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Happy Easter!

Just popping in to say Happy Easter to everyone.  HAPPY EASTER!! 


I should be done these revisions this week (the last of the three, the other two sets of revisions are already off to the other two publishers) and then might actually get a life again and maybe even post (grin). 


Right now all I seem to do is work and sleep, although Friday we took a break and went to have dinner with my sis Jackie and her hubby, which was lovely by the way; great food, great weather, great company, then yesterday — in a fit of frustration — I dragged Dave out in search of some comfortable furniture. 


Hmm, guess I should explain.  The desk chair that I’ve been using is terribly uncomfortable to the point of giving me back aches, but I didn’t want to go out and buy a new one because I have one coming from England.  And then I’ve been going outside to try to get some sun while working (Aren’t portables a beautiful thing?) but the seat is just a bench without any kind of back support, so my back’s just been getting worse and worse.   Well by yesterday I was walking around all hunched over and limping like an 80 year old.  I was also grumpy as all get out.  I am a WUSS when it comes to pain and if I’m gonna suffer, everyone will know it. 


Anyway, so that was it.  Pain threshold reached, tired of playing the hunchback of Southern Ontario, off we went to shop.  I wanted comfortable furniture, something for the upper sun room where I could have fresh air and sunshine, but still work if it was raining and close windows if it was chilly.  After visiting the four or five stores in the area that carried furniture, I had given up and we headed home.  I was quite disheartened and ready to just go home and lay down. 


We were perhaps four blocks from home when Dave suddenly said, “There!”  He had spotted a likely store.  We went around the block and came back to park in front, then went in.  It was a new store, opened April 1st and it was crammed with lovely bits of wicker, all excellent quality and beautiful.  We found just the thing, a lovely set with swans in the legs (Sounds weird I know, but it’s really quite lovely.  Dave’s taking a pic right now to show you, isn’t he a sweetie?)   Anyway, we had already agreed on the set before I noticed the swans, then I blinked in surprise and pointed them out to Dave.  He, of course, had noticed them already, probably first thing.  He’s so good with details, me I noticed after and thought, oh perfect, it will go with the house what with the swans etched into the glass on the doors. 


So, we took the set home in three trips and I took the time to clean the hardwood floor in the sun room and then set up my second work station the best I could at this point.  I still have to get blinds for the windows so that I can pull them at night and not feel on display up there.  In the meantime I put a dark sheet over the windows last night…hmmm, wonder if he’ll think to take them down before taking the pic?  Ah well, who cares, I’ve already mentioned they’re there, so you’ll just have to imagine they’re blinds for now.  I’ll look into blinds for the room after I get these revisions done and finish off the work room upstairs before I start on the next book…maybe repaint the one wall that isn’t wood too, we shall see. 


In the meantime, Dave has started working on the window screens.  Only half the screens are in, which means only half the windows can be opened at the moment.  He’s taking the ones stacked in the corner and sanding them down, refinishing them and replacing the old damaged screen on each and then will put each in as he’s done.  It has become his first big project, to finish off those so I can have all the windows open while I work.  So, it looks like the upstairs sunroom will be the first room finished.  Considering the lovely weather we’ve been having, I can’t think that’s a bad thing.


Well, this took longer than I expected.  I was just going to wish you all Happy Easter.  Guess I’d best get back to work until dinner time.  I hope you all have a lovely safe Easter.




Okay, here are the pics.   Ignore the mess, I didn’t think to clean it up first.




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Well, Sunday I unloaded the very last box and put the last book  in the book shelf.  We are finally done unpacking…until the boxes show up from England.  I put a pic below of the shelf.  Isn’t it lovely?  Hard to imagine that’s 15 boxes of books, isn’t it?  I’d be happy as a clam that they all fit, but we have 18 more boxes coming from England.  Dear God!  I guess we are definitely getting some bookshelves.


Ah well, anyway.  I think I mentioned that we weren’t just unpacking.  That — as is to be expected with the workings of Murphy’s law — in the midst of moving in, I had corrections sent my way from two of my three publishers and expect the third at any time.  Well, I have the one set of corrections done, the second set I will start tomorrow, but today we decided we had worked hard enough long enough and today we would take a break. 


It was supposed to be sunny and warm today, so the plan was to go to the beach.  A nice drive, a lovely saunter on the sunny beach, relaxation deluxe, no?  No.  Halfway to the beach it began to rain, a cold rain with a biting wind.  We got to the beach and went into the local beachside restaurant for fries, a chili dog and a cheeseburger (I had the chili cheese dog, Dave the burger.) then we braved the beach.  We courageously strolled down to the water’s edge, ignoring the hard rain and bitter wind, but that was as far as bravado took us and we promptly whirled around to scurry back to the car and the heater waiting there.  We drove off, promising each other we’d return when the weather was more forgiving.


With that plan shot, we then decide to tour the area and check out the small towns around the one we live in.   There are actually some charming spots around here and we did a bit of shopping and browsing.  One spot we went to had two goats in a little paddock amongst the buildings of crafts and art and Dave and I stopped to watch them with amusement.  They were a he-goat and a she-goat.  The she-goat was dark, the he-goat white and a little smaller.  He was also randy.  Unfortunately – as I mentioned – he was shorter than the she-goat, so while he kept trying to mount the poor gal, he was failing miserably.  It was almost as bad as watching a Chihuahua try to mount a poodle or something, though not quite that bad.  He was persistent though, I’ll give him that.  He kept trying…failing…and then would proceed to do an odd lip slapping, tongue waving thing in the air that was weirdly reminiscent of the gestures rude young men make at women at times.   I interpreted it to be he-goat for “Oh baby, I know you’re hot for me.  Wowza!”  Then he’d try again…and fail again.  This was obviously an ongoing problem, one the she-goat was quite put out with, she just kept casting what I interpreted as disgusted glances over her shoulder at the he-goat.


The whole time we stood there, Dave was shaking his head and saying over and over, “Why didn’t I bring my camera?”  I just stood there laughing at the male frustration floating around me, both the goat’s at his inability to do the job, and Dave’s inability to take a picture to present to all you bloggies. The she-goat  – when she wasn’t tossing disgusted looks over her shoulder at her mate – was staring me in the eyes with what appeared to be calm intelligence…I suspect she was thinking “Why is this idiot human giggling like a moron?”  But really, it was funny.


After our wanderings, we headed to the city to hit Staples for a paper shredder, Canadian tire and the Home Depot for house type stuff.  Them we came back to town and hit the hardware store for something else before coming home to start dinner at 6:30.  Now dinner is done and all cleared away and we’ve cleaned up the house and I’ve sat down and realized that I’m weary to the bone and ready for bed.  Who knew relaxing could be so exhausting?






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