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The Rogue Hunter

I haven’t posted for a while. I have considered doing so a couple of times but there never seems to be anything to post about. My life is incredibly boring. At least that’s what I kept thinking and then this morning Mr. Spice came into my office and said he wanted to post the new book covers which arrived in the mail today (both the Italian translation of The Reluctant Reformer and the cover for The Rogue Hunter which comes out at the end of September) and would I write a quick blog to go with them. I grumbled that yes, I’d try to think of something to write, then sat back and I did try to come up with something. After several minutes I thought with irritation that there was really nothing to write about and I’m pretty boring.

Finally, in exasperation I started going through the last couple or three months trying to sort out what had been going on. Well, there was my trip to the tropics but I’d posted about that. Then there were the three books that came out; The Accidental Vampire, Vampires Are Forever and Vampire Interrupted. All of which placed high on the New York Times lists as well as lists like USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, Borders, etc. AND they stayed on those lists for weeks so that I’ve pretty much been on the lists every week for three months now.

So . . . there was Christmas, a trip to the tropics with my booty-shaking runner-upness (see previous blog), Easter, and my books entering the New York Times list at #10, # 6, and # 3 . . . Nothing much happening, right? LOL.

But really, that hardly makes for an interesting tale and my working on corrections for The Rogue Hunter, which, incidentally, is the title of the next book in the Argeneau series and is published on September 30th. . .  or corrections for the next historical which I don’t yet have a cover for . . . or my working on writing the next immortal and historical at the same time . . . Well, that’s hardly entertaining to you guys and that’s about all I’ve been doing, that and cuddling up with Mr. Spice for a couple hours a week to watch American Idol. (Yes, I know. We’re sad creatures, but hey, music, cuddling with Mr. Spice . . . and then I go back to writing <Grin>)

So, I guess I’ll stop boring you guys and get back to it. (Mr. Spice has come in the office at least three times since he asked me to do this. I think he’s anxious to get the information posted.)  But first I want to thank you guys for all the support and encouragement and lovely letters you’ve been sending, and thank you VERY much for getting the Argeneaus so high on those lists. I never imagined this when I started writing.


Thank you.



My publisher has asked that I don’t show the cover illustration until they’ve done some additional work and got the promotion stuff underway – hence the reason that the picture has now disappeared.




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