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YAY!  I finished the proofs for Bite Me If You Can about half an hour ago.  I’ll have to send them out tomorrow after my appointment.  I didn’t post right away because I then immediately hopped on the bike for my exercise.  I kept putting it off until I got the proofs done, partially because I wanted to finish them and partially because yesterday – the first day we had the bike – it was HARDDDDDDD.  Gees, I hadn’t ridden since we’d left England and it was murder starting up again.  Surprisingly, though, tonight wasn’t as bad.  I made it all the way through the program without stopping.  Yesterday I stopped halfway through, gasping with horror that I couldn’t finish.  So, today was a relief.  Hopefully it will get easier each day and then I’ll have to juice it up to a tougher program.


The Argeneau Family tree that will be in the book came with the proofs and I’m going to upload it.  This one is correct. 


Anyway, that’s all the news I have for right now.  I’m off to find a glass of ice water and collapse on some soft furniture until my legs stop shaking.  Sheesh, this getting healthy stuff is for the birds. 


Hope you’re all well.


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So the exercise bike came this morning.  It’s set up and in place.  YAY!  I can get back to biking and lose more weight.  It was quickly followed by the courier with covers and proofs for Bite Me If You Can, so I’ve been reading those all afternoon and they’re looking pretty good.  Right now I’ve stopped to make supper and thought I’d hop on just to check in. 


Also to ask a question.


I’ve mentioned before that the website is being redesigned.  They’re working on that now.  In fact, Dave has been busy getting files together to send the designer.  They all have to be in a certain format, so he’s been busy grabbing and saving files (cover pictures and so on) in this format.  But in the meantime, I’ve had several requests for a sneak peak of Bite Me If You Can.  I’ve tried putting it in the What’s New section on my website, but can’t.  I then tried in the forum, but it doesn’t recognize paragraphs and so on.  Very annoying.  Would it be okay if I put it here?  Dave says no, I should keep this blog a blog only.  But it’s that or just wait until the website is done, which I’m hoping is by the end of October or November.  It’s up to you guys.


Lynsay, off to check on supper and then go back to her proofs

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I spent the day reading!  Well, not the day I guess.  First I answered e-mails and did four loads of laundry.  It was kind of a have to thing, not a want to thing.  I woke up Saturday to find I didn’t have a thing to wear.  It was do laundry, or wear a sheet toga style all day. <grin>


After that Dave and I had lunch, then went to the city to go to Chapters and the shoe store.  The shoe store was another “have to”, the book store was…well, damn, how can you go to the city and not hit a book store?  Anyway, the shoe store was a must because my feet have been sore lately.  I’ve been mostly barefoot since June and running around on hardwood, concrete and wood deck in bare feet has not made them happy campers.  So I put on my Merrells and my feet were happier, but my Merrells are really trashed.   I bought them two winters ago, the November before last, here in Canada when visiting my wonderful little sis, Terri.  She took me to a shoe store in response to a complaint about sore feet. 


Merrell’s were the answer she told me and dragged Dave and I to this store.  I went without interest, rolling my eyes as both she and Dave lectured me about the importance of feet and having good shoes.  Dave is fond of saying something about if you aren’t in bed, you’re on your feet so the two things you need in life are a good bed and good shoes.  I was not impressed.  Blah blah blah, thought I.  Shoes are shoes.  Right?  Bwah ha ha ha ha ha.  I was so naïve. 


Once in the store, and actually looking at the selection of shoes, I wasn’t impressed, but conceded to try on a pair.  "Very well, those ones there," said I with exasperation. 


Off went one of my old cheap shoes and on went a Merrell, I stood up and-  oooooooooh.  It was like stepping on a cloud.  Really, after schlepping all over Hell’s half acre (A small city in southern Ontario) in my nasty old uncomfortable shoes, these were bliss.  I was sold at once, until I sat down and saw the price.  I was used to bargain shoes.  I love a bargain.  These did not seem a bargain. 


Afraid they were losing me, Terri and Dave jumped in again with “Feet are important.”   “You have to look after them.”  “You have to have at least one pair of good shoes.”  Then Dave said, “Stand up.” 


I stood, still wearing one Merrell and one of my own shoes.  I looked at the sales girl who hadn’t had to sell a thing and asked, “Can I wear them out?”


It turns out they were a bargain though.  I have worn those shoes every day for almost two years…well until we moved back to Canada and summer hit, then I went barefoot (I didn’t go barefoot in England, it always seemed chill there.)  And those Merrells are still in great shape, comfort wise.  The shoes aren’t falling apart, the sole isn’t worn off.  Unfortunately, they’re suede and the suede has rubbed off and because I insisted on wearing them all the time they’ve been spilled on and now sport everything from paint to Lord knows what else.  So, comfortable as they are, they look rather disreputable and when it started to grow cooler and that along with my complaining feet suggested I switch back to shoes, I thought it was time I got a new pair.  So we had to hit the shoe store yesterday.  I got myself another pair of heavenly Merrells, then w hit the book store. 


By the time we left the book store it was almost dinner time.  We headed home, I checked e-mails again, went out for groceries, we had a late dinner, then I got to read.  Dave did too.  We sat in the sun room reading until almost 4 a.m. before Dave headed off to bed.  I only had twenty pages left of the book, so I finished that and then followed. 


