he began breaking out the joists in the half-constructed walls to build himself a ramp affair to use to climb out.  Surprise surprise when the main beam those joists were holding up collapsed on him.  He was injured, one of his friends went for help and he was taken to emergency with injured legs. 
I don’t know how badly his legs were injured.  What I do know is that his family is now sueing the construction company for their child breaking into the site, looking for trouble, finding it, and destroying property along the way to getting hurt. 
It’s like that lawsuit I heard of where some guy broke into a business, got bit by the onsite security dog, and sued. 
I really wonder sometimes what this world is coming to.  It often appears that we have given up all sense of personal responsibility.  It’s not the boy’s fault for doing something he knew he shouldn’t have, or the parent’s either for raising a moron, it’s the construction company’s for daring to build new houses?  What are his parents thinking?  And what are they teaching the kid?  I wonder if they patted him on the back and said, ‘Way to go, son.  Maybe we can milk them for a big settlement."
I just know there will be people out there saying, he was just a kid and so on.  I’m afraid I don’t agree.  At fifteen and sixteen you know better than that.  They can legally have sex AND DRIVE A CAR at 16, surely if they’re sensible enough for that, they have the sense to know the difference between right and wrong, not to mention legal and illegal and tresspassing and so on.
And you know what will come out of this…construction companies will all have to start posting security guards to watch the sites when they aren’t there and the price will defer to the home buyer.
GAD!  Sometimes I just want to smack people.

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I Haven’t Got A Prayer


Well, Lucian’s story is done and I’m in Canada.  That’s a yay and a double YAY!  The only thing that would make it perfect, would be having Dave here.  Three weeks though and we meet in New York.


[Note to Dave: Thank you sweetie for getting up with me really early (4:45 AM!) AND not being the least bit grumpy (he’s not a morning person) and seeing me off.  That’s my baby.  Sorry you were exhausted all day, but I did appreciate it sweetie.  And I miss you, of course.]


The flight was interesting.  I was in 18A, a window seat.  No one was there when I sat down so I settled in, pulled out my notebook and continued on with the scene I had been working on in the airport before we were called to board.  I was vaguely aware when two men arrived and started to settle in, but continued writing.  One of them sat in 18C, and the other was across the aisle in 18 D.  I thought ‘great, maybe no one would sit in B’ and continued working. 


The two gentlemen had been talking, but I hadn’t been paying any attention, then the plane started its engines and we taxied out to the runway and I became aware that they were talking at the same time and in a rhythmic way and glanced over to see they had bibles and beads out and were praying. 


I was seated beside two Catholic Priests.  


I gaped for a minute, then  immediately stopped writing.  Why?  Because I was writing a love scene.  I don’t know about you, but I find it a bit hard to write sex scenes with a priest praying one empty seat away.  


They were both lovely gentlemen, by the way.  Father Don was the one beside me and we chatted most of the way to Canada with his friend chiming in once in a while.  We got talking about what we’d been doing in England, which led to what we did for a living.  Of course, what he did was a dead give away now that I actually looked and saw the collar <grimace> but I found out all sorts I’d never known about becoming a priest and so on.  And he found out I was a writer and so on.  I had a couple of cover flats with me from The Perfect Wife and A Quick Bite that I was bringing back to Canada so I showed them to him. 


It was about an hour before landing that we suddenly hit turbulence.  And I mean suddenly.  The flight had been smooth sailing until then, then suddenly Woooompa.  The plane started bouncing around like a bumper car and seemed to lose altitude at an alarming rate.  The pilot immediately squawked over the intercom for both passengers and flight attendants to get in their seats and STAY THERE and DO NOT EVEN THINK OF A BATHROOM STOP PEOPLE! 


Next to me the bibles and beads were out and my two new friends began to pray.  I had a prayer of my own.  I believe it went something like, “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.”  Oddly enough, it seemed in rhythm with their prayer in my head.  However, I’m sure theirs carried more weight, or at least actually said something sensible. 


The turbulence didn’t last long, maybe a couple minutes (In truth, I think the prayer was longer, they were Catholic priests afterall.) then it was total smooth sailing again.  (Note to self : Always ask to be seated by the priest…or minister… or rabbi…heck, just make it any holy man or woman.  I’m not prejudice when it comes to clergy.  They all have God’s ear and the sense to say something besides ‘Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,’ in a crisis.  I mean, really, what was God supposed to make of that, I ask you?  He probably tapped his foot patiently as he waited for something sensible to come out of my mouth, thinking ‘yes, dear, but what do you want?  Surely you didn’t call me just to ‘oh shit’?’) 


We landed safe and sound an hour later and Father Don asked to take my picture.  I hate having my picture taken.  I really really do.  But how do you say no to a priest?  So he took my picture and the cover flats and said he was going to go out and buy one of my books.  EEEEEEKKK!!!  Alarm isn’t the word for the feeling that claimed me, horror and panic are closer to what shuddered through my body at that announcement.  I immediately began to try to disuade him, squawking about ‘not his kind of book’ and ‘farting horses’ and ‘chastity belts’ and ‘really bad sex.’  




This all just made him giggle and ensure me he WAS getting one.  He’d met me, he’d talked to me, he knew a famous author (it was the new york times thing that convinced him I was famous and no amount of denial on my part would persuade him otherwise) and he was going out to buy my books.  If they were funny as the write ups on the covers suggested, he could recommend them to some of his flock who were suffering ill health and needed a boost. 




I swear Catholic Priests must all have a bit of the sadist in them.  The man was laughing as he tormented me with the idea of a priest reading my books…and the sex scenes….sigh.  You know what this means, don’t you?  I’m going to hell.  The man has God’s ear, will read my book and start praying my next plane crashes….sigh.  Ah well…


Anyway, we were landed, I didn’t have a lick of trouble with customs or getting the car from the rental, then I made the two hour trek to my sisters, playing bad radio stations really loud because I couldn’t find a good one and drive at the same time and needed the noise to keep me alert and awake.


And here I sit at my sister’s writing this.  But now I have to cut out and get back to work.  Have to work this morning, then the op this afternoon.  But tomorrow I will write about the visit to gran and my Aunt Sue’s last night.  (My gran and Aunt are now quivering with dread at the very thought bwahahaha… OH!!!   Shame on me for laughing at their torment.  Hmmm…maybe I have a bit of the sadist too….could have been a good Catholic priest <grin>) 


Anyway I had a great visit with them, haven’t laughed so hard in…well, since my last visit to Canada.  I have a very special family, you see.  None of us minds looking like complete idiots at times.  It happens.  Embarrassing situations are ALWAYS cropping up, but for some reason, we can all accept it and laugh at it too….and those embarassing situations, as if aware they won’t be shunned,  appear to like to visit us rather often. 


But as I say, tomorrow I’ll tell you about how my sister and I made complete pillocks of ourselves on the way to gran and Aunt Sue’s.


By the way, Dave doesn’t mind being an idiot at times either and I do laugh with him too, it’s why I love him.  But, with sisters, aunts and grans, you get to be silly the way you only can around women.  You girls know what I mean.



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Safe and sound

Well, it is exactly 24 hours since I got up to get ready to head out and I am completely toast.  So, I will put an entry in tomorrow after I’ve had some sleep.  Hope everyone is well.

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