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Sunny Monday

I have been most remiss in not posting of late.  My apologies, I was a little under the weather, but am fine now.  You know about the appointments all last week.  We returned Friday and I have since been going through boxes of papers for a couple of missing bits of information for the accountant, banker and lawyer.


Other than that, nothing much has happened, we’ve been touring the area and arranging insurance for the new car so we can pick it up tomorrow.  Yesterday was a work day.  I had letters to answer (only about a million) and a synopsis for my agent of the last historical I sent in as well as a printed copy of the manuscript.  All of this is done and sitting here waiting to be posted, but we are stuck here waiting on a federal express delivery and calls from insurance people.  Hopefully, I can get the mail out later today, or tomorrow morning.   At least its done.


So, if we can get the insurance in line, we will be picking up the new car tomorrow and concentrating on house hunting.  My sister and her hubby are lovely and we all get along fine, but living out of boxes and such just isn’t fun.  I need to get my office organized so I can write and I can’t do that here.   Besides, it’s just nice to have your own space and be able to wander around in your jammies or eat peanut butter and toast for supper if you like, if you know what I mean.


The weather here is great.  I spent weeks warning David of our harsh winters and worrying that this was the worst time to bring the man here.  I was positive the winter would scare him away before he could enjoy a spring summer and fall, and here it is gorgeous.  No snow on the ground at all, beautiful, bright sunshine and we’re standing out on the deck in t-shirts watching the squirrels scamper, the birds flitter about the feeder, and noting that the trees are budding and new grass is coming in in its bright green hue.  I am sure we are going to pay for this weather with either a long winter that runs into May, or a really harsh storm at some point and I am not looking forward to that, but in the meantime, we are enjoying it.


I guess that’s it for now.  Hope you’re all well.





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On the Road Again


Yep, we’re on the road today, heading down to London to see the immigration lawyer, etc. etc.  I think I might make Dave drive…or not.  We’ll see what he feels like.  He’s been doing most of the driving since we got here.


So, I’m mostly packed.  A few more things to do.  Haven’t finished the taxes though.  Fortunately, we don’t see the accountant until Thursday, so I can try to finish them off tonight and tomorrow night in the hotel.  I’m taking the printer to print things up.  Frankly, I’d rather just hand them the rest of the receipts and let them sort them, but they charge so much for that kind of thing.  Sigh.  Oh well. 


Anyway, we plan to leave and go straight to the appointment, then go check into the hotel, then head to gran and Aunt Sue’s for supper.  It’ll be nice to see them.  It’s been almost two months.  Soooo, I’m going to post a pic of gran.  Enjoy it while you can cause I’m pretty sure she’ll screech and make me take it off when I get to London, lol.  She hates getting her pic taken as much as I do.  But it’s a good pic and she’s a gorgeous chick.   If I told you how old she was, you’d be shocked.   The woman doesn’t look her age.  Notice the lack of wrinkles on the forehead?  We’re talking some serious good genes here.  Thank you gran for passing ’em down the family line to me. 


I’ll also put up Terror and Steve.  I took this pic before they left for his work Christmas party.  Aren’t they a cute couple? 


Anyway, I’d best get the pics up and get moving.  I have to go finish packing and such.



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Is googleable even a word?  I guess it is now and I am, fortunately, googleable.


We got a call from the lovely Cathy at the car dealership today.  She handles the financial side of the sale and she is the lady who has been trying to get the car deal through.  The problem?  Dave is from England so has no credit here.  I’ve been in England for two years and while I have excellent credit there (they keep jacking it up in England) I have a completely blank credit rating here in Canada, there are no bad marks on it, but no good either.  Just nothing.  I didn’t use credit cards before England when I discovered I needed it to travel.  So the financier was hesitant to finance and we were afraid we’d have to pay cash for the Matrix which wouldn’t have been a problem, but might have made things tight for a while in regards to all the other things we need to do in the short term here.


Well, Cathy called today to say we’d been approved.  The lender googled me and agreed to the deal.  She was laughing as she told me this.  I went blank in the head and at first thought she meant the lender had emailed me.  One of those brain fart moments I guess.  Anyway, then I clued in and said, “OH!  You mean she googled my books and my name?”  “Yes,” Cathy said.  “And you have some great reviews.  They love you.  She’s agreed to the deal.”


And so you see, I have discovered the benefits of being googleable.  We are now the proud owners of a Matrix.  The next question they ask is “When do you want it?”  LOL.  Oy vey!  We have the rental until Thursday, but I suppose we can take it back early.  I guess we shall say Monday since we are going to be out of town until Friday afternoon and the airport is crazy busy on the weekends.  So, if that’s all right with them, we’ll be picking up our new baby on Monday and driving to Toronto to drop off the rental.  Hmmm….Sigh.  One thing off the list of things to do.





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Sunday mornings.  You gotta love ‘em.  I woke up early again.  6:43.  My hours are all messed up.  I’m the gal who normally works until 2, 4 or 6 AM and then sleeps until 9, 10, or 11.  But I appear to be on a morning schedule here.  It’s very weird for me to wake up when the sun is just creeping up the sky and the birds are just waking.  Very strange indeed.   

