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My apologies for yet another absence in posting, but when things get busy I tend to count on Dave to keep you all up to speed. Speaking of which I’ve had some readers write and say they read my blog and I mention Dave’s blog a lot and they’d like to read it as well but don’t know where to find it. For those readers, if you look down the left hand side of this page you’ll see a listing for Bloggies. The first is Spice-the-cat. That’s my Dave. Click on it and you’ll get to his blog.

So, as he’s said…we’re in!!!! YAY! YAHOO!! YIPEE!! WOOHOO!! It’s beautiful and all ours and we were comfortable from the very first moment we unlocked the door and entered as the new owners. There was no odd feeling of a new place at all, we felt comfortable from the start. And we are fortunate to have good neighbours. We met our neighbour’s son the first day. He arrived at the door behind the men delivering the beds. A charming and polite young man who is very into music and apparently quite talented in that area as well. We met his father later that night. He came over to introduce himself when we were out on the back deck. Also nice, or seemingly so in the brief introductory conversation we had. We also met his wife, but not until the weekend, but I‘ll get to that later.

First, the move.

We didn’t get in until nearly 5 pm Monday night There was a problem with ID and the mortgage company was refusing to release the money until it was handled, which we found out while on the highway almost an hour from the lawyer’s office, groan…hence the reason we got in so late. Ah well, at least it got sorted and we got in. There was a point when we thought we‘d be sleeping in the car in the driveway or begging a bed off one of my relatives, or driving back to my sister‘s, but that didn’t happen.


The cable guy was already there and waiting when we finally got the key, and the beds arrived shortly afterward. We unloaded the first load we’d packed that morning, just setting it in the kitchen, then drove to my gran’s to get the load of things we’d left there the week before when we found the storage unit too full to fit anymore in it. The two runs were all we managed. By the time we unpacked, unwrapped and washed everything that night it was somewhere between 2 and 4 a.m. We were exhausted and dragged ourselves upstairs to bed which is the first time I even made it upstairs that day.

I should mention here that several of my relatives offered to take the day off work on Monday to help us move in. We turned their more than generous offers down. Had we got possession on a weekend it would have been a different story, but we didn’t want anyone wasting their vacation time to help us move in. (Since we didn’t get the keys until so late, I’m very glad we did turn them down because they would have totally wasted their day off sitting around waiting like us.) At the time, however, we were thinking it wasn’t like we had a lot of furniture to move in. We were sure it wouldn’t be much work…BWAAHAHAHAHA! Oh God! We are idiots. If you really think about it, the furniture is the easy stuff. You grab one end of a couch, cart it in, set it down and it’s done. The boxes are another story. Not quite as heavy as furniture, but certainly not light — books and steel cast pots and pans and even dishes are NOT light. They certainly outweigh a dining room chair at any rate– and then once you drag it in, you aren’t done. You get to unpack, wash, put them away and find somewhere to dispose of the wrappings.

If I sound like I’m whinging, I apologize. I‘m not. I‘m just slowly and in a round about way acknowledging that we really underestimated the work involved and probably should have accepted some help. Both Dave and I are stubborn though. But I‘ll never say that again….and I‘ll deny it should anyone claim we are <G>

Between Monday night and Thursday we managed to empty half the storage unit I’d left full of things when I went off to England two years ago. It wasn’t completely full at that time, but we’ve been buying things for the new house since returning and it certainly was full by moving day. At any rate, that’s where we left it, Friday morning we shopped and got ready for the first wave of visitors. We picked up Gran Friday afternoon to bring her over to see the house and have tea, then my aunt Sue came by after work and the four of us had dinner. Saturday, my sister and her hubby and my aunt Leigh and uncle Wil came for tea in the afternoon and took the ten cent tour. In the brief interval between their leaving and the arrival of Terri (my other sister) and her Steve who were driving down to see the house and stay overnight, our neighbour (Mike) came around again and invited us to join he and his wife (Karen) in going downtown for a drink that night to get acquainted. We said sure so long as they didn’t mind Terri and Steve coming and if Steve and Terri were up to it.

