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The Recipe for Happiness

Well, Terri and I met at Jackie’s Friday night for our sleep over.  Jackie fed us the loveliest salad.  It was so good I picked up the fixings on my way home the next day and made it for supper for Dave and I on Saturday night.  Really it was yummy.  He loved it too.  It was a shrimp salad.  Shrimp fried with a little olive oil and a generous amount of Cajun spice, then put over a salad (lettuce, shredded cheese, multi colored baby tomatoes <small yellow, green, purple and red tomatoes>) with Brianna’s chipotle cheddar dressing.   It is so fast and easy to make, really really delicious and healthy as well.  This is my recipe for happiness <grin>

I love finding salads I like.  As a kid growing up, salad was a side dish, a bunch of limp green lettuce with either Italian or Thousand island dressing on it.  This is just plain boring, so I was never much of a salad eater.  Nowadays, however, they have such lovely salads they are a meal in themselves.

Dave and I still haven’t cracked our celebratory champagne for doing well on the lists.  I’m afraid I came home and went right back to work.  But maybe I’ll take tomorrow night off and we can celebrate the lists and Valentines all in one.  Today it’s a run into town to check mail and pick up the files from the accountant, then to the bank and maybe a quick stop at Chapters before going back to work.  So that’s it for me, boring huh?  <grin>

Hope you’re all well and staying warm.



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Off to play!!

Last night I was a very bad girl.  After getting up early (well for me, 9:45 A.M. after going to bed at 5 a.m.) and working all day, I took the night off.  I only intended to take a couple hours off, but then I started playing this internet game, and asked Dave for help and…  We end up playing until 3 A.M. and then Dave tottled off to bed and I did some e-mail and stuff and wandered off about an hour later, but read in bed for an hour.  So it ended up being 5 A.M. again before I closed my eyes.  I think it’s going to take a while to get my hours straightened around.

Anyway, I was up at 11 and in the shower and now I’m getting ready to go to the accountants and packing for the sleep over at my sisters so I thought I’d just post a quick hello.  HELLO!!!

I’m SOOOO excited.  About tonight, not the accountants (sorry Brad : )   Tonight will be fun.  It makes me feel bad that Dave doesn’t have sisters to hang with.  Well, brothers I guess.  Whatever.  I mean, he does have a brother and sister but they’re back in England of course.

Ah well, he’ll probably enjoy the peace and quiet and my not yipping away at him about this and that.  He won’t have to grunt a single response <grin>  I’m just teasing him.  He does talk.  Last night he was quite talkative.  We were really getting into the game.  It had these puzzle things that you had to sort out to unlock rooms to find things in, and it was the funniest thing… I would get one part of the puzzle and he would sort the other.  It never failed that if I couldn’t get it, he would and vice versa.  We really compliment each other nicely.  I’m grinning as I write this because I just know if he reads it he’ll be rolling his eyes and saying, “Yes, we compliment each other in that I’m grown up and she’s not.”  LOL.

Anyway, didn’t I say short?  Bwahahahahahaaa.  Even when I have nothing to say, its ridiculously long.  So, cross your fingers for me that the accountants isn’t too horrible painful…GAD!!!  I HATE TAXES.

Mrs. Spice

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ARGH!  I’m an idiot.  Truly, I am at times.  After my last blog about how much I appreciate letters and e-mails from my fans, I found a whack of them in my “saved business” file that had been placed there by accident rather than in the “to be answered” file.  The two files are one on top of the other in the drop down menu when you go to move them and I apparently clicked too soon a couple of times…I’m a premature clicker….ARHHHHHH!!!  

There were three from the same day in December, two from the same day in September and three from August.  Obviously I need to be more careful.  In the meantime, I have to write to each of these people and apologize for being such an idiot.  Sigh.  Actually I’ve already written to a couple of them last night, I still have a couple more to write tonight, but today I was working on stories again. 

I was doing some corrections on The Capture for the next Kensington Medieval Vamp Anthology, Highland Thirst.  I got the cover by the way.  I also got the cover for my next historical, The Brat, and for the Spanish version of Single White Vampire.  Dave has scanned them all to send to the web designer to be posted.  Hmm, come to think of it, he’ll need the first chapter and back blurbs for The Brat and Highland Thirst to post them.  I should go get on that, and will right after I get done here.  Hopefully she can post them to the website by Monday.


