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Mr. Spice is going to start moderating my forum.  I posted at the forum to let the gals and guys know and explained that I had written about Mr. Spice before I met him.  I’ll just copy and paste it here and then get to my point.  

Mr Spice, aka my hubby Dave, is going to be helping out from now on. He’ll answer questions and such when I’m rushed off my feet and even when I’m not. I’ll still be here, but you guys won’t have to wait as long for a reply when I’m rushed off my feet.

Mr. Spice is his blogging name for those who don’t know and haven’t been to his blog http://spice-the-cat.spaces.live.com/. Now, I’m going to explain where the name came from. Years ago he had a cat named Spice and so made Spice-the-cat his email address. There is a pic of Spice at his blog. And when he started blogging, he just kept it as Spice the cat there too.

I shortened it to Spice or Mr Spice while we were msning, emailing and phoning. We met in New York, I was there for a conference, he was on vacation. He was from England and I from Canada and so after I headed home from the conference we were msning, emailing and phoning every night around my trips to Engalnd and his to Canada until he came to collect me and take me back to England with him. We were married in New York (neutral ground that wouldn’t leave out one family or the other) I now have brought him home to Canada.

Mr Spice is 6’1, has had prematurely silver hair since 19 and has the cutest British accent. He was an engineer and then supervising engineer in England. He’s frightfully smart and can seem terribly. . . er. . . British at first , but has a devilish streak so watch out for his sense of humor.

Hope you’ll all like and and welcome Mr. Spice. He’s a sweety. Actually, he’s Lucern. Strange as it sounds, I was writing Mr. Spice before I ever met him. Single White Vampire was written the year before I met him and the book came out the same month as our first date. I got my author copies just before flying to England for his birthday five dats after returning from our first date (which was a week in New York three months after we met and started writing and calling back and forth) I grabbed one and took it with me to England for him to read because he’d never read my books.

Mr Spice picked me up at the airport and took me home and I walked in and the first thing I noticed was a foot high stack of mail sitting on a shelf in the hall. "Is this mail?" I asked with disbelief. "Yeah, I can’t be bothered opening it," he muttered seeming embarassed and ushered me away from it. We went into the kitchen to make tea and there was more mail there, two stacks. The man had probably six months to a year’s worth of mail sitting around unopened. He didn’t understand why I burst out laughing. I just handed him Single White Vampire and told him to read.

He started reading it that night and kept bursting out laughing and muttering, this guy sounds familiar. So there you have it, I think I wrote Mr. Spice into existence. He still doesn’t open his mail unless it’s a package or something he’s ordered. His explanation is, why bother? Bills come out of the bank automatically, he doesn’t bother reading bank statements and anything else is unsolicited unless it’s books or a cd he’s ordered online. His personality is much like Lucern’s too. Grumpy and very British on the surface, but a sweetie underneath. So,there you have it. That’s who we’ll have amongst us. Hope you like him.


So after I posted that, one of my readers asked if there is anything I’d change about him if I wrote him again, and I said no.  And it’s true, I wouldn’t really.  What would I gripe about if he was perfect?  Besides, if he was perfect, he might expect me to be, and that’s just not gonna happen. <grin>  

But, it made me think of something that drives me wild about my Mr. Spice.  And that is that his taste in movies and books is horrendous.  I like both comedy and horror when it comes to books and movies.  Dean Koontz is my favorite writer and the movies I like to watch vary from Disney to horrors.  I like adventures, fast pace, action or laughs, but I like them to end relatively happily.  They don’t always have to end happily.  I enjoyed Children of Men, and also Tsotsi which didn’t end all that happily for the hero in either, but ended with hope.  It’s the hope at the end I guess that I need to enjoy a movie.

Then there is Mr. Spice . . .  For books he enjoys some of the stuff I do, but also happily reads autobiographical stuff and books like Cod which is about exactly what the title claims, Cod . . .the fish . . .it’s life it’s death and whatever the devil else they can fill hundreds of pages with about a type of fish.  Just not my cup of tea, too much like research which I do (really I do do research) for work, not pleasure.

And then there are movies.  He likes the most God awful depressing stuff ever made.  I swear, Wickerman was the first classic movie he made me sit down and watch with him.  This was way back when we were in England.  He got me all excited, throwing around phrases like cult classic and so on.  So, eager and happy, I sat down to watch it with him, cuddling up next to him on the couch and settling in for what I was sure at that time (I didn’t yet know he had bad taste) would be an excellent movie.

When it ended I sat their blinking for several minutes and then just exploded with horror.

"What the h*ll was that?  You made me watch THIS?  THIS is your idea of a GOOD movie?!"

"Yes, it’s good," says he.  "Didn’t you like it?" 

I stared at him with disbelief and said, "The good guy DIES IN THE END!!!  That was the most depressing load of bollocks I’ve seen in my life!  Oh my God, I’m so depressed now!  I can’t believe you made me watch that!"

