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Ah ha!!  The next Argeneau is done.  Well, actually it was done last week but for a final editing.  It was 5802 words too long and so I have spent the last three days editing and editing, cutting and hacking and rewriting and so on (bar last night when Mr. Spice and I celebrated our second anniversary <grin>  He gave me the loveliest necklace, he’s such a sweetie)  Anyway, I just finished the final edit and with all that cutting and rewriting its now 7076 words too long.  Go figure.  I just don’t know how that happens.  Honestly, it’s ridiculous!!  So, Mr. Spice gets to do his read through now and check for continuity and so on and see if he can’t find places to slash.  Geeees!


In the meantime, after I close up here, I’m going downstairs to cuddle up with Mr. Spice and gloam on the last three or four episodes of Dexter that I’ve missed while working.  Yes, I like Dexter.  There’s just something satisfying about a show where the good/bad guy takes out full-on bad guys.  As a character in one of my books–that I haven’t decided whether to finish or not–says, “There are just some people who need killing, dear.”  (I started this story ten years ago at least and the main character is the sweetest little granny you ever wanted to meet, except for her propensity to kill people ; )


Tomorrow we’re going on a day trip to Elora.  Mr. Spice planned it as a nice get away since I’ve been working so hard.  And then tomorrow night I’ll start on the corrections to the first historical for Avon, get those out of the way, do a last slash and dash through the Argeneau story, send both off to my editor and then I get to start on the next historical that’s due the end of the month before I fly to Vegas for a reading and signing in early December, and then come back to prep for Christmas.  Yes, I know, I’m mad as a hatter, but hopefully things will ease up soon.  There’s always hope isn’t there?


So, to close up here and get to go relax with Mr. Spice, Dexter and some wine, I hope you’re all healthy and well.




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