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Dave told me tonight that he thought I was incredibly brave to come to England to be with him.  I just shook my head and said no, it wasn’t brave, it was selfishness.  He said, “No, if asked, 95% of people would say they would move to a new country to be with a lover, but when it came down to it, they wouldn’t do it.  But you did, and it’s changed my life and I appreciate it.” 


Do you see why I love him?  To me it was pure, unadulterated selfishness on my part to come here to be with him.  He offered to come to Canada back then, but he had a job here and I had a job I could do anywhere.  This seemed the practical move.  So I did it. Simple.


 Now, his department has shut down and he is coming to Canada and I thank God every day for that, because while England is a nice place to visit, my family isn’t here and working at home, it is difficult to make friends, so I have had only he and his friends for contacts and while his friends are all lovely, they have busy lives and we see them rarely..   In Canada, working at home or not, I have my family, and truly, my family are also my friends.  They are wonderful people I miss very much.  They’ve known me my whole life, know my foibles and so on and are there for me.  I can’t wait to go home. 


I came here for Dave, and we’re going home for my family, who he’s been taken into and accepted as a member as easily as if he’s always been there.  And he says he appreciates that too, and I know it’s true.  He loves my family and feels a part of them.  He even knows my cousin’s names and who they are, and that’s no mean feat for a newcomer, believe me.  At least, with me it’s a feat.  I have the worst time with names and so on – not with my family, but with newcomers and so am impressed that he knows who my – and now his – family are.  He even understood and enjoyed the Humping Humphrey gift.  You see, he fits right in.


Anyway, I wish I was the social butterfly type who has gangs of friends everywhere she goes, but truth be told, I am a typist.  I spend my days spinning stories and typing them up.  I am not a butterfly, or if I am, I am the one in a cocoon and have been terribly lonely here in England.  But, every day, I am counting down the days until our return to Canada and each day I count off makes me smile.  I can’t wait.  LOL. 


We spent several hours on line tonight with my younger sister and her hubby/fiancé in Canada.  They are the couple we will be staying with until we get our own place.  Dave kept horning in and typing in my place to them and that tells me more than anything that he likes them and will be content there.  It’s a relief to me.  I want him happy.  I don’t want him lonely and miserable.  So, I see a bright 2006 and it makes me smile.  I hope your future is as bright.




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Fa la la la la

Fa la la la la….oh wait, that was last week.  This week is New Years eve.  We are staying in to see the end of the old year and the beginning of the new.  We had steak for dinner with a lovely red wine, and have champagne to toast in the new year and the start of our new adventure in Canada.  That’s what Dave called it when he was talking to his sister today, an adventure.  (grin)
I hope you all have wonderful things ahead for you in 2006 and that happiness and joy are yours.  I’m sending lots of love and good wishes to you all.

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Well, the shipping man came today and his visit was very informative and helpful.  Really, they do all the packing, which will reduce a lot of stress, but still leaves the sorting to do.  We have to figure out what to take and what not to bother with.  We aren’t taking anything electrical, of course, because it wouldn’t work on Canadian voltage anyway, so we have to get rid of all that. 
As for everything else, the price for shipping works out to about 50 quid for a cubic foot.  That’s about $100 Canadian.  So, we have to weigh sentiment and value against that.    Hmmm…Sounds like a good excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe in Canada, don’t you think?  And maybe new dishes and….LOL. 
Seriously, we will have to look carefully at what to take and what not to.  Since we have about 12 boxes of books already packed (about 2 cubic feet each), and are guessing we will have about 6 more, this could be an interesting chore.  Unfortunately, I still have a deadline to deal with….Ahhhhh, moving.  What a joy. 
I swear once we’re settled in our own little home, I am not moving again for…well, a long time.  And I wouldn’t skip this move for the world.  England is a nice place to visit, but it will be lovely to be home in Canada with my family nearby.

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This and That

Jen is back!   Welcome back Jen.  Glad you got home safe and sound and hope you had a great time!
And yes, Theresa, Dave did take the pics.  Good, isn’t he? (grin)
I used pic four in the end, the smiling one.  I bugged family and friends and even readers at my website and most seemed to prefer the smiling pic I liked best.  The clincher though was when my sis said #3 looked like I was primed for sex….UGH.  That is so not the image I want to put on the back of my books.  I already get some perv letters from prison boys.  So, #4 it was — much to Dave’s chagrin.   Sorry, babe.  I shall make it up to you.
Hmmm….So what else can I tell you? 
Well, I was up until 6:30 in the morning last night, so slept late today, emailed off the pics and had Dave fill in the permission contract for Avon/Harpercollins to use the pic, then faxed it off to my pub in New York.  He will have a credit on the pic in the back of the book.  (grin) Then, my sweetie took me out to the Yak & Yeti for a scrumptious Bhutanese/Napalese dinner, before taking me to Coffeevolution for a couple of Cappucinos and now home. 
Now I get to write, write, write…  A bit.  I have to go to bed early tonight, the shipping guy is coming tomorrow to figure out how much space our stuff will take up in a container.  EEEEEk!  Maybe I should clean instead of write.  Hmmm.
Anyway, what’s everyone doing for New Years?

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Votes needed

Now you shall see that I really do look better in cartoon (grin)  I need help.  I need a new photo for the back of my books.  My publisher wants color photos.  So, we’ve done some but can’t decide which to use.  I need votes here.  I am going to post the photos in their own album and would appreciate opinions guys.

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Tuesday Wednesday

It’s really still Tuesday for me, even though it’s after midnight so coming up Wednesday the 28th, but we’ll just go with it.
Christmas just didn’t feel like Christmas this year.  The reindeer, santa and teddy tried, but the three small, six inch stuffed animals lost amongst the packed and stacked boxes just didn’t add much cheer.  I really missed the Christmas tree, lights, garlands and wreaths.  I also missed celebrating Christmas with family all getting together and bringing bits of the meal and hanging out together.  I just kept telling myself that this time next year we will hopefully be in our own little home in Canada with trees and lights and wreaths and garlands, family and everything else because in my mind Christmas is a lot to do with family.  I’ve been so off that I haven’t even called my gran, which I do every Christmas, or did until now.  Sorry gran.  I’ll call in the next day or so.
Anyway, if nothing else this has made me look forward to Christmas next year to make up for this year. 
Dave and I had a quiet Christmas.  We cooked the meal together, turkey, spuds, turnip (though he calls it Swede) brussel sprouts, stuffing, gravy and trifle.  We watched movies, ate, napped, and I wrote while he websurfed.  It really didn’t feel like Christmas at all.  But we have things to do.  Twenty-two days to get this story done, get everything off to the shippers to store until he gets permanent residency, then a visit to Canada to see family, look around at where we will both be happy to settle, purchase a house and so on and then we’re on the move until he has permanent residency.  As I said, hopefully, this time next year, we’ll be all settled in our own home and drag every one to our place to celebrate Christmas. (grin)
I hope you all had a wonderful one though.  It only comes once a year, you know.  

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Ahhhh, Christmas Eve… A Christmas Carol on the television, turkey in the fridge and Dave and I wrestling on the couch.  Literally.  It is not a euphemism… we wrestle.  Not like WWF type wrestling with head locks and body slams, more like wrangling and struggling and wiggling about trying to tickle each other’s feet and give each other wedgies….Yes, we are strange.  And truly, neither of us has hit puberty in the mind yet.  But we have loads of fun, lol.


 Now, we’ve taken a coffee break.  Dave made a couple of Irish coffees, yummmm, so I thought I’d do an entry before midnight hits to wish you all a lovely, happy, safe Christmas! 



Merry Christmas everyone!



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