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Stuff and Squirrels

So, we are crazy busy trying to get together all the info and do all the things necessary for buying the house.  Who knew there was so much to do?  I thought you just bought the damned thing.  But NOOOOOOO, they have a ton of things we have to do.  Today I made about half a million calls to – among other things — firm up insurance for the house, apparently you can’t buy it without insurance.  It’s not allowed.  I knew we’d have to get insurance, just didn’t know it was like a car and you can’t take possession without it.  Sheesh.


Yesterday, on our day off we bought a desk table and rocker for the house.  Yes, we’re buying furniture for it already, lol.  Tomorrow we meet the inspector out there at 8:30 in the morning and do the inspection.  We were told to expect it to take three hours.  My fingers and toes are crossed that he doesn’t find anything wrong.  They were testing the water today.  Its well water so they had to empty it out and then check to be sure it refills in the specified time and someone else was taking samples to be sure the water is okay.  It’s all very exciting, but our interest is more towards the furniture end of things of course and we’ll get to that when we can.  After we’re sure the house passes muster with the various inspectors….You know this will land in a book somewhere don’t you?  Hmmm, wonder if that means I can claim the house as research?  Just kidding. <grin>


Anyway, Dave’s last blog had a pic of a black squirrel and J from Leeds asked why the little ‘dude’ was black.  It reminded me that in England they don’t have the same variety of squirrels as we do in north America, so I thought I would explain to him.   Soooo….


J, in Canada we have black squirrels, grey squirrels, red squirrels, white squirrels and even flying squirrels.  Flying squirrels don’t actually fly, they really glide, but are called flying squirrels anyway.  Their fur extends out to their little hands and they look kind of square when their arms and legs are spread out and they glide from branch to branch.  White squirrels are not albino, but actual white squirrels.  I’m posting some pics here.  You’ve seen the grey squirrel at Dave’s blog, so here are pics of the others.


PS. The one clinging to the side of the grey tree is the flying squirrel


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Happy Valentines!!

Soooo, for Valentines Mr. Spice bought me half a house and I got him the other half <Grin>  Yes, we got the house.  It still needs to be inspected and so on, but if everything comes out all right, we will have a home.  And we got a thirty day possession thing, thirty days from the first offer.  So, March 12th we will hopefully be moving into our own home. 


Yipeeeeeee!!  YAY!!!!  Woohooo!!!!!  YEEEEHAWWWWWW!  LOL.


The only downer is that Mr. Spice couldn’t talk him into including the cat.  Guess we’ll have to get our own little kitty.  Soooo, I guess this summer I should have pics of Mr Spice on a tractor, probably with kitties trailing behind him and me chasing after them to keep them from getting hurt.  LOL.


GAD!  We are exhausted.  The last two days have felt like a week at least.  In fact we were shocked when my sister pointed out it had only been two days since we made the first bid!  But then we’ve been crazy busy since arriving, haven’t we.  And we’ve sure got a lot done; buying the car, arranging the insurance, appointments with bankers, lawyers, accountants and mortgage brokers, my operation, proofing manuscripts, writing proposals, and now buying a house…AND WE HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN HERE A MONTH!!!  I think we’ve done FABULOUS!  And we’ve decided we deserve a day off, so tomorrow we are sleeping in and chilling for the day….At least until someone calls with something urgent. <grin>


Hope you’re all well.  I will fly around and read everyone’s blogs tonight and hopefully comment, then this chick is off to bed.


Happy Valentines guys….Hey, it must be a good sign that we got it on Valentines, don’t you think? 



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Wellllll, Dave told you all yesterday that we put a bid in on a house.  I will update.  The seller came back with his price lower and throwing in the washer, dryer, fridge, stove as well as the snow blower and…A LAWN TRACTOR!  Bwahahahahahahaha!   


Oh, I’m sorry.  You see, it just makes me laugh to imagine my Dave riding around our yard on a lawn tractor.  This is the man I met in New York.  The one who loves to shop the high streets there.  The man who hadn’t worn a pair of jeans until this winter and has only worn them once or twice and then switched right back to his dress pants.  The man who’s previous yard in England was so small he didn’t bother with a lawnmower even, but just tossed around a weed whacker…This man….On a lawn tractor, puttering around our .76 acre yard mowing it…probably with the cat – or cats — trailing him around.  It’s just killing me, lol.


Anyway, we raised our price and sent it back.  I think we’re all headed for the same price and just wish we didn’t need to bother with this back and forth nonsense.  But, hopefully, it will only be one more back from him and we’re done.  So, barring problems, we may own a house tomorrow….and Dave may be scouring the internet for instructions on how to run, drive and use a lawn tractor. <grin>


Lynsay, back to work

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It must have been a bug and I must have fought it off with the sleeping, because today I have felt fine.   But thanks for your sympathies guys.