Terri and Steve arrived around 7:15, we had dinner and then our neighbours Karen and Mike arrived with a lovely welcome gift. We never made it downtown. The six of us sat around our dining room table and talked and laughed and had a wonderful time. We are very fortunate, we have lovely neighbours. Everyone got along great and we really enjoyed ourselves…at least Dave and I did and I know Terri and Steve did too. I’m relatively sure Mike and Karen did as well, though it does worry me that halfway through the night they mentioned they’re thinking of moving…hmmm….move into a neighbourhood and the neighbours decide to move out…This could be a bad sign (grin)

Anyway, this week we will continue to retrieve things from storage and hopefully finish that, though it will be slower than last week. True to Murphy’s Law, the moment we got into the move, work arrived too. Corrections were apparently emailed to me from one publisher on the Monday, the very day we were moving in, not that I was checking emails and saw it. Corrections for another book were sent out by my second publisher on Thursday and should arrive here today, and the third is sending me another set. Such is life, huh? Everything happens at the same time. Ah well…

So, now I’m caught up on the news. Sorry it was so long and boring.



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Our House

Friday we went down to the bank, picked up the bank draft for the deposit and some cheques, then went to the lawyers, gave him the deposit on the house and signed all the paperwork for the mortgage and such.  YAY!!!!!  Yipee!!!! 


We also met the owner’s daughter at the house and gave her a cheque (sorry, Canadian spelling), we purchased some of the owner’s furniture so we won’t be moving into an empty house.  Then we went to an awesome local furniture store and took a quick look around before heading home.  They have a lot of period type furniture that would look great in the house.  We’ll definitely be heading back.


Saturday we faxed off one last bit of info to the mortgage people, then went around to the antique markets and stuff with Terrible to fill the rest of the day so we didn’t sit here staring at the clock and counting down the hours until we move into our house. 


Now it’s Sunday.  We get to pack and figure out what we can fit in the car for Monday.  That would be TOMORROW!!!!!  Tomorrow we get to move into our house.  OhmyGod, ohmyGod. 


I went to bed at 2 a.m. last night and woke up at 7:30.  The not sleeping part of the excitement has already started.  I doubt I’ll sleep much tonight at all.  It will be like all those Christmases as kids when you’re up at the crack of dawn, eager to see what gifts you have under the tree.  I’ve already seen this gift and I love it!  Now I get to have it.  GEEES!!


Well that’s it from me…Boring I know, but that’s life right now and why I haven’t been posting.  But I am excited, and so is Dave.  He’s gone from soft shuffling to yesterday I caught him humming and singing.  The man is definitely excited, lol.  Mind you, he’ll probably deny it as he did the soft shuffle.


Next time I talk to you, it will be from our house <Grin>



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Getting closer

First, Eila.  Sorry it took so long to answer.  I have been so crazy busy with everything I simply haven’t got around to putting up the sneak peek at A Bite to Remember.  I also haven’t put the other upcoming stories up.  I will see to it the moment everything settles down.  I’d say now, but my webmistress is in busy stress land too and even if I send her the files, I know she won’t get them up for a while.  I’m hoping to have the website redesigned to ensure I can do these things myself.  I am able to some things on it, but not everything and that would be better.


Jen… Dave and I can’t remember the name of the pots and pans we bought and they’re already down in storage near the house so we can’t look until Monday or so.  I do know they were steel cast or something like that and have a 30 year warranty.  They were also ridiculously expensive at full price, but we got a heck of a deal in a going out of  business sale. 


Now the blog, what there is of it.  FOUR MORE DAYS!  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, then we get to move in!  YIPPEEEEEE! 


Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. <grin>


So, yesterday I got cover flats for the next installment of the medieval vamps I do with Hannah Howell.  The book is called My Immortal Highlander and the cover isn’t bad.  It comes out in September.  Unfortunately, I don’t have my scanner here (it’s still in storage in England) so can’t copy the cover flat and show it to you.  I’ll try to come up with some way to scan and get it up. 


I also got an advanced copy of Dates From Hell, the antho with Kim Harrison and Kelly Armstrong and Lori Handeland.  Looks good.


Picked up a fan, a panini cooker, some paring knives, towels and other things (THANK YOU CHER!!!  Those were all great ideas and I am paying attention.)


Today we went out and faxed some papers to the mortgage people, bought a router so Dave and I don’t have to take turns on line and so I can work on my portable in the sunroom, or tower room, or wherever I wish.  Then we picked up a package at the post office, and stopped to grab some groceries. 


A terribly boring day for you guys to read about, but pretty exciting to us as we gather things for the house and draw closer to moving in.  FOUR DAYS…well, plus the rest of today, but then just four days till we wake up and load the car….IYEEEEEEE!  I’m so excited.  And Dave is too, caught him humming and doing a little soft shuffle this morning.  For a reserved Brit, that’s like the rest of us running around screaming and tearing our clothes off, lol.


Anyhoo, enough of this.  Time to go visit the rest of you and see what you’re up to.





