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Merry Christmas


Well, I’ve tried to post at least three times since returning from Vegas, but each time I got the message that it couldn’t be "done at this time."  I’ve finally installed the writer thingy and hope that makes a difference. 

So, today was a bit of a crush.  Last minute shopping and then baking (This year that meant a trip to the bakery was done because we just had no time to bake, grimace) and then we were off to Jackie’s for a Christmas Eve visit.  Unfortunately, in all the rush between shopping and wrapping diabetic girl here forgot my tester and so we left earlier than intended because I couldn’t tell if my blood was dropping or what was happening.  Bleck, never said I was organized.

Anyway, we get to see them again boxing day, so. . .

Now the gifts are all wrapped and under the tree. Dave has just wandered off to bed saying that the sooner he goes to sleep, the sooner it will be morning and we can open gifts (grin) and the house elf, Tori, has snuck off with the wrapping paper for last minute wrapping of her own. 

Now I’m just writing you all a Christmas greeting here before I toddle off to bed behind Mr. Spice.  I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and get to enjoy this time with your family.  For those who celebrate an alternate holiday this time of year, Happy Holidays to you.

Everyone stay safe and healthy and enjoy your time off together.



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Far and Away

Yes Jen and Linda it is a stress ball in the shape of garlic.  LOL.  We got it the day it was posted and Mr. Spice is the meany who taunted you with it.  I myself have been too busy running around like a crazy person getting ready for this trip to Vegas today to come up with such tortures. 

Yes, Vegas.  I’m presently waiting for the car to take me to the airport in Toronto.  I am off by myself in Sin City until Friday. . . I don’t wanna goooooooooo.  LOL.  That’s not totally true.  I do want to go and meet Vicki Pettersson and I do want to meet the readers, but I shall miss Mr. Spice (Avon arranged everything from the car to the airport there to the rooms etc and didn’t include Dave) and I sooooo don’t want to have to actually talk in front of people.  I am not a public speech type person.  Trust me on this.  Standing up in front of a bunch of people makes my IQ drop by about fifty points.  I will er and uh and be red faced and stupid.  I know this.  So why did I agree?  I kinda felt I had to when Avon asked.  Sigh. 

Oh well.  Lunch with Vicki will be nice. And they’ve booked me into the Luxor, which means I’m sleeping in a bloody pyramid, which should be an experience.  Maybe.  Personally I’d rather sleep on a pirate ship, but they probably don’t have one of those in the dessert.  Or maybe they do.  This is Vegas, right?  We shall see.  So, I’d best get off here and double check I have everything.  Maybe I can fit Mr. Spice in my suitcase.  No, he’s 6’1 and would never squeeze in there.  Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a witch like Samantha on Bewitched.  Then I could just shrink him and slip him in my pocket for the trip.   Hmm. . . I could do all sorts of neat things if I was a witch. 

Anyway, I’m off.  If you’re in the Vegas area I’m at County Clark Library on Thursday at 7 pm. 

Till later guys!


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It’s Coming Closer


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