We did the doc trip, checked mail, and so on and came home.  Tomorrow we see the realtor.  I’m pretty excited.  I know Dave is too.  The town we’ve settled on is lovely and picturesque.


Other than that, I’m plotting the next book.  I’m already having fun with it, I think it will be a hoot to write.  Sooooo, forgive me if I keep this short, but I want to get back to it while the ideas are coming.


Ciao for now guys!


Lynsay, in writing mode

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Today was phone calls and emails all morning and mortgage center guy this afternoon. 


During the emails and calls this morning, we found out that the bank is willing to increase the mortgage if we see a house in a higher bracket that we like (which we have and hope to tour this weekend).  I also learned from my agent that Avon is interested in more stories.  Lovely!   That was a stress reducer.  Every time a contract comes to an end, I’m positive no one will want more.  Must be a writer thing.  I am very grateful to my agent for emailing me since she was home sick.


There were many other calls and emails.  I got the cover flats for my next book A Bite to Remember and Dave and I were both dismayed to find the old black and white photo still on the back rather than the one he’d taken.  Fortunately, through emails I found out that the book itself will carry the color photo, but wasn’t there in time for the sales flats that they send out for promo ahead of time.  YAY for it being on the books!!  I know Dave would have been disappointed otherwise.  Thank you Esi for the good news!


After all this emailing and phone calling (there were many others but I won’t bore you with them), I ran to take a bath, then dressed to go see the Mortgage guy.  No, I wasn’t bathing specifically for him, but we try to bath or shower during the day to keep from tying up the bathroom at night when my sister and her hubby are home.  We also try to avoid getting up until they’ve both finished with their ablutions in the morning to keep from tying up the bathroom while they’re rushing around trying to get ready to go.  This sometimes means lying their listening to them rush around and desperately trying to distract yourself from the fact that you really, really have to go. LOL. 


Anyway, we then went for our appointment with Mr. Mortgage man.  It went well.  It looks like we will have our choice of where to have our mortgage.  That choice depends on who has the best rates, etc.  Personally, I hate working out all this stuff.  I write.  I am so not a numbers and business type person.  I find all these things vastly annoying.  That’s why I have an accountant.  Sigh. 


On the way back from the appointment (it was in the next town) we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some hazelnut coffee whitener (yum, I love that stuff).  Of course we ended up getting about 12 items instead of the one, arrived home at about 5:45, unpacked and put away groceries, then I went to bed. 


Yes, bed.  I was achey and shakey, flushed and exhausted so went to bed at a bit after six pm.  I slept until some time between 9:30 and 10:00 when Dave came to check on me.    I think I might be fighting off a bug, Terri was a bit off today too apparently.  I feel better for the sleep, but could sleep a lot more and will.  We have to be up early tomorrow morning for the trip to the doc’s who is about an hour plus away.  We will also hit my post office box and Revenue Canada while there and try to squeeze in a visit with Gran if I’m not feeling poorly again.  I wouldn’t want to take a bug to her.


Ah life.  I remember when I got to stay home and write every day…and I will again, but first we have all this business to get through.  It’s good stuff and exciting, but MAN!  You really can have too much of a good thing.


Lynsay, who apologizes for boring you all to tears

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Update continued

So, yesterday I mentioned that I’m sure my family love Dave more than me, today I will explain and finish the updates.


As to my family loving him more than me…Dave’s first meeting with gran was over tea.  She made tea and cherry tarts with whipped cream….yummmm.  At one point, we stood to pour ourselves a second tea and Gran said, “Grab yourself another tart, Dave, if you want one.”  Dave promptly grabbed me by the shoulders.  Being deucedly slow at these things, I glanced over my shoulder at him in question and was able to spot the evil in his eyes as he smirked and said, “She said to grab a tart.”  Well, I reacted with suitable outrage and smacked him or some such thing, or possibly insulted him.  I can’t remember at the moment.  I do recall quite clearly that my Gran’s response wasn’t to chastise Dave for calling her dear, sweet granddaughter a tart, noooo, her response was, to tell ME to behave MYSELF.  That was the first sign that Dave was easily going to win the hearts and minds of my family.


And then at the Christmas celebrations that year when he made some teasing remark and I insulted him back, Gran whacked ME with her cane….Okay, it wasn’t a real whack, more a nudge, but HE started it and I’m the one whacked.  Tell me she doesn’t like him better than me.



