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Sooooooo.  I’ve been working on this story and tapping out ideas and scenes but have come to the realization that I need more info about the setting.  It takes place in a cottage up north . . . which means a trip north, preferably to a cottage.  You can imagine how easy it is to find one of those at this time of year (rolling eyes).   


Much to my relief, Saturday we managed to find one, and our booking was confirmed Tuesday so now we’re packing and prepping.  This could take some effort.  Dave has NEVER been cottaging, and I’m a newbie at least in Northern Ontario (bear country, EEEK!!), so it’s check everywhere for advice and pack everything but the kitchen sink just in case you need it.  I’m beginning to worry there won’t be enough room in the car.


I guess we’ll find out, but in the meantime — much to my utter amazement — Dave seems somewhat excited about the trip.  At least I consider his making special mp3s of music for the trip, doing laundry and packing so far ahead as signs of excitement and it really does surprise me.  Why?  Because the man ISN’T a camping or cottaging kind of guy.  It’s the city or bust for him.  Or, at least, it used to be, but moving to Canada — and specifically here to our little garden of small furry critters — appears to have changed him some.  He appears to actually be looking forward to it being up in the wilderness, lakeside, with mother nature and her critters.  I’m hoping he enjoys himself.  I’m also hoping this trip helps fill in the missing pieces of the story.


Hope you’re all happy healthy and well.




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