I stomped around glaring at him for the rest of the day. LOL.  I can laugh now but I was very upset.  It wasn’t just that the guy died, but good lost out totally in that story and bad won out and, obviously, would continue to win on that nasty little island forever. 

Like I say, it wasn’t just the guy dying.  The hero dying in an act of self sacrifice that saves others or the world is fine, I can deal with that.  For instance, we watched Children of Men, and while (really hot actor) Clive Owens died at the end, the child lived, good still won out and there was hope, but Wickerman left you feeling completely hopeless.  The man was lured to the island and killed in a horribly cruel manner, burned to death in the head of the wickerman, his death accomplishing nothing.  That’s just not my thing at all.  I think he gets that now.  At least he doesn’t try to get me to watch depressing movies any more. 

I put his horrendous taste in depressing tales down to being British.  Really, it has to be a British thing.  All that grey sky and rain, and doom and gloom over there must make them all want to sit down and spend two hours getting even more depressed.  I’m more of a happy type chick myself.  Life has enough misery without seeking out stuff to depress me.  I want things to remind me that there IS good in the world, that we can win out over the bad stuff, that there’s hope.  I suspect Mr. Spice has a secret yearning for that too, or else he wouldn’t love me.  Really.  Life must have been terribly boring before he had me bursting out of bed in the morning singing cheery off key songs and “mithering” him (British for pestering) every day, making him smile and telling him I love him. . . Well, what I call boring, he might say was nice and peaceful (grin)   Too bad, though.  He married me, he’s stuck with me now, and I shall just feed him horribly upbeat, cheerful, HOPEFUL movies to counter all those grey British blahs that have been drummed into him over the years.

Take care!!

Mrs. Spice, off to mither Mr. Spice on this lovely sunny day

P.S Reguarding the question of Chris Keyes ever getting a book of his own.  Nope.  Never happen.  CK is based on a real editor and hasn’t found a lifemate, mortal or immortal.  Sorry 




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Checking in

So my deadlines are all met and I’ve been working on catching up on emails.  Wednesday night, or Thursday I thought I was nearly done and was quite pleased with myself, until I found a readers file I’d forgotten making and dumping emails in to clear out my overflowing inbox.  There were 679 of them.  I’m going to be busy for a while.

In the meantime, Wednesday we took Emma to the vet and today Mr. Spice and I went to the eye doctor’s.  Ewwwww.  I haven’t had an eye test since I was nineteen.  Very bad Ms Lynsay, very bad indeed, but when I had them tested at 19 they were better than 20/20 and they’ve never given me trouble, so I’ve never bothered.  But someone told me I should be having them checked once a year and Mr. Spice needed his done, so off we went to the eye doc. 

Goodness the drops she put in to check the veins in the back of the eyes was kind of nasty.  My pupils got so big the color was almost gone, light was horrible afterward and it felt like pressure on the back of my eyes for three hours.  Glad that’s over.  Mr. Spice was driving so he couldn’t have those drops and we have to take him back for them when we pick up his glasses.  I get to drive him then. That will make a nice change.  Have you ever noticed when men are in the car they prefer to drive?   

The good news is my eyes are still better than 20/20 and no signs of anything to worry about.  YAY!    Despite the fact that this is due to nothing I’ve done, I feel like I passed a test. (grin)   Mr Spice was jealous.  He wears glasses, you see.  His response was to say, “You may have better eyes than me, but you’re still short.”  Ah, he’s such a charmer, lol..

Sadly, that’s all the news I have for now, and I do have a ton of emails to get through, so I’m off. 

Hope you’re all happy and well.


