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Arf arf!!

Wasn’t the weather today AMAZING?!  Oh my.  Warm, sunny…just awesome in this area.  Hope everyone else got some lovely weather too.

I spent the better part of the weekend in my jammies.  It was partially sheer laziness and partially due to the fact that I had to do laundry.  I started it the weekend before, but just didn’t feel up to finishing it at the time, left it all week until I had nothing left to wear and then did laundry ALL WEEKEND long while running around trying to gather paperwork for our appointment with the mortgage people tomorrow.  That’s a long story.  Basically, coming over from England we had no credit here in Canada and took a year’s mortgage at high interest to build credit here in Canada and now are renegotiating at a much lower rate, but have to get all the paperwork for it together all over again.  A bit of a pain, but worth it. 

When not running around on my paper chase, I had my nose in history books on Scotland and then sat down to read Sweet Revenge for the first time since it was published years ago.  Since I had nothing to wear I couldn’t go to a bookstore to get any of the recommends you guys sent me, so I had to make do.  That’s okay though, I enjoyed it.  It’s amazing to me that you can write something and then completely forget what you wrote.  Just shocking really.

That was it for my weekend, except for pestering Dave.  But that’s my job as wife.  You know what I mean, throwing myself on the couch behind him and poking and tickling or just generally bugging him with questions or messing up his hair and so on while he was sat on the floor trying to do things on the computer.  It’s great fun.  It’s kind of like that cartoon where the big bulldog sits in long suffering silence as the puppy hops and gambols about it, yipping and nipping and generally trying to drive it wild.  Dave is the longsuffering British bulldog, and it’s my job to drive him wild.  I don’t know if I succeed, but I have great fun trying. (grin)

Hope everyone enjoyed a lovely sunny day.

Mrs. Spice


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I’m Bossy

I’m bossy, I’m the b*tch y’all love to hate, I’m the chick that’s– Sorry I’m listening to dance music.  And Dave’s laughing at me cause he doesn’t think I’m bossy or bitchy…or possibly because I sing like a scalded cat.  <grin> 
I’ve been wandering around for the last couple days with dance music bombarding me from my earplugs.  I love dance music.  Well I love most kinds of music, but right now dance music is a good way to perk me up.  I tried some slower stuff earlier and found myself yawning and eyes watering with weariness.  I NEED the upper of dance music right now.

I’ve been working on ideas for the next historical today while waiting for new office furniture to arrive.  Yes, I know, it was only the end of last summer that we got the old wicker stuff for the office, but while it was beautiful and fine at first and bloody expensive, it apparently wasn’t made with an eye to daily use.   The wicker was beginning to sag where Dave sat.  Most annoying, especially since he started to work sitting on the floor in front of it and then limping around because he was stiff from it or his legs had gone to sleep from kneeling on them.  Unfortunately, a normal couch would not fit through the sunroom door, so while we got another wicker sofa, this time we got one with a solid wooden surface under the cushions so it should last much better.  We also got super firm cushions.

Anyway, the furniture arrived and the moving guys managed to get it in with little difficulty and now Dave is sat on the floor in front of it working on his computer (rolling eyes here, lol)  Sometimes I think husbands are like having kids.  This is rather like buying a big honking doll house or tricycle for your son or daughter and their spending the next week playing in the box it came in.  I am sure he will shift back to sitting on furniture soon enough.  In the meantime he will limp, lol.  Men are so cute.

So…as to my next historical, I’m thinking medieval, Scottish.  I haven’t done a Scot for a while and those guys are soooo much fun.  I just have to get my brain away from Vamps.  It’s the age old story, while writing the vamps I kept getting ideas for historicals and now that I’m wanting to work on the historical my brain is filling with vamp ideas.  YEEESH!!   I think I’ll have to read a couple Scot books to push those vamps out of my head for a bit.  Does anyone do those anymore?  If you have any recommends let me know, otherwise I’ll pull out The Key and Sweet Revenge and give them a gander tomorrow night.  Tomorrow day is business appointments and phone calls.  Fun in the sun.  Not.  Ah well, life can’t be all fun…although I’m not sure why not.  That seems like a kind of sucky rule if you ask me.  <Grin>

Hope you’re all well.



P.S. Margaret hon, I had no idea what Scotch bonnets were, Dave guessed hot peppers and of course was right, he’s such a smarty pants.  But girl!!  Don’t you bring him a thing, spend all your money on yourself and enjoy it!!  That way he has to take me to Jamaica some time in the future.  (Grin)  How’s that for preplanning?

