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A Fly By Blogging!!

I know.  You all hate me now for being absent too long. My apologies.  I’ve been working. . . and working . . . and working . . . and whining. . – erhm, I mean working.  Oh all right, I am something of a whiner.  Or whinger as Dave would no doubt call it.   Can’t help it.  I’d really rather be playing you know, but there’s so much to do; deadlines to meet, and prepping the house for sale (although Terri and Dave are doing most of that) and doing exercise stuff to keep the body from COMPLETELY falling apart from these long days of sitting on me flat arse typing.  Hmmm, sorry, a bit of Dave’s English slid in there, I even thought it with the northern English accent.  Hehehehehe. 

Anyhooooooo, I just thought I’d pop in and let you know I really am still alive and I’m sorry to be neglecting you so.  I think I’ve worn myself down a little with that grinding schedule I had up till June or July.  Now I’m moving at a snail’s pace and getting very little done in comparison.

Sooooo. . . while here I shall mention a few things…

Arctic Fox, shame on you for disparaging our naming of the fauna here in Canada (for readers who may not know, this was on my hubby Spice the cat’s blog).  The Chickadee is thus named because that’s the sound of its call, it goes Chickadee dee dee and if you Chickadee dee dee at it, they have been known to come closer to check you out in case you are a chick they want to dee dee dee with.  Bwahahahahaha–  Hmm, cough, sorry, obviously I need to take a break from the computer. 

Also, DEAR LORD ABOVE!!  Did you know you can get messages on here?  I didn’t.  At least I don’t think I knew.  I might have known back a long while.  Maybe I knew and just forgot.  Anyway, I got a message and was reminded.  So if anyone sent a message that was ignored, I’m so sorry I just saw the message thing at the top of my thing tonight and went “Wow! Cool!"

Third, I have a bloody cat yowling outside my window making it incredibly difficult to concentrate on my story.  Somehow he knows Emma is in here and is yowling up a storm for her attention.  She–  Ah poop, Emma just came into the sunroom, no doubt she’ll hear and—Yep, there she goes, up in the window. Now the bloody cat outside will just keep yowling all night.  Sigh.

Sorry, stopped to watch the cat action, Emma just sat looking down her nose at the cat outside for the longest time with this totally disinterested stare (she’s been fixed you see, no interest here) and then her butt went up, she flicked her tail in the air, leapt off the window and sauntered out of the room like she was the Queen of Sheba.  I could hear I’M TOO SEXY by Right Said Fred playing in my head as she went.  “ I’m too sexy for that cat, too sexy for that cat, poor pussy, poor pussy cat.”  Ah, spring!  When the—hell, even the cats are confused by this warm weather (grin)

It’s back to work for me.  Hope you’re all happy, healthy and well!



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