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As Dave mentioned, today we bought a couple beds.  LOL.  Oddly enough as we were paying for them, the sales lady asked how long we’d been married.  I said we’d got married last November and she nodded and said, “I thought so, you were having too much fun trying out the beds.  I thought you seemed like newlyweds.”




Honestly, I don’t know what she meant by that.  We really did behave ourselves.  No necking sessions or anything.  Goodness, it was a showroom with other customers and sales people in it!


We did goof around a bit, Dave throwing himself diagonally across one bed and saying, “This is how I always sleep” and me dryly telling her, “He’s not kidding, the man’s a bed hog and a blanket hog.”  And then when I joined him and laid on my side, he rolled over and threw his arm across my face.  LOL.  We were playing, that’s all.  Nothing sexual, but her comment made me wonder….Do couples really stop playing with each other after a while?  Are couples who have been married for a while really grim and no nonsense?  How sad.  Life’s too short to NOT play.  I really don’t believe we were put here to be grim and miserable, and I don’t intend to ever become that.  Dave often shakes his head and says with despair that I am like an unruly puppy.  Last week he made some comment that I enter a room and disrupt everything.  So be it.  His best efforts to be a stick in the mud shall fail miserably if I have any say in the matter….and I always have to have my say (grin).


Anyway, we bought the two beds as he said, then hit the computer store and bought a desktop computer.    We didn’t end up with enough time to look at living room furniture, but we’ll get to that eventually.  We then stopped and had tea with gran, Aunt Sue and Jackie before heading home.  It was nice.


Tomorrow we have an appointment with the insurance guy and a half a dozen other little things to do.  In the meantime, I’m making lists of things like cleaning things we’ll need and the super important things we’ll want the first day in the house like teabags and TOILET PAPER.  Can you believe it was the last bloody thing I thought to put on the list?  Honestly!  LOL


So, that’s it for now.  I’m off to bed so I can wake up in the morning and say “Ohmygod!  This is the last Monday before we get the house.  Six more days!”  Its going surprisingly fast.  This time next week we’ll be shutting down the portables and packing them away, then trudging off to bed knowing that the next morning we get to claim our house….HOLY!




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Well, sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but things went awry.  Yesterday we were to go down to the real estate lawyers and sign some papers and give him a retainer, then head to the house.  The ‘lovely lady’ is selling some of her furniture and we wanted to look at it and decide what to buy.  We hoped to drop around with donuts or something and have tea with my gran while in town, but as I say, The best laid plans.


We had decided to take some stuff down to storage while in the area so that there would be less to bring down on the day.  We got up and loaded the car, during which I managed to cut myself on a rusty screw, ugh!  I started trying to call the doctor to see when I last had a tetanus shot, but four busy signals later I gave up for the moment.  We were about to leave when our mortgage man (Chris) called.  There were papers he needed signed to send to the lawyer, so we said we’d drive out and sign the papers.  I didn’t really mind, it means things are in motion.


The mortgage place is about a half hour away in the opposite direction to the town the house is in.  We got out there and the papers that had been faxed by the lender were for the first house we’d intended to buy, the one with the well problem.  Chris called and asked them to send the proper papers and took us to an office to wait where we chatted and he worked out the mortgage payments for us.  Dave and I both started laughing when he gave us the numbers, they are less than what we used to pay for our two bedroom flat in England.  And we’ll OWN this house, bwahahahahahaha…oh sorry. 


Anyway, the correct papers were eventually sent over, we signed them and headed back to the house to check the mail and grab the list of furniture the lovely lady was selling which I’d forgotten.  Then we headed south.  We were leaving much later than originally intended, so I was glad I hadn’t made definite plans with gran, now I wouldn’t have to disappoint her.  We drove straight to the storage unit, unloaded the car, then headed to the lawyers.  It was nearly four by the time we left there so tea was most definitely out.  We called the lovely lady and headed to our ‘soon to be home’ to walk around the house with the list and look at the furniture and decide what to take, then we hopped in the car and headed out, stopping at Tim Hortons for a couple of coffees for the hour and a half trip back.


By the time we got back it was a bit late and I was pooped but pleasantly so…Still, all I did was veg and try to keep from falling asleep until bedtime.


This morning I managed to get through to the doc’s office.  I had my last tetanus in 2001.  YAY!! No tetanus shot needed.  So, it’s all good.  Today I think I shall drag Dave out to look at furniture.  I tried to call about having the internet and cable hooked up, but the lovely lady hasn’t arranged hers to be moved yet.  I explained to the cable guy that she’d mentioned she’d had trouble getting through and he called her and left a message for her to call his number and then told me to try again tomorrow. 


