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Checking In

Well let’s see…The Brat is out.  YAY!!  I got my copies.  It’s always nice to get and actually hold them in your hands.  It makes you feel like they’re really done.

Thomas’s corrections are done and back with my editor.  Hopefully she’s happy with them.  Monday I start working on the next historical due the end of May.  It’s a Scottish medieval about one of three sisters.  I think I’ll do the other two sisters too for the stories that follow.

In the meantime, I had lunch Friday with Rachel and Jackie.  We went to the Waltzing Weasel pub…At least I think that’s the name.  It was nice, and then had a visit with Terri in late afternoon, unfortunately it was over the phone.  TWO HOURS.  The woman is a talker.  And then Jackie dropped by Friday night to drop off some Baked Beans from England for Dave (he’s missing his beans, grin) and stayed to visit a while.   

Saturday I slept late, until NOON!!  I couldn’t believe it.  I enjoyed it though, and then tried to catch up on emails.  Today was soooooo gorgeous I had to get out.  Dave gardened and I went and picked up groceries so we could barbecue supper and then lugged out the patio table and chairs and cleaned them up, made potato salad and we had barbecue.  Now I’m back to emails, trying to get as many done as possible before I turn my attention to the historical tomorrow.

I think I need a blow out girls weekend again though.  It’s always fun to have Jackie and Terri over and watch Dave flee for the hills, lol.  Seriously, he actually visits with us for a bit and then leaves us alone to go play on the computer when we start getting too rowdy and try to get him to dance.

That’s it from me. 



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Back Home

Well, I survived my lunch, lol.  I didn’t spill a thing on myself, didn’t trip over my own feet or anything.  However, I did let my tongue run away with me.  I get nervous, I yip.  Well, actually, I just always yip.  I like to think it’s because I work alone with a computer so when there are others around, I talk.  However, the truth is I was always a chatty Cathy.  Even as a child.  I just get worse when nervous.  Ah well, no one’s perfect.

Anyway, the lunch went fine.  I apparently wasn’t in trouble and the big scary people weren’t so scary once you met them. 

That was Friday. And then Saturday was spent traveling back.  Our return flight was delayed, just as the flight over was, so we were later getting in and there were loads of delays on the highway due to construction, though it wasn’t as bad on our side leaving Toronto as it was for those heading to Toronto.  They had three accidents on that side, each causing HUGE back ups.  I hope no one there waiting was on their way to catch a plane because it sure didn’t look to me like they were going to make it.  When we passed the first long line, it was backed up forever and obviously had been for a while because people were out of their cars and walking around or even sitting on their rooftops. 

We were happy to get home to our own bed and not being restricted to restaurant food or room service.  Eating out is cool until you’re sitting there just hankering for a peanut butter sandwich, or in Dave’s case, marmite. 

So today we enjoyed the lovely weather.  Dave worked in the garden and I stared at my corrections that still need doing, then put them aside and cleaned up the desktop computer’s files.  Now I’m going to answer all the e-mails I received while away and get as many of those out of the way as I can before I return to concentrating on finishing off Thomas’s corrections tomorrow.

I did find out at my lunch that they are planning to send me to Vegas in November for some kind of signing.  I’ll post more about that when I get more information.  They also have some plans for when the three books come out too, and I’ll give more info on that when I have it as well.

Anyway, hope you’re all enjoying this GORGEOUS weather.  It sure is nice.


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So, as my Mr. Spice (Dave) said in his blog, we are in New York.  I love New York.  It’s where Dave and I met, where we had our first week long date three months later, and where we married.  One of my favorite cities.

We drove to Toronto on Sunday to stay at the airport Hilton, I worked on Thomas’s corrections that night (Bleck, lol) and then we flew out the next day.  Due to the weather there was delay after delay, but we got here safe and sound and that’s what counts. 

I was supposed to see my editor (and everyone) on Tuesday, but Erika (editor) contacted me last Thursday asking if it was okay to reschedule until Friday because Liate (the head hauncho, YES, she will be there tomorrow along with this unknown “everyone else”.  I feel like I’m being dragged in to see the principal!!  What did I do wrong?!!) had something come up.  I said no problem.  So I ended up with Tuesday off and we celebrated by walking all over this city in search of the perfect gift for my agent who is having her first baby. 

Tuesday night, of course, I was completely wiped, sore and exhausted.  It seems you can’t sit at a desk around the clock for months on end and then suddenly decide to do the walkabouts you used to do before you became a desk jockey.  I was in bed early.

Wednesday was off to see my agent, Jenny.  She’s a love.  It ended up being a loooooong lunch and then Dave and I walked all the way back to the hotel.  From 26th and Madison to 53rd and 6th.  This wasn’t really that far, we walked farther the day before, but still, for me, after months of not moving, it was a bit tiring.  Then we went out to dinner at La Bonne Soup which is where we had dinner the night we were married here. 