Gosh it was nice to sit down and read again.  It seems like forever since I did it.  And really, it is a necessity when you’re a writer I think.  I’ve found myself a bit frustrated the last two weeks.  I’ve been working on two anthologies between running around looking for paperwork for my agent, sorting tax stuff, and catching up on correspondence and I’ve found it a bit frustrating trying to write.  But reading let the pressure off, it relaxed me.  I think reading is like the gas that propels the car for writers.  Maybe it kick-starts that part of the brain.


Terri and Steve are coming down to pick up a car today and supposed to stop in for a quick coffee before heading back, but I think I’ll start another book and read until they get here.   Gosh, it means I won’t be working through the weekend for a change.  Maybe I need that too.  Actually, I know I need that.


Hope you’re all relaxing too.



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Ah, what a day

So, okay, to explain the day.  I think I already mentioned that I got up and got ready only to find that the book signing would have to be rescheduled.  Well, I wrote back to the store owner Lori saying, yes that was fine, then went downstairs and out on the deck where Dave had just set out the bread for the birds.  I watched them for a minute, but of course, the squirrels and blue jays heard the door and were immediately there wanting nuts.  So, I set my tea down and went back inside to get nuts.  Turned back to the door and screeched like a girl at the sight of the mouse who had apparently followed me into the house and was in front of the door, looking confused as to which way he wanted to go.  My startled screech encouraged him to make a quick decision.  He fled under the refrigerator to the right of the door, trapping himself. 


Dave was promptly there asking what was wrong (I don’t often screech like a girl but the little fuzz ball had startled the heck out of me) and then rushed downstairs to retrieve a couple mouse traps that we’d bought earlier in the summer “just in case” when we saw a mouse scampering across the deck taking the path the chipmunk normally took.  Of course, we knew once winter came the little mite might want to find a nice warm home and that would mean our house.  So we bought the mouse traps.  Mind you, we expected him to try to find some nice little hole into the house, not to just follow me in the bloody door.


Anyway, Dave told me to stay in the kitchen where I was so the mouse wouldn’t come out from under the fridge and disappear into the house somewhere, so I stood there holding nuts, and waiting while he searched the basement and garage for those traps.  You didn’t think we would remember what we did with them, did you? <grin>  Actually, he didn’t take that long finding them.  I wouldn’t have had a clue where to look, but he’s much more organized than I and didn’t take too much time.  He came back, set two traps in front of the refrigerator and sat down to watch the fridge and wait.  I went outside to finish my tea and feed the squirrels to the chorus of, “You can’t keep walking back and forth or he won’t come out.”


The great white hunter was on the job. 


Out I went, drank my tea, ran out of nuts, then didn’t know what to do.  Dave was still sitting, patient as the dead, watching the refrigerator.  Obviously, I wasn’t going back in through the kitchen door.  So, in the interests of not disturbing “The hunt” I walked around to the garage doors, punched in the code and went in that way, only to find that after searching the garage for the traps, Dave had locked the door back into the house.


Bollocks!  Well, so I knocked.  Dave came running with an exasperated expression.  The mouse had just been poking his head out from under the fridge when I’d knocked and been scared back under the fridge….Of course.   


In the face of  Dave’s irritation, I took myself upstairs and cleaned up the mess I’d made getting ready for the signing (I changed my mind three times on clothes and just sent them flying, lol) then wandered down to the sunroom and grabbed the coffee pot, then headed back up the hall to fill it with water.  As I was passing the landing, I heard the snap of a trap and stopped, yelling, “Did you get him?”


“No.” Came the grim reply, followed by, “And I never will with you making all that racket.”


Sheesh.  Did I mention Dave isn’t a morning person?


Rolling my eyes and shaking my head, I continued on to get water, then went back and made coffee, tiptoeing across the upper landing so as not to make a noise and scare the mouse, even though you generally can’t hear a bloody sound downstairs from upstairs. 


Trapped upstairs and knowing we weren’t going out to breakfast until Dave had caught his mouse, I then sat down to check e-mails and saw that Lori (of the store in Toronto) had written.  Guess what had just arrived?  Two big boxes of books from Dorch.  The stock had arrived.  The signing could have gone on.  Gasping, I glanced at my wristwatch, then flopped back in my seat.  Too late.  I couldn’t get there in time.  Muttering to myself about the vagaries of fate, I wrote back to her, then poured myself a coffee and started to go through other e-mails.  Only to have Dave arrive.  He’d caught the mouse…and was upset that he’d had to kill it. 


The mouse had started out from under the refrigerator, walked right past the traps, Dave had stood up and the mouse had turned to scamper back under the refrigerator, running across the traps and getting caught, snap across his lower back.  Not a quick clean broken neck, not a humane trap as he’d wished we had, but didn’t have, but a nasty broken back.  Dave had had to finish the job, and was most distressed by it.  I see humane traps in the future.  Actually, we have those mouse discouraging things, the things that send out the ultrasonic sound that keeps mice away, but between electricians and work in the garage, they’d been unplugged.  They’re back in now. 

Mouse caught, Dave and I headed for Terri and Steve’s place.  We’d planned to stop there on the way to Toronto to pick up some mail about taxes that was forwarded from England.  It was important, so we still had to go.  We stopped along the way for coffee and a bun (breakfast) then had lunch when we arrived (after picking up the mail) and drove back home where we both promptly took a nap.  LOL.


So, now the mail is fetched, the mouse is gone and the book signing has to be rescheduled.  Ah, what a day.

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