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I am sitting here irritated with myself.  Why?  Because of this attempt to sleep 8 hours a day and take at least an hour or so out of a day for me-time (read time with Dave and biking for my health) rather than work from the moment I get up until the moment I go to bed. 

This nonsense really slows me down in my writing.  I mean, sleeping a whole eight hours means at least four hours less of writing a day and sometimes as many as six or seven or even eight because I previously ran along on four hours sleep a night and sometimes as few as two or none, skipping bed altogether prior to this to get a story done.  And then the hour or two of me-time takes more time away from writing. 

This is, of course, all an attempt to be healthier.  You see, I read in the paper that disruptions in sleep have been linked with the risk of diabetes.  Weird huh?  I thought to myself, Nahhhhhh.  And then I started testing this theory and here’s what I found. 

After only 4 hours of sleep my blood sugar is over 8 (sorry, I’m not sure what the U.S. equivalent is, but 8 is basically a very bad count for fasting blood) 

After 5 hours sleep, I wake up with a blood sugar over 7 (also bad). 

After 6 hours it’s 6.8 (still not great). 

After 7 hours I am running 5.8 (this is a good number)

And after a full eight hours of sleep I generally wake up with a blood sugar level of 4.8 which is excellent. 

Yes, it is usually the .8 and yes it is regular as clockwork that way with a variation of maybe a point or so.

Huh, I thought.  That’s kind of weird.  I guess I have been wrecking my health with this no or little sleeping business.  No wonder my blood sugar was off the chart after months and months of all work and little sleep.  So, I determined to sleep 8 hours every night as the first step to taking better care of myself.  And, oddly enough, while I used to wake up chipper and chirpy on 4 hours sleep, with 8 hours of sleep I often wake up kind of grumpy.  (I will deny that if anyone else says it, but it IS true.)  I’m not sure why, I suspect it’s because my body is used to having thick, sugary blood and that it is just a temporary thing until my body adjusts to these lower, and healthier, levels.

Despite that grumpiness, once I had got that going and settled into sleeping 8 straight hours a night (this is harder than you would think.  For the first week or two I kept waking up at the 4 hour point, ready and raring to go and had to force myself to go back to sleep, where upon I would wake up at the 5 hour point, and then the 6 hour point and so on until I snapped the leash and let myself get up at 8)

Anyway, once I stopped waking up every hour and started sleeping 8, I then added the bit about “I will have me time.”  I actually planned to have weekends off like most people do, and then evenings off too, but I’m just not that good.  I intend to, plan it, and then I get annoyed because I’m not writing as quickly as I used to when I had those extra hours without sleep and so I stay working longer than planned and . . .well, you get it.  But I am trying.

We’ve also switched to a healthier diet with lots of fiber, which, embarrassingly enough, also takes away from my time.  I am considering setting up an extra computer in the bathroom so that I can continue to work despite those irritating visits to that room.  Honestly, has everyone else always spent so much time in the “john?”  I’ve been told this is normal and that my previous state of hardly ever visiting it (It took six months for me to notice there was no wallpaper on the wall in there before this) was the abnormal state and that everything I used to eat must have been immediately shifted into the fat cells prior to the fibre business and now it is not.  (By the way, I am saying this all as delicately as possible.  And I’m sorry to say it at all,  however, if there IS someone else out there like me, I really want them to know this stuff, cause you just have no idea what you are doing to your body if you are doing what I used to do.)

The point is, SLEEP.  It is important.  And eat fiber, it too makes a hell of a difference and nowadays with all these fast food and frozen options it is just too easy to miss out on fiber altogether as well as foods with anything at all close to a nutrient in it.  And if you don’t get the fiber and nutrients, your body will just store away what you are eating as fat and send you out to eat again because it is lacking both.  I used to also skip meals, eating once or twice a day thinking that surely, the less you eat the better the chances of losing weight.  Not so.  I am presently eating twice as much as I ever have in my life and about twice or more often (pretty much every three hours like a baby) and I have lost about a pound a week for the last six weeks or so and that with only biking once or twice so far because I am too worried about getting this book done.  WEIRD. 

And why didn’t someone tell me all this nonsense ten years ago?  Or twenty even?  I am thinking they should teach kids this in school or something because it isn’t rocket science, but goes against all logic.  Eat more, gain less or even lose weight?  Sleep more and lose weight?  I would have thought the extra hours awake would have used up more calories and helped with weight loss, but apparently I knew nothing when it came to my own body.  The good news is, I know it now and am doing it. . . Still, I get irritated at that loss of time for writing and because it takes longer to get a book done than it used to.  However, I am hoping that the long term benefits will make up for that.  I mean, I may write less in the short term, but more in the long term cause I’m not working myself into the grave.

So that’s my boring blog today.  Health.  UGH!  Oh, and we had to get a tire changed cause we had a slow leak (Lovely Mr. Spice did it while I went to the doc’s), and Gran and Aunt Leigh and Uncle Wil came to tea Thursday which was a nice break in the week for me so that’s how I justified not taking today off.  I had time off Thursday so working Saturday is okay, right? (grin) Tomorrow I’ll have to find a different excuse not to take time off cause I really want to get this book done and out of my hair.  At the same time I don’t want to finish it and have to leave the characters behind, so I end up in this struggle . . . But that’s another story.

Hope you’re all well and getting your eight hours.




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Happy New Year!

Well gees, here it is a new year and I’m already behind (grin).  The house elf Tori is off in her room, yipping on the phone, Dave is in the tub, and I’m taking a time out from work to say hello.  And it pretty much will be just a hello because I really have little in the way of news to share.

Our Christmas was lovely and quiet.  We spent Christmas eve at Jackie’s with her crew, and then Christmas day at Leigh’s with the rest of the family.  And then boxing day, Jackie and hubby and kids came to visit with us.  I have a lovely family by the way.  If there is anything in the world you can be jealous of me for it’s my hubby and family.  I expect I’ll never win the lotto and be a millionaire cause I got lucky in the family jackpot.  And that’s okay with me.

Other than that, I did take a day or two off to play games with Dave.  Anyone who reads Mr. Spice’s blog knows that the big laugh this Christmas was that he and I each bought the other a Playstation 3 and games for Christmas.  The second playstation has been returned (The one I bought unfortunately, since I now have to sort out what to get him instead) but surprisingly enough, we didn’t double on any of the games.  That, at least, was fortuitous.  Anyway, my editor had admonished me just before Christmas to STOP WORKING and take some time off, so I did.  The day after boxing day we went shopping which included a stop at Chapters to sign the books in stock ( you didn’t really think I could completely quit working even for a day, did you? LOL.  And I will admit here that I kept up working on emails every day too) Anyway, we also hit various shops and while Tori and Dave did some shopping, I came home disappointingly empty handed.  There was just nothing I really wanted.  I spent another day tending to health stuff, and then a couple of days playing with the Playstation with Dave, but am back to work now, finishing off this historical.  I’m hoping to have it done by the middle of next week so that I can take some time out and prepare for the trip to St. Lucia I’m taking with Jackie and Terri at the beginning of February.   Can you guess where the Vamp I’m writing for March is based? (grin)  Now why would a vamp be in sunny St. Lucia? LOL


So that’s it from me.  All the news I have.  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years and are raring to go for 2008



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