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EEEEK!!!  I’ve been MIA for a while, huh?  Sorry guys, I’ve been terribly busy; shopping, organizing and baking for the family Christmas and working nights til 4 A.M.  I no sooner got one story done and off, when corrections for another showed up.  I shipped those off and the next day got corrections for a second story.  I got those done too and have managed to write half of the story due after Christmas.  I hope to finish it by New Years once the Christmas rush has eased a bit or maybe shortly after New Years anyway so I can concentrate on the next Argeneau book due at the end of January.  I’ve also been doing taxes around all of this.  I still haven’t got the damned things done.  Nearly, but not quite.  Sheesh!!!  I now loathe taxes.  There is nothing pleasant about them.  All that sorting and organizing and what have you, then they hit you with a tax bill that makes your eyes cross.  Sigh.

But, anyhoooooo…. with all this rushing I didn’t get my Christmas cards out this year.  EGAD!  I feel so bad about that.  I only realized it this last week.  My apologies to everyone and I hope you know I really do wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2007.  I want you all happy and healthy and safe this year please.  I’m not a big fan of sad stuff, too much of it in the world, so you all have to avoid that and be happy for me.  That’s all I want for Christmas.

It’s after 1 A.M. and I’m not quite ready for tomorrow, but far enough along that I think I can finish it in the morning.  I have a couple loads of laundry, tables to place and set and chairs to bring downstairs from upstairs, and have to make the chocolate dipped strawberries and strawberry creams, do the turkeys, brussel sprouts, and make the punch, etc. but think I’ll have that done well in time so am planning to go to bed early (well for me <Grin>) so that Santa can visit unimpeded.  Dave has promised to take pics tomorrow before everyone shows up and I’ll post them so you can see what’s been distracting me besides work.  I’m kind of proud of how the house looks.  It’s probably overdone and gaudy, but I thinks it’s nice, lol.

Sigh….So, I’m off to bed.  I hope Santa is good to you all and that you enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your families.  I intend to.


P.S. I already got one wonderful gift this year, an early and good review of Bite Me If You Can from Publisher’s Weekly.  They’re tough to get a good review from so it’s had me smiling all week.


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