Anyway, his stellar position in the family was proven to me once again this weekend.  At one point, I mentioned we were thinking of getting a dog once we had the house.   My aunts and uncles — who do have dogs — promptly began to give us all the reasons we really shouldn’t want one.  They hamper travel, have health issues, think they rule the roost etc.  When they finally ran down into a moment of silence, Dave pursed his lips and nodded and said someone should have given him this lecture before he got married. 


HA……HA I say!  I promptly reached out and rubbed my fingers over his glass lenses, then when he took them off to clean away the smudge, I snatched them away and really dirtied them good, including licking them to finish the damage.  HA!  Insult me, will he?


Apparently, yes he will.  I got the pursed lip look from all around me as poor downtrodden Dave was led off to the glass cleaner by my aunt, who — upon returning — said “Bad girl,” in a semi whisper as you would to a dog that had piddled on the carpet…sigh. 


They love him more than me.  It’s the accent I’m sure.  At least that’s what I tell myself. 


Anyway, enough of my whinging.  Yesterday we called a realtor and made an appointment, unfortunately, we can’t get in to see her until later in the week.  She gave us the number of a mortgage broker and I called him to find out what I would need to get a quote from them on top of the one from the bank (it’s always good to shop around).  He wasn’t in, so I left a message and then I wasn’t in when he called me back.  We weren’t in because we were off buying cell phones.  It seemed a smart purchase to make, then if we have road trouble, or if Dave gets lost on one of his wanderings, we have that safety line.


Anyway, he left a message with all these numbers to reach him at and I tried again this morning and got a hold of him.  We meet with him tomorrow (actually today now I guess, since it’s past midnight and now Wednesday), then back to London for a doctor’s appointment Thursday, then we see the realtor on Friday and hopefully get to see some houses.  And yes, today we did look around a lovely little town where we have decided we are definitely settling.  Charming old buildings, a lovely lazy river, snow bedecked trees….It was a lovely day, and we are slowly, surely moving ahead.



That’s it.  You’re all caught up now…Except for the banker and lawyer losing important papers, but that’s a tale for another day.  This is already wayyyyyy too long.



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Sorry, Ines.


Actually, it’s been work that kept me offline.  The first proofing of A Bite To Remember, along with being a little weary after wrangling with bankers, lawyers, and getting lost, etc during the day.  I haven’t even been answering emails.  I’m so remiss.  Winter has set in and I want to hibernate.  Must have a bit of the bear in me.  <grin>


Anyway, to pick up where I left off….We got the insurance in the eleventh hour and rushed out to pick up the car last Tuesday.  She’s pretty.  (Dave snorts when I say she.  He’s sure it’s a he.  Men can be so deluded <Grin>


We drove out in the rental to get the new baby, then Dave drove the rental back and I drove the new car.  Leading the way, I missed a turn on the return trip and led him into the wilds of nowhere…the scenic route home, lol.   Actually, it gave me a chance to try her out, so I didn’t mind and we did make it back to town in the end.  We then dropped off the rental and hit Canadian Tire for car essentials; scraper, travel mugs.  We found some that were the same iridescent grey black as the car, then I spotted some nice metal with black trim mugs on sale for half price.  However, when I pointed them out to Dave he said, “Yes, but they don’t match the car.”  LOL.  We must color coordinate you know.  LOL.


The following day we rode out to a little town about a half hour away to pick up an antique missionary rocker my sister had purchased on the weekend.  I drove and Dave navigated….We got lost.  LOL.  At least I am not the only one in this family with a poor sense of direction.


Thursday we made another trip to London to hit the storage unit, see the banker and lawyer and pick up fan letters.  We didn’t get lost.


Friday I spent the day working.  I’d been editing at night and not getting much done so tried for a day spell.  


Saturday Terri, Dave and I headed for an antique market a couple towns over (Steve was working)  We didn’t get lost again, however, while it was nice and temperate when we drove there, when we came out two hours later the snow had hit.  It was cold, slushy, clingy snow that made the roads slippery and treacherous.   No one was going over 50 or 60 kms/h on the highway on the way back and sometimes as slow as 20  kms/h and still we passed at least three cars off the road during the ten minutes we were on the highway.  It was nail biting.   Winter has arrived.


Sunday was my uncle’s 50th birthday, so Dave and I headed down to London around lunchtime for the party.  Dave took pictures of everyone and we had cake and a nice visit…THOUGH, I MUST SAY, I am now positive that they love Dave more  than I.  But this is quite long enough, so I will save that story — and the rest of the update — for tomorrow.
P.S. I am uploading the pic Dave took of the infamous Ty.  This is the lovely little dog who was so…erm…affectionate with him on his first meeting with my family.  Isn’t he sweet and angelic looking?  Doesn’t look like a leg humper at all, does he?  Proof positive that looks CAN be deceiving.

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