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I need a life coach or something. Somehow over the last three years my life has fallen into chaos and I can’t seem to re-gather the threads and pull it together again. It’s been ever since moving back to Canada. There was that ridiculous year of nothing but writing. Literally. I got up, wrote all day and evening, eating the meals Dave brought me at the computer even, and then went to bed for four hour naps a night before getting up to do it again.

Actually, I guess that was two years not one, but anyway, this last year I’ve been trying to reclaim some me time so my life isn’t all work. I’m also trying to sleep eight hours a night because I was told by various sources that shorting your sleep like that is bad for your health. However, while I’ve managed to work myself up to sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night (trust me, it was a painful process. My body wasn’t used to sleeping more than four hours and didn’t think it needed it and so would wake up at the four hour point, and then – if I did manage to get back to sleep, would wake up every ten minutes after that until the eight hours had been reached.) Back to the point however, while I now have myself trained to sleep eight hours a night and am no longer grumpy as heck doing it (I was a miserable cow at first. HATED it.)  I don’t seem to be able to get ANYTHING DONE.  Seriously. It’s like sleeping has stolen my concentration or ability to focus.

Mind you, there have been some distractions to help with that, the main one being that we put the house up for sale at the end of last April and—DEAR GOD—as distractions go, that was a DOOZIE. For some reason everyone and their brother wanted to see our house . . . their brother, their sister, niece, nephew, next door neighbor , etc.  Honestly, we never had less than three showings a week but often as many as five or six. And of course, they never came at the same time or one behind the other so we could vacate for a day and be done with it. It was every other day and so on. Having this many showings is apparently quite unusual. Houses just up the street were going weeks without even ONE showing. I don’t know why the heck everyone wanted to see it.  Mind you it is a beautiful house with a turret and stuff.  Still it made working almost impossible. It seems like the time was spent constantly cleaning or driving around with the cat in the car while people toured the house.  It got so impossible to work that I checked into a little motel for a month to get two stories done back to back.

While I complain about all the tours and how disruptive it was, the house did sell just before Christmas and I know how fortunate we are to have had that happen. There are many houses that have not sold and are reducing their asking price.  As I say, we are very lucky. We were also very lucky in that the purchasers gave us a very long closing time which gave us the chance to find a house and so on.  That’s all we did for the end of December and all of January, house hunt in a bit of a panic because while the purchasers were generous with the closing date there was a deadline and we didn’t want to just take a house out of desperation but wanted the “right” house.  Fortunately, at the end of January we found a house we both love and were able to buy.

Since then we’ve been packing and trying to tend to matters of the move. Between that and some family concerns it’s been impossible for me to concentrate on things I should be concentrating on. Namely work and I’m starting to feel a bit frustrated. I sit down to get to it and my mind is off chasing movers in my head or reminding me I have to do this or that for the move, or that I should call and check on one of the two family members I’m presently worrying over.  Yeesh.

I guess maybe it isn’t really a life coach I need. I just need to get through the move and get settled and see if I can’t concentrate better once that’s done.  This living amidst boxes in one house with your eye on the house you’re moving to . . . and with such disruption is for the birds. In fact, I suppose this is perfectly normal. According to Maslow’s theory of human motivation, food and SHELTER are the first and foremost concern on the hierarchy of needs and will be a focus until they are satisfied. So, I shall just do what I can for now, and hope it improves once we’re moved. . . And if, once the moves over, I still find I’m struggling, THEN I’ll look into a life coach to come kick my butt into some sort of useful routine.

Lynsay, who is really hoping it’s been so long since she posted that no one reads this anymore and so won’t witness her little self counseling session, lol.


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