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As Promised…


And, as promised, the cover for The Immortal Hunter, which is published next Tuesday. 



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What news is there . . . Hmm, well the cat is going squirrelly.  I think all this boxing and removing of boxes is stressing her out. She’s taken to suddenly bolting from the room like someone dropped a hot iron on her tail. Dave and I are trying to pat and soothe her as often as we can, but we’re rarely sitting down for such occasions. The other night Dave found her in the tower bedroom and sprawled on the carpet beside her for a hello and soothing pets. I found them both there and joined the party, sprawling on the carpet as well for a couple minutes, lol. But we didn’t stay long before going back to our work.

In an effort to keep her from stressing we have been making sure not to touch any of her stuff and pack or move it. The plan is to wait till the day we take her, put her in her carrier, quick gather up her things, take her to the new house and set her things out then let her loose. Of course, at the end of the day we’ll have to put her back in the carrier and quick regather everything to take her back home because we can’t actually sleep at the new house the first night or so. So she’s getting to visit and adjust while we organize what we can there before the furniture arrives.

You probably think we’re being silly or worrying too much about a kitty, but she is a member of the family. She also has a tendency to throw up when stressed and the carpets there are all WHITE. We are trying to preserve both our cat’s sanity and the new carpets. There are loads of concerns about the kitty and the new house. Her tendency to get sick (which she also does after eating too fast), and the fact that there is a lovely large Atrium there at the base of the living room and I am so driving myself crazy trying to think of ways to make sure she doesn’t think the Atrium is a new larger kitty litter (Groannnnn)  I’m also worrying about the plants in it. Which reminds me, I need to look at the pictures of the atrium and research the plants to see if any of them are poisonous to cats.

Speaking of the cat, she noticed me sitting for a change while I have a coffee and type this and so has come to sit beside me for comforting.  Guess I’d best  give her some cuddles, then get back to the last of the packing. We go to the lawyers this afternoon to sign papers and then it’s just a case of driving Mr. Spice crazy till Thursday.

Hope you’re all well and happy.



P.S. I’ll ask Mr. Spice to post the cover for The Immortal Hunter up here for me. It comes out next week so I guess we should put it up.  Did we even think to put up The Rogue Hunter?  Sheesh. I’ve been so behind on EVERYTHING.  Can’t wait for this to be over and order to return to my life . . . Well, okay, my life has never really had much order, but it’s never been this bad either.

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Saturday Afternoon

WOW!  You guys are still out there. Wow!  Well, I really appreciate the encouragement.  Guess I shall have to make an effort to post more often . . . Especially since I’m getting letters of complaint from readers about my NOT posting. I do notice though this is from people who don’t comment here either (she says, raising her eyebrows and pursing her lips in a prissy fashion) LOL. 

Okay, so I’ll try to post more once we’ve moved and life settles down to some calm. Seriously, that’s all you’re getting for an apology. I had trouble getting anything done this last year. It was hell having to rush out of the house every other day while it was for sale. Imagine yourself trying to get your work done while having to spend every other day driving a squalling cat around the town while people wander through your house. Boy did I go through the headache pills.  And the viewers never made their tours of the house quick in-and-outs. They all seemed to like to linger well past the allotted time. Imagine trying to get your invoices done with such interruptions, or teaching a class while constantly having to rush outside for fire alarms. That should give you an idea of what this last year was like. AND it made Mr. Spice and me INCREDIBLY CRANKY. I’m surprised we survived.

 I swear I am NEVER selling a house again while I live in it.  I shall either live in the new house till I die or I shall have to have enough money put aside that I can buy the next house and move to it while the old one sells.  . . So, guess I’m living in the new house till I die . . . which is fine with me. Tori the house elf (also known as Terri my assistant) and I both have offices in the new house and they’re away from the rest of the house there. This is actually the first time I shall have an office and it gives me shivers of pleasure just thinking of it. To celebrate the occasion I bought office furniture. Well, you know, I would have had to anyway, but I went to a Mennonite store and ordered proper, solid oak furniture to be built. I have been informed the building part is done and the last of the furniture is being stained and finished for delivery this week. I even designed a printer table (they didn’t have any so I took one of their TV tables, redesigned it a bit, added a drawer and cupboards, and they are turning my redesign into a printer table. I also did a bit of redesigning on the desks and such but nothing very notable) The offices shall be LOVELY.  Working there shall be lovely. I am hoping to get loads done in the new environment; peaceful, out in the country, Mr. Spice, deer and other critters to look at out the window. It’ll be great.

In that new environment I am hoping to get loads done, including posting more often on the blog . . . although, truly my life is really so boring I don’t know why you want more of it, lol.  

Oh, gees, I almost forgot to say . . . we move this week!  YAY!!  I can’t wait. This last week shall be torture, though. GAD!!  But then we can settle in the new place. YAY!! WOOHOOO!! YIPEEE!!  Seriously, I am as excited as a kid counting down the last week to Christmas.    I’m sure everyone is when they move to a new home. But I bet they don’t drive their husband’s as crazy as I am making Mr. Spice. LOL.

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