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So, okay, I’ve been writing like crazy.  Actually, first I was doing taxes, which I finished, YAY!!  WAHOOOO!  YIPEEEE!!  They are done and were delivered to the accountant the first week of the month.  I swear I am never doing them again.  From now on, he gets the pleasure of organizing the receipts, I don’t care if it costs an arm and a leg, I am through with them.


Anyway, on returning home from delivering them I jumped right into the second story due this month (I had one due the beginning of the month, one the fifteenth and another has to be sent out by the 30th…can we say STRESS?  SHEESH!)  I am happy to report that the second story is almost there.  I hope to have it done and edited tomorrow and with the courier on Friday to get it there on time on Monday and am pretty sure I will.  Another big WAHOO to that. 


Then I can switch to concentrating on the third story and get it done.  Dear God, I think I might do it too.  I’ve been working on it while working on the other two, so I’m not walking into it cold. 


All of this is the reason I have neglected posting those pics I promised, or posting at all really.  I was in a panic to get everything done.  In fact, rather than go out with our neighbors for a lovely New Years celebration, Dave and I stayed home and worked.  I worked until 6 A.M. trying to get those bloody taxes done, but ran into a hitch and it took me two or three more days to complete it.  Ah well, nothing ever goes as we intend and I suppose staying home to work kept us out of trouble.


Anyway, as I am feeling encouraged about getting things done in time, I thought I’d stop long enough to write a quick post, say hello and put up the pics I promised.  You’re probably all tired of Christmas by now, but I worked like crazy on decorating so you get to see them anyway.  So here they are.


By the way, the pics were taken that morning, long before the food was put out so the punch thingy and snack trays are empty, and the dessert trays and three tier thingy have ornaments instead of cookies and cakes and chocolate dipped strawberries so you’ll have to use your imagination there.


Hope you’re all enjoying an AWESOME 2007 so far.  I’ll lift my head and post again at the end of the month if I don’t find time before then.



P.S. Did I mention Dave thought we should have a Halloween Christmas and kept sneaking bats into my wreaths, sticking huge spiders to the ceiling over the dining tables and hung a huge bat from the dining room light fixture as well as a teddy bat from the hall light?  I just left up his contributions, I figured it was his Christmas too <grin>


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