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Just an update


It’s been so long since I posted, nobody probably checks here anymore.  That’s all right though.

Anyway, I thought I’d update on what’s been happening and what’s upcoming.   So, let’s see . . . well, we spent a good portion of the time after returning from St. Lucia prepping the house for sale.   That translates to decluttering and a bit of painting, nothing major.  And then we put the house up for sale in May.  It perhaps wasn’t the best time to do it, I had two books due June 1st, but when do I NOT have books due?  Whatever!

So, we put it up for sale and the showings started.  Every showing we had to clean up, pack up kitty and evacuate the premises.  IT WAS DRIVING ME NUTS.  As was Mr. Spice who was also being driven nuts, so was in turn, adding to making me nuts as well.  So, I packed up the computer and moved to a motel for a month. Mr. Spice and Emma sometimes visited during showings, but otherwise it was very quiet and productive.  It was also really annoying to be in a little motel room when you do have a lovely big house you could be working in (grimace). Ah well.  I came back a week and a half ago. 

My editor and agent are already reading the latest Argeneau I sent them.  They’re half way through and both claim to love it.  They kinda have to say that though, don’t they?  I mean, it’s my agent and editor.  The story gave me a hard time.  I wanted light, it wanted dark (as it often seems to do when I’m revealing Argeneau family secrets).  I finally gave in to the dark and then it wanted to go for an extra 30,000 words.  I had to cut it back and managed to cut 20,000. But that was the best I could do, my editor will have to see what she comes up with.

And now I’m working here around showings.  Miss Terri (aka Tori the house elf) has moved out to her own place . . . Did I mention miss Terri has a boyfriend?  She’s had him a couple of months now and his name is . . . wait for it . . . DAVE!!  Seriously, lol. She’s dating a Dave.  It gets a bit confusing when we’re yipping now cause we sometimes confuse which Dave she’s speaking about.  Ah well.  We like him.  We had dinner together and he’s a nice guy.

So . . . hmmm . . . I think that’s all the news I have.  Oh, except we’re supposed to be going to RWA in San Francisco.  I am saying supposed to because there’s this Murphy’s law about if it can happen it will . . . and I’m thinking that someone will offer to buy the house and give us a short deadline that coincides with the conference or something and forces us to not go but to be waist deep in boxes instead.  I’m hoping not, but you just know something weird will happen.  If not though, Tori, Dave and I are all going to be in San Francisco the end of July.

Well, that’s it for me.  I’m off to torment my historical guy.  Hope you’re all well




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