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Well we survived it all; the op, the girl’s night Friday, and the dinner party Saturday night.  <Grin>  And I owe it all to Dave.  Poor honey got stuck with all the prep and stuff for the dinner party.  I didn’t bounce back this time as quickly as I normally do and didn’t have the energy, so he took up the flag and charged forth.  We shopped together and cleaned together but the night of, he did all the cooking and stuff.  Such a sweetie.  It was a success I think.  Dave says the secret is hats, lol.  He brought out a bunch of hats (top hat, aussie hat, beret, etc) after midnight and made us all put them on.  There was much laughter as he switched hats and took pics. The illustrious Betsy made an appearance.  This is the blow up sheep Terri gave Dave for his Bachelor party <grin>  She was blown up and put in Terri and her hubby’s room before they arrived and of course wound up making the rounds all over the house through out the night.  Craig was even caught cuddling and kissing the sheep for the camera and has been threatened with his pics going up on Dave’s blog.  Whether he’ll carry through with the threat is another matter.  Sadly, Betsy wasn’t impressed with the night since Craig kept calling her Dolly.  She appears to have been insulted by his refusal to call her by her proper name and has been somewhat deflated ever since.

We had fun, but were both exhausted afterward and spent Sunday night and Monday recuperating.  Last night I answered more e-mails, still trying to catch up, and then today we had an appointment at noon, after which I worked.

Tomorrow is Jackie’s birthday.  I’m taking her out to lunch and then will probably work some more, but the weather is supposed to be warmer after that and we’ll start on our day trips.  If the weather is going to continue improving, in a week or so we’ll head to New York.

That’s all from me for now.  I’m still kind of tired and dragging a bit, so I’ll sign off and let you go read more interesting blogs.


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Ho hum and

Dum dee dum.  I’ve been living the boring life for the most part.  Cleaning.  Urgh!  We have company coming this weekend and so Dave and I have been whirling through the house, cleaning rooms.  Not the most exciting pastime, but the house looks good <Grin>.

Other than that, we hit some antiques places and then went to visit Gran and Sue on Saturday.  Aunt Sue just got back from a cruise, so we went to hear how it went and to visit since we haven’t seen them in forever due to deadlines.  Then yesterday I went out to lunch with my sister.  We weren’t done yipping by the time lunch was done, so went to William’s Pub afterward to enjoy Cappucinos and keep yipping. 

Today we’re off shopping and then back to finishing cleaning and prep for the weekend.  Won’t be able to do it Wednesday or probably Thursday because its day surgery on Wednesday and I won’t feel like it I’m sure.  GAD!  Friday I should be fine though, which is good since Jackie and Terri are coming over for a girl’s night Friday evening.  Saturday, Jackie’s heading home and Steve, Kathy and Greg are coming down to join us for a dinner party.  They’re staying overnight so I have lots to do.  Wish I had another bed so Jackie and hubby could have come to the dinner party too, but they don’t know Greg and Kathy anyway, so might not have been comfortable.  I did consider running out and finding another bed for the fourth bedroom so they could, but Dave talked me out of it.  This consisted of rolling eyes and a lecture.  LOL.  He’s so cute when he goes into grumpy and sensible mode to counter my impulsive madness.

Next week we’re hoping to hit the road and do some day trips or possibly longer.  We’ll see how the weather is feeling before we decide.  It’s soooo beautiful today, the sun is shining, the snow is melted and it’s almost like spring.  We have the windows open to let in some fresh air.  If this keeps up, we will definitely enjoy the off time, although it won’t be totally off time.  I need to do some locale shopping to decide where to set the next vamp.  I have some ideas for that.  Mind you, I should be working on the next historical, but that’s still cogitating at the back of my mind.  Hopefully the old brain will spit out something soon for me to work on.  I usually like to think up a theme first for the historicals and then run with it.  Like Perfect Wife was about someone for everyone and yes chubby chicks do find love, and Love is Blind was about girl’s with glasses and so on.  No one is perfect, but a lot of stories seem to have perfectly lovely creatures, perfect at everything, who of course meet their match.   Now I’m rolling my eyes here.

So, that’s all my news for today.  Hope you’re all healthy and well.

And Kyoko, I was including Canada when I said North America.  I didn’t mean just USA.  Actually, I’ve heard BC is gorgeous and would definitely like to get there some time.


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Reading and stuff

Well, I’m getting better at the doing nothing thing, lol.  Today I got up all restless and aimless and puttered about going through my books with dissatisfaction and then checking Amazon and Barnes and Noble for funny historicals.  I was in the mood for a funny historical.  The next book I have to write is a historical, so I thought reading one of those I could relax a little, but avoid guilt by doing something work related.  Dave tried to help me find funny historicals with tags and so on, and finally said.  “Well, last time you couldn’t find any funny historicals you wrote one.  Why don’t you read one of your own?”  I laughed at the idea, but then glanced at my books and thought, well….