Tomorrow I’ll be working on Thomas’s story again. I’ve been having ideas…I’m rolling my eyes here, cause the brain just doesn’t realize I’m supposed to be getting a little time off here.  Unfortunately, I’ve been working around the clock so long, I can’t seem to stop.  It’s been e-mails all weekend and Monday and Tuesday, then corrections today and back to stories tomorrow. 

Friday afternoon, it’s off to see the accountant to hear the year end bad news.  Big grimace over that one.  Don’t taxes suck?  You work your butt off and they take a third to half your hard earned income and leave you to drive down pot-holed roads and with poor health care because they don’t know how to handle money.  I mean really, spending millions of dollars on studies to see how to spend millions of dollars is just stupid.  I think politicians should take business courses to learn how to handle money before they’re allowed to handle any of it. 

Ah well…anyway, after that Dave and I are going out to a late lunch to celebrate a little something, and then I’m off for my girl’s night with my sisters…YAYYYYYY!!!  I can hardly wait.  It’s gonna be sooooooo fun.  And I will be FORCED not to check or answer e-mails, or write, or do ANYTHING of business.  I won’t have a computer there to work with.  Maybe that will help get me to slow down a bit.

So, I’m looking forward to the weekend.  And in the meantime, this week has been a lot less stressful than last week.  I’m sleeping at night, for one thing, lol. 

Hmmm, next week is Valentine’s isn’t it?  I’d best think of something special for my honey.

Mrs. Spice off to see about getting those cover pics to post with this entry.

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Have I mentioned how lucky I am?  I have the loveliest family, a wonderful hubby, and the most incredible readers on the planet.  Really.  I do. 


Yesterday we went to Aunt Leigh’s for the birthday gathering.  I’d say birthday party, but while there was cake and ice cream, tea and coffee, there were no party hats or games.  LOL.  We visited, then had cake, then visited some more and left.  I am fortunate in that my family likes each other.  They can spend several hours in the same room without breaking into verbal battles or fisticuffs.  This is something I hear occasionally happens with other families.   Anyway, it was nice and relaxing and makes me happy to be back in Canada.


When we got home, I jumped back into work, continuing on with e-mails, both answering some more and copying and pasting about a 160 agent and editor e-mails to be saved on my computer and taken off my e-mail account.  Today I get to go over galleys that arrived last week and have to go back tomorrow.  Hopefully, after that, I’ll get to read a bit and chill some. 


However, I started going through the galleys while cooking breakfast, got frustrated and annoyed with a few changes my old editor or the line editor had made that sounded awkward and silly, so decided to take a break and check my e-mails.  I got one that exemplifies why I write light, funny novels and so I’m going to share it with you.  I’m not giving the name of the reader who wrote it or even posting the whole e-mail because some of the rest of it is more personal.  But e-mails like this are why I write light, funny stories when deep, dark dramas would be so much easier.


I read one of your stories while waiting for my power to come back on after Hurricane Ivan. It was 102 in the shade, my daughter was 4 and really irritable, I had just eaten from a Red Cross vehicle that was circling what was left of my neighborhood and I was in a bit of a foul mood. Might have been the fact that a hurricane had just ripped through my home town of Pensacola, Florida and I was hot, sweaty and smelled pretty ripe or perhaps I am just a disagreeable person. But whatever the reason, for about 4 hours, I forgot about the fact that it was miserable. I forgot the fact that there was an oak tree uprooted in my backyard and that we couldn’t go back there because of wasps. I forgot the fact that my car was totaled from a limb going through it and the fact that to get clean clothing, I had to wash laundry in the bathtub and hang it in the yard. I forgot all the discomfort and misery. I read that book while waiting for food to heat on a make-shift BBQ pit we had dug in the backyard. I read it by candle light that night when we lay on the front porch just to get air. I actually read it aloud to my 7 month pregnant best friend to get her mind off the fact she was pregnant and miserable. And I have been hooked ever since. Your books actually make me laugh out loud.


