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Dropping by

I’ve been meaning to blog for a while, but just keep getting distracted.  Mostly by my own thoughts.  I didn’t really do much last week, at least not much out of the house.  My Gran had mentioned that my Aunt had the week off and they might come visit so I mostly stuck close to home and spent last week plotting . . . which consists of my wandering around here in a distracted state and then pausing to scribble ideas down. 


I say mostly cause I did head out one day in search of a new notebook for my scribbling.  This was a fortuitous trip in the end because I came across . . .   Well, first I should explain that on our bed in our hotel room in Dallas was something that gave us hours of pleasure.  Get those dirty thoughts out of your heads, guys! It was a round, ball-like pillow a little smaller than a beach ball.  Really, lol. 


No matter how exhausted or footsore I was at the end of the day, Dave could perk me up by grabbing the ball/pillow off the bed and kicking it in my direction, starting a fun, one on one game of football (British for soccer) We would kick it around, sending it flying every which way and making each other chase after it around the room.  It was great fun.


Well, late last week while hunting the aforementioned notebook, I thought I’d just nip over to the bedding section of Zellers.  Much to my pleasure, here I found, not just a round ball shaped pillow, but a round ball shaped pillow made to look like a real soccer ball.  I grabbed it up with a squeal and rushed home (I DID purchase the pillow first lol) to present it to Dave and we immediately started a fun, one on one game of football in our dining room, that soon moved to include the parlor and entry.  It meant removing and moving anything breakable but we had great fun.  And we’ve had fun with the ball several times since . . . usually when I’m wandering, distracted, through the dining room and Dave suddenly kicks the ball into my path.  Really, that ball was a lovely find. 


Ah well, I have to get back to plotting.  In the meantime, the cover finally arrived for Vampire, Interrupted.  I’ll see if Dave can’t post it here for me.  Tomorrow I’ll send stuff to the web designer to get up on the website. 


In the meantime, hope you’re all happy and well.


Lynsay, off to plot some more. 


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Back at it


Well, I’m back from Dallas.  Actually I was back a week ago Sunday, but then I headed to the cottage to join my sisters.  


Dallas was hot, tiring and nice.  It’s always lovely to meet fans and I got to meet quite a few.  And Mr Spice and I even got away briefly the first day we were there to go visit the museum and buy a real cowboy hat for me.  Yay and yeehaw!  LOL.  I got to see a couple of old friends and made a few new and I didn’t spill anything down my chest or do anything else unbearably embarrassing, so. . . it was all good.



We flew back on the Sunday and then I ran around, packed and headed for the cottage.  That was lovely too.  It was for research but I got some fun and relaxation in as well.  Mr. Spice was supposed to go too but  decided that after a week in a hotel with three thousand or more women that he was overdosed on estrogen and preferred staying home by himself to spending a week in a cottage with three gals.  So that’s what he did.


Now I’m back home and starting on the next Argeneau.


Hope you’re all well.



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Checking in!!

Well, I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to get ready for Dallas.  There was loads to clear up before I go, and loads more to do for the trip, so I’ve been neglecting.my blog, as usual.  Sorry.  Doubt you all would want to hear about paperwork and shopping anyway <grin> 

Resa, you’re absolutely right, it’s just the forum Dave will be helping with, and that’s only when I get too busy to comment myself, though he’s welcome to jump in and comment anytime.

KJ, yes I DID write him.  Too weird huh?  As for the soul mates and circle theories, I’d believe that, because I never had any intention of going to England, and he had no desire to visit Canada and the chances of our being in a city like New York at the same time not to mention meeting with millions of people and tourists there was probably pretty slim.  And yet we met, spent all our time talking to each other as comfortably as if we’d known each other forever, and then took it from there.  So . . . shrug.  Guess I was lucky.  You want to hear something even weirder when it comes to soul mate theories and such?  When I was eight or nine and my older sister was eleven or twelve our parents took us to a town Christmas dinner thingy at “the hall”  The legion or something.  We walked in and she and I were standing there and she fastened her eyes on this fella across the hall and then I think she asked who he was, at least I recall someone telling her who he was and then she turned to me and said, “I’m going to marry him, someday.”  Just like that, with all the certainty that the sun would rise the next morning.  I didn’t seem to think it odd at the time, just shrugged and took note of the guy.  Four or five years later they started dating and after University they did marry and are still very happily married with two kids.  The subject came up afterward about that announcement she made that day, and it turns out that it was a memorable first sighting for her now husband too.  He recalls that party, and seeing her, and could recall what she wore and everything.  It was like they were meant to be or something.  Shrug.  Life is strange sometimes.

Fox, the forum is a part of my website where some readers like to go and talk and try to finagle plots of future stories out of me.  NAUGHTY!!  But when I was really busy there for a while, I couldn’t answer their questions as quick as I’d like so Dave has offered to step in and help when necessary.  The Key, huh?  I’m surprised you didn’t try one of the vamps first, but you must let me know what you thought of “The battle of the belt” as some readers were calling it. I had great fun with The Key but some guys just aren’t in to historicals, though I write all my books with the same sense of humor.  If you hate it, give a vamp a try. 

Jen, my darling, you are more than welcome to be the talking donkey, lol.  Hope everything’s going smoothly with the new house business.

Well, I got the cover for the Holidays are Hell anthology and I think it’s too cool.  The best part is my character wears the dress on the cover <grin>  Mr. Spice is going to post it here for you guys to see.  Let me know what you think.


Take Care

Lynsay, who’s looking forward to seeing some of you in Dallas.

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