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A day off

You say it’s your birthday nananananananana.  It’s my birthday too nanananananana
Hehehehe!  And it IS!  So I get the day off.  I slept in till eleven, and now I’m having tea and BLOGGING!!!  No work for me today.  That’s okay though, cause I’m almost done.  About four hours of editing to do tomorrow and then I send out both the corrections for Vampire, Interrupted and the latest historical on Monday and I’m DONE. 
And then I get some proper time off!  I can read, and do day trips, and other trips and will get to post more often.  YAY!! 
Actually, I had last weekend off.  Four mental health days.  It was a girl’s weekend, planned three months ago when I expected to be done my deadlines June 1st and didn’t know they’d dump revisions, corrections, and galleys for all these stories I’ve been writing on me. It was madness, I’d get one set done, head to UPs or Fed Ex to send them off and return home to find the next set had arrived.  They were coming at me left right and center and all had to take priotirty to the story due June 1st. 
In truth, I almost cancelled the girl’s weekend because my story wasn’t done, but the cottage was booked, and my family threatened me with physical harm if I canceled, even Dave insisted I should go.  It seems everyone was worried about my health after working so hard for so long.  Probably cause I was was getting cranky.  I am rarely cranky.  Someone pretty much has to p*ss on my corn flakes to make me cranky.  Normally, I wander around in a happy fog. I must drive everyone mad.
Anyway, so I went for the girls weekend with Terri and Jackie.  LOL.  Wish you’d all been there.  It was WAY fun.  Although, staying true to form, something had to go wrong.  If you were reading my blog in Oct/Nov 2005 you’ll remember the water gremlins following me around.  Little devils who broke our water furnace so that we had no water in our flat in England for a week or so before I flew back to Canada.  We rented a room in the hotel across the street where we slept and bathed.  I worked in the flat though and so would run across the street to go to the bathroom, lol.  And then at the beginning of October I flew back to Canada to finish off two books before Dave and I got married in November.  While trying to write in Canada, I only took the time for quick showers, promising myself a lovely long bath when they were done.  But the day I finished the second book, I got up, happily contemplating a lovely long bath, only to find the water gremlins had followed me to Canada and Terri’s water had to be shut off due to some plumbing problem, lol.  I stayed at a hotel the night before I flew to New York to meet Dave just so I could take a bath. 
Well, people rarely believe me, but these things really do happen in my life.  We arrived at the cottage Thursday night, sat out on the deck yipping and looking at the stars over head and the lake spread before us until very late, or very early the next morning, then went to bed.  Got up the next morning, had coffee and then headed into the nearest town to visit all the cool Muskoka stores and have lunch, only to have a huge storm hit.  It was furious but fast.  We came out of the third store we visited. I was in front, Jackie behind me and Terri at the back and I glanced back as Terri stepped out in time to see the lights go out as she touched the frame of the door on leaving.  My jaw dropped and I was like, "Terri!  Did you turn out the light?"  I thought she’d just automatically switched it off on the way out the door and was all in a panic.  "Oh my God, turn it back on, you’ve left everyone in the dark."  The owner, who was outside having a cigarette said, "No, the power just went out on the whole street." and we turned and sure enough, the lights were out everywhere and black killer clouds were moving in at the end of the street.  Storm time.  Big one too.  We beetled back to the car, arriving just as the first drops started to fall. 
The minute I closed my door, all hell broke loose.  The Rav 4 was rocking and rolling like an orgy was taking place inside, but as I was there I can guarantee you that wasn’t happening.  We were three gals afterall, lol. It passed pretty quickly, we sat there for maybe ten minutes before the thunder receded and the lightning left and the rain slowed and then headed back to the cottage, only to arrive and find the power was out. 
No problem, we thought, it should be back up by night or the next morning.  We had a battery operated radio for music, a cooler and ice to keep the food cold, and a barbecue for cooking.  No problem, right?  Except that with the power out, the pump wasn’t working, which meant no water, which meant no shower, no coffee and . . .NO TOILET!!!
The first night was a bit of the pain, we were told that we couldn’t use the toilet without the pump working, but Saturday morning we figured out that if we hauled water up from the lake we could use and flush it.  Sigh.  Oh what a relief that was.  The power stayed out until the night before we left.  It seemed that while a large area was out and then fixed by the next day, we had a tree go down at the end of our lane, taking the power lines with it. 
Much to everyone’s amazement, we didn’t pack up and head back to "civilization" but stayed and actually had a BLAST!  So that was my mental health break and then it was back here to work around the clock again until now, another day off.  As I say, half a day of edits tomorrow and I’m done for a while though. Well, done writing, then I have to catch up with emails.  I did a couple last night, but have tons more.  But I will do those in between our day trips.  I plan to drag Dave up north to the cottage area to show him around.  I think he’ll love it.  I KNOW he’ll go wild with his camera.  And then we have to visit some other places.
Come July we have the RWA conference in Dallas.  My editor and the PR people at Avon/Harpercollins are doing their best to fill up every minute of my time there. We fly in early evening of the 10th and fly out by noon of the 15th and, so far in the four days in between I have three book signings, three dinners, at least one lunch a possible breakfast, a promotional thingy and meetings and the emails with new things I "have to do" keep rolling in.  SHEESH!! I’ll definitely need a bloody vacation when I get back.  By the way, HELP!!  Anyone at RWA or in the area please come and see me at the signings, don’t leave me sitting there contemplating my navel.  At least drop by and yip with me or something.
Well, that’s it for me today.  I’m off to play.  But I’m posting my cover again so I can get opinions.  So far, no one seems too keen, but I like it better than the beefcake.  I know I know, he’s gorgeous, but geeeees, the Argeneau men have brains not just bodies!!

 Hope you’re all Happy and Well!!!!!!

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Sneak Peek Number Two

I’m still busy working on the latest historical, having been delayed by two sets of edits for the next Argeneau books and a set of galley proofs for an anthology to be published later in the year. I am taking a few minutes out, though, to post the cover for Vampires Are Forever, which I received today and so here it is.

I like it. What do you think?

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