The last one came out the day before my birthday and my gift to myself this year was that I bought it, I sent my little girl across the street to her best friend’s for the night, turned off my cell, poured a glass of wine and read while taking a bubble bath. I’m a single mom and a college student so it is a rare thing for me to actually take a couple of hours for myself. When something comes out with your name on it, I take those few hours.



Letters like this make me forget all the stress and pressure involved and make me want to write another.  As I said, I have awesome readers.  Thank you guys for every letter you send me, from the short, quick ones that simply say “I enjoyed it” to the longer ones like this.  They make it all worth while.  And while it may take me anywhere from weeks to months before you get an answer due to deadlines, know that I do read and appreciate every single one, and I will answer it as soon as I can.




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First day…off?

Well, I went out bright and early this morning and mailed Marguerite’s story off, then grabbed a coffee and breakfast, and then shopped and then cleaned my work space (That’s kind of a ritual I have, cleaning my work space before and after stories.  It just makes me feel better) 

I actually have two desk areas I work at.  The portable in the sunroom is where I do most of the writing, the desk and table downstairs is where I do editing, copy to disc, etc.  So I started downstairs today, got that done, made dinner and then came up here intending to clean up this area, but instead started working again. 


Sheesh!  I know, I’m an idiot, but I was sitting there feeling bad about neglecting e-mails all this time.  It’s just rude.  I mean I really appreciate the support and encouragement I get from readers, and to not answer them to get out more stories is one thing, but…So, I’ve been answering e-mails for the last five hours while we watched Law & Order and The Hills Have Eyes.  And then I realized I hadn’t blogged yet today and thought I should come and do that before continuing on with more e-mails. 




The funniest thing happened while I was going through e-mails.  The last one I read, and haven’t answered yet, was from a lovely lady –  THANK YOU JUDY – about Michigan State University doing research using nanotechnology to remove wrinkles.  She thought I would get a kick out of it, and I DID!  LOL.  Actually, I had a surgical research nurse write me several months ago saying that my theory behind my vamps wasn’t that far off the mark of some research that was being done.  So…you never know…<grin> 


Well, I should get off here and get to bed.  We’re off to Aunt Leigh’s for a family gathering tomorrow to celebrate my uncle’s birthday.  I haven’t seen anyone since Christmas so it will be nice.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


Mrs. Spice


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God, I feel good.  Marguerite’s story is done, packaged, addressed and ready to head to UPs tomorrow.  WAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOO!!! 


It has been a stressful month, more than a month really, it seems like all I’ve done for the longest time is work, but three stories due in one month was WAYYYYYY too much.  Not doing that again.  I’ve been working around the clock and sleeping very little.  Thank goodness for Mr. Spice or I’d have been going without food or ordering in all the time.  The man was reading/editing my work and bringing me food and coffee.  He’s probably glad it’s done too.  No doubt he’s ready for me to take my turn cooking again.  <grin>


Oh, and of course Bite Me If You Can is out.  YAYYYY!! on that too.  I had such fun writing Lucian’s book.  I really put him through the wringer and that’s always fun <grin>  Well, it is for me.  Better to torment a fictional hunk than the silver fox I love.  No?


Next will be Thomas’s story, although his story will be published before Marguerite’s story.  The two stories happen at the same, but Marguerite’s starts a little earlier and Thomas’s timeline is affected by hers, so I ended up having to put Thomas aside and concentrate on Marguerite’s.  Confusing?  Was for me too.


But I’m not starting on him right away.  I have galleys to read and neglected e-mails and letters and forum comments to answer, but I’d really like to sleep for a day first.  I was going to bed at 6 and 7 A.M. at the end and getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep.  This morning I went to bed just before 10 A.M. and got up at 2 P.M..  I definitely deserve a proper sleep.


That’s my boring news.  I really intend to drag Dave out and do some interesting things in the next while.  This working round the clock business is for the birds.  Hope you’re all having and FANTABULOUS February.


Mrs. Spice

P.S. For those who read Mr. Spice’s blog, he’s out of the linen cupboard, and yes he DOES talk like that, lol

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