Anyhoooo, I got up, put coffee on and sat down to do emails.  Steve was the second one up, followed very shortly by Dave and then Terri.  Then Steve – lovely bil that he is – made everyone pancakes for breakfast.  YAY STEVE!  You gotta love Sundays.


Today is strictly go shopping day once the stores open.  I need to look for a proper plug for my computer.  Right now I have a UK plug and adaptor and don’t want to use it any longer than necessary.  Then there’s groceries and jeans (my jeans have somehow grown and keep threatening to fall down.  I hate having to drag them up all the time, so it’s a smaller size jeans for me.)  Then I shall be back here buried in the boring task of taxes.  UGH.  But I have to get them done.  We’re headed to London for a couple days next week and have to fit everything in at the same time; accountant, lawyer, banker, hospital, and of course, family, so it’s best to get as much done as possible ahead of time to make things easier.


Then, later on this evening the four of us are heading down to have Sunday dinner with Steve’s parents.  They are a very nice couple.  Hmmmm…they gave us a lovely wedding gift when we got back to Canada back in November.  Steve’s mother is an awesome potterist…pottist?  Heck, I don’t know what they’re called.  Anyway, she does lovely work and gave us a lovely piece for our wedding gift.  Dave’s looking forward to going and seeing some of her other work.  Actually, so am I.  Perhaps I should hit a cash machine while we’re shopping and make sure I have money on me to buy stuff while we’re there.  She really is quite talented.  We’ll also have to pick up some wine and flowers for her while out shopping today.  I should make a list.   You know I’ll forget something otherwise


Anyway, I’m done this boring blog (I’ll try to be more interesting in future) and am off to get ready to go shopping




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Back in Canada


For those of you who don’t read Spice-the-cat’s blog, we arrived here safe and sound and with little to no trouble at all.  Everything went smoothly.  Now I wish I hadn’t wasted all that energy stressing.  I was positive we would have trouble about the bags, but there was no real trouble.  The girl weighed them and said, “You’re over.  Do you want to be upgraded to first class?”  After doing the math and seeing that it wouldn’t cost much more, and actually might be cheaper, we said sure.  (Okay, really we didn’t do the math until later.  Dave and I looked at each other and said, “Yeah, sure, go on then.”  Both of us thinking it was the pleasantest way to handle the situation and that we deserved it after the stress of the last several weeks.)


Next stop was security and they ALWAYS pull us over.  Since Dave had carefully packed his cameras and they would never fit in again if taken out, and since I had everything but the kitchen sink in mine (really, I had the weirdest things packed in my hand luggage; a paper stand I didn’t want to leave behind for three months, the arm of a cheese grater that got left behind by the shippers, etc.)  With all these weird things, I was sure we would be stopped and searched at x ray….But NO!  We were waved right through with no hassle.


With hurdle two passed without problem, I immediately moved on to worrying about the next step.  Landing in Canada and whether immigration would give us a hassle.  I didn’t really think they’d turn him away, but figured we’d at least get stopped and asked a gazillion questions, but again, NO!  The standard question of “Why are you here?” was asked, we told them, and then off we went.  Hurdle three surpassed, but the panic wasn’t completely over, because I was worried about the car rental. 


Having only married a couple months ago and dividing my time between Canada and England as I have, half my ID is in my maiden name and half in my married name.  My driver’s license is in a different name to my credit card and I always get the rentals in Canada because I have the Canadian driver’s license and we weren’t sure until yesterday if Dave could without a Canadian driver’s license.  Anyway, I booked the car a month or so ago, but now was worried that the fact that the credit card had a different name to the driver’s license would cause a problem, but nope, not a lick of it.  I handed over the email confirmation of rental and said, “I just got married and-”   and the rental guy said, “Name change issues?” with a grin.  I just sagged against the counter and said, “Yes.” And was so relieved that this, the last issue I thought would be an issue, wasn’t an issue at all that I think all the last of my nervous energy just seeped right out of me.  Sigh. 


So, it went swimmingly as they say.  We enjoyed first class, got here without hitting traffic, arrived to be greeted by Steve and the kitties and chilled.  It was lovely all the way around except for the needless worry.  I’d say I’m never going to worry again, but I know that isn’t true, so won’t bother.  Worry seems to be second nature to me unfortunately.  Ah well.


Now we’re on to our first day here and we’ve gone car hunting.  I was up at 6:13 AM if you can believe it.  We went to bed at a little after 11 PM which was 24 hours from when we got up (4 AM in England).  Dave slept until 8:30, we made some calls and then headed out to look for cars.  We need a car to get around and look at houses (not to mention to do anything else here), so that’s our first priority.  We were at it all day.  Now, we’re just relaxing and playing with Beeble and Zarnie (Dave is playing with them and trying to lure them onto my keyboard to muck up my typing while I blog and I’m about to get off here and go have the cats help me hold him down and tickle him.  It seems only fair [grin].)


