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Marking Time

Since mrs spice is currently hard at work writing the latest historical novel here is another picture of Emma to tide everyone over until the next update.

mr spice

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Well, I’ve been busy busy busy here, but stopped to drop a line and say it turns out they’ve contracted for FOUR more Argeneaus rather than three.  WOW!  AND they’ve sent me the cover for The Accidental Vampire.
Not sure what I think.  I’m interested in what you guys think though.
Here it is: 

They’ve also told me the pub date for the next three.  Don’t scream at me, I swear it’s not my fault.  You KNOW I nearly killed myself to finish writing them by the end of February.  Anyway, it will be
The Accidental Vampire – Victor’s story (the father of Vincent from A Bite To Remember) – January 2008
Vampires are Forever – Thomas’s story – February 2008
Vampire, Interrupted – Marguerite’s story – March 2008. 
Today I also got the cover for the Spanish version of Love Bites which comes out next month, so Dave is posting that as well.

And that’s it from me.  I’m back to work.  Hope you’re all well!!!!

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Not much news


Dave (aka Mr. Spice) has taken a pic of Emma and told me to blog so he can post it, so here I am……….


Gees, I have nothing to blog about.  All I’ve been doing is working and petting Emma, and, today, doing laundry between working and petting Emma, lol. 

We haven’t even been looking around at houses or towns as we planned because we thought we should stay home with Em until she’s settled. 

Oh wait!  I can tell you that my editor called my agent about contracting for three more books in the Argeneau series, so there will be more of those after the three that are already done and at the pub’s.  YAY!!   Well, I think that’s yay.  Hope you do too.

And……..Hmmmm…..Sigh….That’s it.  Except that it’s quite amusing watching Dave play with Emma and try to bribe her affections with liver and so on.  Really, the man is nearly traumatized by the fact that Emma is being a mama’s girl and acting a little stand offish with him when other cats are immediately all over him.  I told him the other day that us Sands girls aren’t easy.  After all, I was cool to him at first while all the other women in New York were enchanted by his accent and silver foxiness, and now I’m his wife.  Emma will love him just as much.  LOL.

I’d best post this so he can put up the pic.

And here it is…


Hello and hope you’re well to all!!


Lynsay, (aka Mrs. Spice)

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So far so good

Well Emma seems to be settling in.  She wasn’t as stressed out as I expected about it all either.  She definitely seems to remember me, and has apparently forgiven me for Charlie. 


She gave a few distressed meows when she was put in the carrier and carried out to the car.  But then I didn’t pet her or anything or even say hello beforehand.  I just opened the cage door and let them put her in.  I wanted to get her home as quick as possible rather than drag out the goodbyes.  Once in the car however, I kept the portable home we’d bought to collect her on my lap, opened it enough to slip my hand inside and began to pet and talk to her and she settled right down.  She was soon sticking her face in my hand to be petted and laying down and relaxing.  Once at the house we let her out right away, took her in to show her where the kitty litter was, and then left her alone to explore a bit before showing her where her food and water were too.  We then let her explore some more and resisted chasing her around trying to pet her.  We stayed close by at first so she wouldn’t think she’d been brought here and abandoned but when she took her explorations upstairs, we followed and then came into the sunroom and let her be.  I had closed all the bedrooms doors for the first bit until I saw how she handled the move.  I didn’t want to be hunting for her under every bed lol.  She soon came and joined us in the sunroom.  I knew she’d be fine when she came walking up to my feet, sat down and gave a quiet half meow which had always been her request to be picked up.  She has sharp sharp claws and prefers not to jump up on you because she will instinctively dig in her nails to find purchase and that hurts and she’s good enough not to want to hurt you.  I picked her up and settled her on my lap and she snuggled in and gave me the eyes half closed “I love you” look as she always did.  My only surprise was that she was avoiding Dave.  Dave is usually the cat magnet.  All cats go to him, but it took another hour before she wandered over to him. 


So she wandered, came for pets, wandered and came for pets again.  After the third time she came and sat down at my feet and gave me the “pick me up” meow, I took the portable with me and moved from my desk chair to the couch, figuring she could sit beside me then, between Dave and I and not disrupt my typing every time.  Around eleven I went to take a bath.  I left the door cracked open and it wasn’t long before she came looking.  She jumped up on the side of the tub, demanded pets, and then settled on the bath mat beside the tub until I was done.  When I came out of the bathroom, I found her standing in the bedroom door.  Apparently she thought it was time for bed.  She’s been with day people for a while and had obviously forgotten I’m a night owl <grin>


I just laid my clothes on the foot of the bed and headed back to the sunroom.  She followed, but soon disappeared.  Dave wondered where she’d got to, and I said “She’s probably sleeping somewhere.  She’s no doubt had a more normal routine the last few years.”  Sure enough, when I went to bed I walked into the bedroom to find her awake, but lying on the clothes I’d laid on the foot of the bed.  She was just waiting for us to get some sense and come to bed.  LOL.