You see, I never read my books after they’re done.  With each one I am sure it is the worst book I have ever written.  I start out laughing and teeheeing as I torment this hero or that, but by the time it’s done corrections and galleys and sent off, I pretty much never want to see it again.  I did read the first couple historicals when they came out, but got really annoyed when I found corrections or misspellings of words that I’d marked on the galleys or proofs that they didn’t bother to correct before publishing, so I just didn’t after that. 

Anyway, I sat looking at my row of books for a few minutes, and then walked over and picked up Bliss.  Why?  I dislike the cover and that was one of the stories I was sure was my worst.  Weird reason to choose it right?  Well, I figured I’d have an excuse for tossing it aside after the first 70 pages as I’ve been doing all the other books lately.  It was one of my worst so I wouldn’t feel bad that it couldn’t hold my attention. 

It was a very strange experience.  Kind of like a surprise meeting with an old friend.  I only had a vague recollection of what it was about; a pair who didn’t want to marry each other and the heroine’s creative attempts to avoid the marriage, and the hero’s equally creative efforts to fight back.  So I sat down to read and found myself bursting out laughing in surprise at this scene or that, and thinking, “Oh I remember that now.” Or “My, that was clever, lol.” And “Wow, I used to be a pretty good writer.” And then, “Why did I think this book was bad?  It was pretty good, wish I could write like that now.”  I even said that out loud to Dave, who had been watching me laugh and shaking his head with amusement.  He rolled his eyes and said, “You do.”  He loves me you see so has to say things like that.  Isn’t he sweet?

Anyway, that’s all I did today.  And I did it in my jammies.  A true fashion plate, I wandered around all day with the Bliss book in hand, wearing pale peach flannel pajama bottoms and a red silk robe.  Tres chic, non?  NO!!  LOL.  And then around 5 o’clock I took the book with me into the bath, sending bubbles flying through the air with every burst of laughter and bringing Dave to the door twice to check on me.  I think he thought those snorfing (not a misspell) sounds of laughter I was making were representative that I was drowning.  I can understand why, they did rather sound like wet seal-type sounds.  Ah well. 

So that’s been my day, relaxing with old friends Helen and Hethe.  I think I’m much more relaxed now.  Maybe I just needed a giggle.  Tomorrow I plan to go shopping, and then I shall bury myself in e-mails and things.  For now, I’m going to get a quick run around the blogs and say hello.

Hope you’ve all had a giggle today.  I think it must be really good for your health.  I feel so much better now than I have for the last while.  Ciao for now

Mrs. Spice

 P.S. Cher and Resa -Two votes for Oregon, it must be something special.  And Margaret, I’d definitely like a review of Jamaica, hope you have a blast.  As for you, Fox hon, when are you coming to Canada to visit? 

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Free again

Well, I’m done.  I’d do my LA LA dance and yippee and yahoo but I’m too tired.  I think I have post-book-partum depression <Grin> 


I mailed out both Thomas’s story, and Marguerite’s corrected story (Thomas’s story caused some changes in Marguerite’s) on Monday.  I finished printing them up at 7:30 A.M., slept a couple hours, rushed them to UPs and then went grocery shopping and so on.  Tuesday I relaxed.  I didn’t really want too, I am still in high gear and start tapping my fingers impatiently on my legs and so on, but Dave kept saying, slow down, relax, you’ve been working hard, take a day and just do nothing. 


DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO DO NOTHING?  LOL.  At least it is after months of working flat out.  I kept thinking of a million things that need doing and even started toying with story ideas in my head.  Sheesh.  I’m pathetic.


And that’s been all the excitement I’ve had.  (Today we went to take care of neglected business stuff.)  But things should get more interesting now.  Today is Terri’s birthday.  I called tonight and wished her a “Happy happy, glad you were born day.”  And she was still at WORK at 9 pm.  I guess workaholism runs in the family, ah well.


My next story is due June 1st.  It’s my first historical for Avon.  And then we head to Dallas in the second week of July for the RWA conference.  I have three signings there, one the 11th, one the 12th, and one the 13th   (I’ll post where later) so if you’re in the Dallas area be sure to drop around so I’m not sitting there alone.   


In between all that I hope to have some fun and do stuff.  I just haven’t figured out what yet.  If you have any suggestions for entertaining places to go or things to do, please feel free to tell me.  Anywhere in North America, or heck, Europe even would be fine.  Now I’ll stop boring you with my complete lack of a life and let you move on to more interesting blogs.  I shall endeavor to have more entertaining news in future.




P.S. d3fault14 you didn’t leave me an e-mail address to send the order for the Argeneau series to.  But it’s at my website www.lynsaysands.net   The link to the right page is http://www.lynsaysands.net/books/argeneau/index.html  The books have their order number there; A Quick Bite is Book one and so on.  That is the proper order.  Don’t go by the pub date, they were – unfortunately and against my wishes – pubbed out of order for the first four books.  That’s why the series moved publishers.


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