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Why Not Take A Little Trip?


Instead of writing a new entry for my own blog I’ve done a guest blog elsewhere. It’s almost like having a vacation and since they always say a change is as good as a rest I thought I’d jump in with both feet and see what kind of splash I could create.

So, instead of hanging around here, why not drop in at http://paranormalityuniverse.blogspot.com/ and see what’s happening there.



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Just a boring check in


Well, no I did not die or fall off the face of the earth.  I have just been terribly negligent about posting, but then, it was because I was working.  Something that has been rather difficult with all the showings we were having.  Fortunately, that has temporarily slowed down while parents get their kids off to and settled in school. No doubt it shall pick up again in the next couple of weeks as people scramble to buy and get moved before Christmas.

As for me, I finished the last book and mailed it out the end of August (the third historical for Avon) and have since been scrambling trying to get caught up on all those emails from readers that I neglected while on deadline.  I finished the last of them tonight.  There were only about three hundred of them (emails are often slow just before the next release, and then I get a rush that slowly drops down to a drizzle after three months or so. This is the slow period).  Of course, that 300 doesn’t include the business ones, or the fun ones or the ones from friends or the loops I’m on.  I have been scrambling, but it is done. 

I have also been reading A Bite To Remember and Vampire, Interrupted to get caught up on Tiny again in an effort not to make mistakes with his character or anything.  I was quite surprised to find I enjoyed the stories and got caught up in them.  This is surprising because by the time I finish each book I am sure it is a complete load of Dog Poop.  Yes, you heard me.  Each one I send out I think is the worst bit of drivel I’ve ever written.  This is, apparently, a common phenomenon.  At least among my friends.  Emails from my writer friends often start with the refrain “I’m on the last quarter of the book, the part where I’m sure it’s crap and wonder what I am doing calling myself a writer.”  This is sad but true.  Anyway, I could have sworn those books sucked, but it turns out their all right.  I used to be able to write. Maybe I can do it again (grin)

And that’s what I’m up to next.  I am on to the next vamp (Tiny’s story as I mentioned), and then I’ll get a bit of a break, the first I’ve had since returning to Canada.  And a real break this time, not a couple days doing research or something like that, but actual months before I have to write the next one.  I am thinking that this will be when the house sells and I will be up to my neck in boxes and packing and then rushing about canceling power, phone, etc. and arranging it to start at the next place.  Ah well, better that then trying to do it while ON deadline, right? 

So that’s all the news I have.  Boring, aren’t I?  Oh!!  I know Mr. Spice has mentioned the Raccoons that have been visiting at the lower sunroom window (They actually climb up on the logs stacked up outside the window and look in at me like I’m a zoo attraction, which I suppose, for them, I am) But he hasn’t got a picture or mentioned the other two visitors we had.  One was a skunk, which I did not see (Dave did while I was away finishing the last of my last deadline). I am now on high alert every time I go out, watching for the little beggar.  But the other was just the other night. I was typing away when I noted movement out of the corner of my eye and glimpsed what I thought was the raccoon come to visit.  I picked up the phone and used intercom to buzz Mr. Spice, glancing back to the little fellow only to freeze.  It was huge, the size of a mama raccoon, but it’s nose was pointier. . . and then it saw me sitting there looking at it, and I swear to God it got this “Oh Sh*t!” look on it’s pointed little unmasked face, and turned to scuttle off the logs and across the deck, it’s long rat like tail trailing behind.  It was a POSSSUM.  Holy GAWD!!  What next?  Unfortunately, by the time Dave came to the door (He now just rushes to the door to see which creature I am calling about, I never buzz for any other reason) the little fella was gone around the corner.  Well, big fella.  The funny thing is, the sighting kind of shook me up.  It was the surprise factor, I think.  I am used to raccoons, but this was new.  When I mentioned as much to Mr. Spice, he laughed and said,  “Why? The only thing he’d do is play dead.”  And for some reason that reminded me of the cartoon Over the Hedge.  I liked that movie!!  LOL.

Anyway, that’s it from me.  While I write interesting stories, I live a very quiet life.

OH!  Accept, once I get this story done I shall be flying off to points south.  At least I hope the story will be done by then.  Anyway, my publisher is sending me down to Alabama at the beginning of the month for a signing at some sort of conference. Haven’t got all the details, and then at the end of the month they are flying me somewhere else, Chicago I think, but I’m not sure yet.  I will be flown down, picked up and taken to a warehouse where I shall be chained to a table for two or three days while I sign 3000 to 5000 books.  They are hoping I can do 5000, but the minimum they expect is 3000, and then I will be carted back to the airplane and flown home for my poor fingers and hand to recover.  It is some kind of promotional thing the distributor is doing. Presumably, they will occasionally unchain me to feed me, or bring me food at the table, though if they do it that way, I’ll probably end up with it all over the books.  I am definitely a clumsy gal.  Dave just shakes his head–and tries not to laugh toooooo awfully hard–as I trip, spill and stumble my way through life.  Can’t help it, I’m always off in my alternate universe plotting in my head and paying minimum attention to the world around me.

That’s it from me.  Hi guys and I’ll try not to leave it so long before the next one.  Actually I should be getting the cover for The Immortal Hunter soon and Dave always makes me post it (actually, he puts it up and says, “Get in there and say something” LOL) so will probably do another update then.



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