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It looks like this years RWA Conference will take place in the happiest place in earth… Yes, I do mean Orlando, Florida.  The city caters to many lovely features including warm weather, pleasant retirees and … wait for it… Walt Disney World!

However it is too bad about the reason it had to be moved from Nashville, TN.  The flood that struck that area produced a lot more damage than initially suspected so the Opryland Hotel (which was under 10 feet of water last I read) will not be able to maintain guests until late August.  ;-(

I hope that area bounces back quickly and maybe in a few years we can see the beautiful city of Nashville hosting an RWA conference.

Have a lovely day everyone!



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Cinco De Mayo!

Yes, I have returned to the land of the living and can blog again… LOL. 

Sorry about the delay in blogging but I think part of the problem is that there are so many social networks out there now, you tend to loose track at times.  Well, at least I do.  With Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, my forum, my website, my newsletter, trying to keep up with all the requests I get for blogs and interviews on other sites and trying to hold down my day job of writing, sometimes it gets pretty tough to keep up.

I, too, am celebrating Cinco De Mayo today but not in the way others might.  Since I have decided to cut out caffeine (cause it does so many horrible things to you) and am generally eating healthier, my festivities will include decaf coffee with a cinnamon spice flavoring, melt in your mouth oriental chicken and last but definitely not least, creamy cheesecake with fruit topping!  A nice dinner enjoying a nice conversation.  Who could ask for more?  <G>

I hope you have a lovely cinco de mayo and I will chat with you soon!  😉


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