Today we got up and went to the Museum of Modern Art.  Have to say I guess I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to art.  I just don’t see…er…well…some of those works of “art” are just…er… 

Anyway, we had a coffee afterward and then I was back here working by 1:30, sending Dave off shopping on his own.  He felt bad that he got to play while I had to work, and I felt bad that he had to go on his own, but I have to get those edits done.  Besides, I think he enjoyed walking without having to measure his step to mine.  The man has LONG legs compared to my little stubby ones.  Seriously.  When we sit side by side we’re the same height, but when we stand up he’s almost a foot taller than me and its ALL LEG.  He enjoyed himself I think.

I got quite a bit done while he was gone and then we had room service for dinner and I hopped back to work.  Now I stopped to write this.

Tomorrow is “The Lunch”  ARGGGH!!  URGH!!  OH GAD!!!  I am trying not to think about it and the fact that I shall surely lodge my foot in my mouth at some point, or (and this is probably a definite) drop food down my top like a ninny.  I am really not a smooth operator here.  I’m like Clumsy Clarissa from Love Is Blind without the excuse of being half blind.  With me it’s that my mind seems to go in fifty directions, I get distracted and the spoon/fork tips and…there you have it, the day’s menu on my chest.  Sigh.  Why oh why wasn’t I gifted with grace and composure?  Ah well, I guess then I wouldn’t be me and I actually mostly like me, so I won’t complain.  LOL   While growing up, my sister used to say that I got in the bosoms line twice.  The truth probably is that when it was time to line up for grace and composure, my brain was probably going in fifty directions, I got confused and hopped in the bosoms line again by mistake so I’m all bosums and no grace.  Could have been worse.   Could have been all bosoms and no brains, right?

Anyway, wish me luck with the lunch and if you have a minute, please send up a prayer that I do nothing worse than drop food on myself. What could be worse you ask?  Oh, tripping over my own feet and falling flat on my face in front of everyone, or catching my pants on something and splitting them open, or…Oh God, when it comes to me the possibilities for self-humiliation are endless.  Better stop thinking about it now or I’ll give myself hives to go with my nerves.

Hope you’re all Happy and well!

 Lynsay, the clumsy    

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Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.  We celebrated at Jackie’s, on Friday night.  Terri and her hubby drove down too.  We went over at about 5.  Supper was supposed to be earlier, but it didn’t end up being ready until about 7, which was fine, it allowed us to visit and that was nice.  We left around 9 and then we came home and spent the rest of the weekend working, but that’s okay,  

  The corrections for all those stories I was so busy writing are now showing up and I have to get this stuff done before we head off to New York.  Such is life.  So it’s back to tons to do this week.  The banker, the lawyer, some accounting stuff…  I have a ton of mail to send out Tuesday, letters and books and so on, as well as a bunch of other chores.  I really should make a list, otherwise I’ll forget half of them.

  Anyway, that’s all the news from Spice Cottage.  Later!


P.S.  Cher, lol, it must have killed you to hold back that I told you so!  It would me.  <grin>

Janelle – The next book is The Accidental Vampire, then Thomas’s and then Marguerite’s which they’ve decided to call Vampire, Interrupted.  They are talking about putting the three books out one right after another over three months but haven’t given me the pub dates yet.  I HAVE asked repeatedly.  I’m hoping that when I see my editor in a week or so, she’ll give me the pub date then.  I’ll post as soon as I know.   

I shall have to drop around the Avon board.  I’ve been meaning too, I just have trouble finding time for anything at the moment.  But I’m hoping to have more of that soon.  Thank you!!


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Tuesday Night

Wellllll, so we drove around a bit checking out locations last week and then this last weekend we attended a family function for my Aunt’s birthday.  It was lovely seeing everyone.  Well done Kat, Andrea, Michael and Chris!!    Sunday was slumming around in your jammies day for both Dave and I.  That’s what Sunday’s are for, don’t ye know?

Now it’s back to work.  John ( Kensington editor ) has decided there should be an epilogue for this latest half book with Hannah Howell.  He wants the two heroes (cousins) to meet up so we can see all is well AND he has decided I should write it.  So, there’s that.  Thomas’s corrections are supposed to be done and on their way to me or here by the end of the week, and so I’m working on the next historical as well in an effort to get that moving because I just know Marguerite’s corrections will arrive in May when I’m trying to power through the historical. 

In the meantime, tonight I took time out to book a trip to New York.  I was asked to present myself there after the last deadlines but was waiting for the weather to improve so we weren’t walking around in the cold while there.  So, I wrote my editor asking if she still wanted me there and she said yes, but wait till she checked with everyone to see when they were available….Everyone?  (Blink, blink.  This was somewhat alarming, and still is.  Who is everyone?  She’s mentioned publicity, sales, the art department….EEK!)  She checked and wrote back today and so I booked it.  I shall now make an appointment with the doctor to get heavy tranquilizers to sustain me through the stress of meeting EVERYONE.  (Grin)  No, I won’t, but the day of, I’ll wish I had, lol.

So that’s all the news from me.  Now I’m off back to work.


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