I also called the lawyer about possible possession time.  We get the house on the 20th, but need an idea of when so we can arrange for the bed to be delivered.   The lawyer’s gal told me probably by noon on that day, but they couldn’t guarantee it because it depends on the other lawyer and the registry office.   So, now we’re trying to figure out what to do…order the furniture to be delivered in the afternoon of the 20th and hope there are no snags?  Or have it delivered on the 21st and not get to sleep there the first night… NOT!!!  We want to sleep there the first night!!  So, I guess we’ll just have to take our chances.


Well, this has been boring as all get out I know, so I may as well shut up and go grab a cup of tea, then harass Dave to get himself around so we can go look at furniture.  Only ten days left until we move in!!!  YAY!!!  I’m counting down every day and it’s going much more quickly than I expected.  (It must be going quickly for you too Inez.  Hope everything’s going smoothly for you in the England to Australia move, hon.  We’re thinking of you.  And Jen I’m thinking of you too, I had shingles and know how painful they can be.  Hang in there! )


I’m off now, hello to everyone in the meantime!



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Today is my sweet sister, Terrible Terror’s, birthday and I am baking cake.  Our original plan was to fly by and drop stuff off to the accountant, head down to drop off a cheque to the lawyer handling the house, drop some stuff in storage nearer the new house, then swing by and pick up a list of the things the lovely lady is willing to sell.  For future reference, bloggers, “the lovely lady” is the lady we are buying the house from.   I suppose I could use her first name here, but it kind of feels like I’d be talking behind her back or something, so I won’t.  Besides, she is a lovely lady so the moniker fits.


Anyway, that was our plan for the day until I realized that if we did that, we might be late getting back here to Terror’s and I couldn’t risk that on her birthday.  Besides, I am baking her a birthday cake and while I can do many things, baking a cake here while traveling the 401 is not one of them.  So, that trip was switched to tomorrow and today I bake. 


We also shopped.  Yesterday we bought a blender in copper for the new house.  Dave found it.  It’s quite lovely.  Today we found a toaster and tea kettle to match it.  YAY!  The coffee machine we want, however, was sold out.  We have to check in later in the week to see if more have come in.  Ahhh, shopping….And the kind you can’t feel guilty about.  <G>


Hmmm…speaking of shopping, we also have to see to buying a bed soon.  Hmmm…Tomorrow while in the area we shall have to do it I think.  Otherwise it might not be delivered for weeks.


Anyhow, I do have to get to the cake for Terrible Terri <G>  By the way, that is said only affectionately, and she knows that.  In fact she sometimes signs my cards just plain Terrible.  LOL.  We have a similar sense of humor.  Most of the women in our family do. 


Signing off now to get to the cake.  Hope you’re all good!



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I know I said I’d tell you about the history of the house, but I’ve been advised not to put it up here where anyone can access it and perhaps figure out our address from it.  Unfortunately, not everyone out there is a fan. 


I’ll tell you a little about it though.  The house was built in 1891 for a daughter.   She apparently died in the 1920’s leaving it to a women’s organization with the proviso it be named after her family, who – oddly enough – have the same last name as my great gran.  The women’s organization kept it until the 1950’s when it was sold to one of the men who worked there.  He lived in the house until the 1970’s when it was sold to the couple we are buying from.


Including the daughter it was built for, there have only been 4 owners in the 115 years since it was built.  Each of them living there about 25 years or more.  To me, that is telling.  This is a home, not a house you stay in a couple of years and then move on.  I am not surprised.  The house had a good feel when I walked in.  I am happy.


Soooo, yesterday was my nephew’s birthday and was the birthday party for Stavros’s gran, Tuesday is Terror’s birthday and Stavros’s mom’s birthday and that is just the start of this month’s birthday madness.  Seems lots of people like doing the wild thing in June.  Sheesh, wish they’d spread it out a little more <G>.


Today I get to call the insurance guy and go out to arrange the insurance, arrange things with the the lawyer, do the same with the mortgage broker, take Mr. Spice to a dentist (the poor man is suffering a toothache…very stoically mind you, telling me it isn’t bad and he’s fine and so on, but it has him up in the night so I know he’s just being British and stoic and is really suffering and I aim to get him fixed…well his tooth I mean <G>) 


We also get to buy a coffee pot today because the old one dropped dead yesterday.  I put in the water and coffee and turned it on after dinner and while the light came on, nothing happened.  There was no burbling water spitting into the filter, no black gold dribbling out into the pot.   And it is the same situation this morning.  No coffee to start the day.  I need coffeeeeeeeeee. LOL.


Anyway, that’s all the news I have.  Hope you’re all well.





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