She did some more exploring through the night.  I woke up at one point to find her on the dresser.  She’d knocked something off which was what woke me.  But she was down by my feet again when I woke up this morning and is now settled on the couch beside me while I write. 


When we first came into the sunroom, she jumped up on the wicker chair by the window to look outside, but then she started to scratch the wicked back.  EEEK!  I quickly moved her to her scratch thingy, but I’m glad I blocked off the room with the leather furniture for now.  Years ago, when I had her before, most of my furniture was cloth, but I went out and bought a lovely black leather chair.  The day it was delivered I had to go out for an appointment, Doctor’s I think.  Neither Emma nor Charlie showed any interest in the chair when it was delivered, so I thought it would be fine.  Two hours later I returned from my appointment to find it completely – and I do mean COMPLETELY shredded.  The sides and back had been used as a scratching post and their sharp little claws had sliced right through it.  It looked as if they’d been working at it the entire time I was gone.  They soooo came close to being declawed that day…or having their necks wrung.  I am sooooo not risking her with the leather furniture until I figure out how to prevent that happening again.  


Lynsay off to try to write another chapter before bed

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When I met Dave I had two cats; one named Emma and one Charlie.  Emma was older by a couple years.  She was a sweetie until Charlie came along and then jealousy got the better of her.  Charlie wasn’t planned.  He and his brother’s and sisters were discovered during a family picnic.  A stray cat had dropped her kittens in my uncle’s shed in the backyard and abandoned them.  I took Charlie to keep and Terri took another, one of the girls.  Aunt Leigh took the other two or three to care for until they could be adopted out.   They weren’t very old, still had the stuff on the eyes and needed to be bottle fed they were that little.  I bottle fed Charlie until he was weaned and had to keep him with me at all times because Emma wasn’t happy to have him around and wasn’t above swatting him if given the chance.  The little guy attached himself to me.  Even after he was grown, anywhere I went in the house, he followed.  He sat on my lap or at my feet while writing, slept in the crook behind my knees at night, sat on the bath mat beside the tub while I bathed or showered, and on my feet while I cooked.  It made it difficult to get around at times.  I was constantly tripping over the little guy who quickly became a big guy and Emma would watch his behavior with disdain and then turn her head away with an irritated swish of the tail

As annoying as it could be, when Dave came to visit and Charlie showed a preference for his lap or chest or feet, doing the male bonding thing, I was a bit dismayed, lol.  Dave is a cat magnet.

 When I moved to England, I had to find them another home.  I would have liked to take them with me, but was told it would have meant having them put in isolation in a kennel for several months before they were allowed in and I couldn’t do that to them.  So, a friend took them for me.

Emma thrived in the new household, one with my friend and her children and a ton of pets.  She stopped resenting Charlie and became her playful old self.  Sadly, Charlie didn’t take the separation well.  He stopped eating.  I wasn’t told this until the day I got an e-mail asking me to call my friend.  Despite every effort, Charlie had refused to eat and starved himself to death.  I was terribly upset.  He was such a loving little bundle.

Well, when we came back to Canada, I thought of collecting Emma, but from what had been said she was doing well and I thought it would probably be better to leave her where she was happy and settled.  But….

Yesterday, I got an email from my friend.  Circumstances had changed.  She’d married and moved to California in December.  Her daughter had taken Emma, but had now moved to where she couldn’t keep her and was in a panic to find her a good home.  Would I be interested in having her back? 

This put me into a tizzy.  Would the move upset her?  Will she scratch the crap out of our leather sofa, loveseat and chair?  Would she remember me and still be upset about the Charlie business?  This was a cat who spent two years sleeping on the pillow above my head, her feet draped over my ears, something she stopped when Charlie arrived.  She really used to be very jealous.  Before Charlie, another friend brought their new black kitty over to show me.  I was holding the kitty and petting it, and when I turned to show her to Emma, she scratched me, reached right out and whapped me across the face with her claws.  That perhaps should have told me she wouldn’t take Charlie’s arrival well, but Charlie wasn’t planned and I always expected –incorrectly–she’d get over that.  So, would she recall me and still be pissed about my bringing Charlie home? 

In the end, she’s my kitty and really my responsibility.  My friend took she and Charlie in when I needed to find them a home, and now they couldn’t keep her anymore.  So…we’re taking Emma back.  We’re supposed to pick her up tomorrow.  Today we get to run around and buy her litter box, a carrying case, a bed, scratch post, etc.  And try to figure out a way to safeguard the leather furniture.  Tomorrow we find out if she remembers and is still pissed at me or if she remembers me and lets bygones be bygones, or if she just doesn’t remember me.  She will be the only kitty here now.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  She might now be used to having playmates.  I better buy several cat toys too.

Gees, I don’t know what to do about the leather furniture though.  There’s no door on the one room to keep her out.  If you have any ideas, let me know, please.

Hope all are well!



P.S. Now Resa, it was just normal dancing, no strip teases, lol.  Dave doesn’t dance, however.

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