Ciao for now


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Eleven hours and counting


Well, we’ve sorted the problem with the monitor.  Sort of.  A friend is storing it for us (THANK YOU JIM!!) and when we come back to do the passport stamping and landing thing we will take it with us.  I shall have to find the receipt to prove it isn’t new, you can’t bring anything newer than six months old when landing. 


Soooo, we have been working all day, well, actually, we’ve been working since the movers left pretty much and it is almost done.  There are still a couple of things to give away.  The television and the blue air filter that filters the air in 2000 sq feet or more.  Great for people with allergies and so on.  Fox gets it if he wants to come around for it.  We’ll see.  Dave called, but he hasn’t called back yet.  If he doesn’t come for it, I guess the landlord gets a futon couch, a tv, a filter and a couple other things.  Oh well, nothing we can do about it.


 Now it’s just the cleaning and tossing of things.  We have finished the kitchen and vacuuming the whole place, so there are just the bathrooms to do.   YAY!!  Then it’s an early night (I hope) and up tomorrow for the 6 AM taxi… Hmm, speaking of which, I’d best call and confirm with them…Ooooo, we leave in less than 12 hours!


Well, my sandwich is done.  Guess that means my break is done and I should get back to it.  First I’ll pop around and see everyone.


Mrs. Spice


P.S. And no Jacquie, we didn’t ship any trash by accident, lol.

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Chaos Central


Welcome to my world


Good morning!  Its 7:30 and I am having tea and waiting for the shippers in the ruins of my home.  Truly, this is chaos headquarters, boxes and various miscellaneous detritus lay everywhere in piles, this goes, this doesn’t, this goes, this doesn’t…


I have no idea how the day will go.  The sidewalk is still ripped up in front of the building which ought to please the shippers no end, and getting things organized here is practically an impossibility for us at this point.  My only hope is the shippers are used to this and will be able to take us in hand when they get here.  We’ve never done this before…they have.


And, I think to myself, 48 hours from now, we will be on a plane home…well, actually, we will be in the airport, going through security and waiting in the lounge to board the plane that will take us home.  Am I excited?  Yes.  Am I also dreading it?  Yes?  I will relax when it’s over.  In the meantime, we may soon be without internet.  Everyone stay safe and happy while we’re off line and we’ll be back soon.


To my friends and family here in England, we WILL be back. 


To my friends and family in Canada, see you soon!


And to everyone else, if you’re single, try not to fall in love with someone from a different country.  The back and forth and leaving family and friends one way, then the other….well…it kind of sucks and once you fall for them, you’re in it.



P.S. Gran and Aunt Sue and Terri and Steve, I’ve meant to call you every night since Friday and keep getting distracted with everything and forgetting until it’s too late.  I’ll try again tonight.  And Aunt Leigh and Kath and everyone else.  See you soon.  Love you.

Well, the shippers are done.  They showed up at a little after 9 A.M. and left at a little after 1 pm.  I think they would have been done by lunch, but the head fellow just returned last year from spending 34 years in Canada (born and raised here in the Yorkshire area, played professional football here until he was 24, then went to play for a football [soccer to non Brits] club in Canada).  Once he learned Dave and I were headed to Toronto, he was eager to talk.  He raved about Canada to Dave, telling him he’ll love it, the people are so nice and the country is lovely and so on.  Dave then asked why he’d moved back and he said because his sister was poorly and he came back to help her out, but kept thinking about Canada and going back.  He has dual citizenship apparently.


At any rate, after all the worry and stress it was basically a breeze.  I just stood out of the way while the four men worked, chatting with the head guy from Canada and making the occasional ‘cuppa’…tea that is.   Well, it was a breeze for me who was panic stricken for weeks and sorting all my stuff ahead of time while trying to write my story.  Meanwhile, Dave was still sorting as they were packing and shifting, lol. 


Everything went well and I thought they had everything and then I tried to hook up to the internet with the computer we were going to leave behind.  It’s the desktop I shipped over from Canada with me two years ago.  It was a year old then and the case got some damage on the way over so I decided not to ship it back.  I also intended to leave the lovely flat screen monitor Dave got me for my birthday because when I checked, it appeared that the plug came out of the base and so wouldn’t be transferable to Canadian ampage.  Then I went to set it up after the men had left and see if I could get the internet back.  I got a better look at the back and saw that while the cord does go into the base, it then goes up the base and PLUGS into the screen.  The plug can be exchanged for a Canadian plug and the monitor is set to work on 100-240 volts.  Sigh.  Now I don’t know what to do.  It’s a beautiful big screen, and it was a birthday gift, but the shippers are gone.  Sheesh. I shall have to talk to Dave when he gets up and see what he thinks.  He laid down to take a nap after the men left.  Poor thing was worn out (grin)


Anyway that was our adventure in shipping.  They inventoried, numbered and labeled all the boxes and out they went.  Now we just have to clean….dear God you should see the mess…On second thought, I’m glad you can’t.


Lynsay, pulling on her work gloves.

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