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RWA is less than a week away ladies and gents and I am getting excited.  I feel like I have so much to do beforehand yet all this ‘little’ tasks can take so much of your time.

Part of the problem is the construction going on all over the city roads. One day the road is clear, the next you’re waiting behind twenty or so cars trying to get through another construction zone.   The odd thing is there have been quite a few rather large sinkholes popping up here and there.  You always see this type of thing in sci-fi movies but you never think it could happen to you.  Could you imagine seeing the car directly in front of you just disappear.  Gone.  Nada.  Kaput.  If you aren’t tail gating (you know who you are !) and have quick enough reflexes to stop your vehicle before you end up joining the other less fortunate car ahead of you, you’re probably sitting in your car breathing hard with a mixture of relief and shock.  At that point you may find the more disturbing scenes from War Of The Worlds coming to mind (I would).  Once you get over your own imaginings and come to realize that the world is not ending or being attacked by hostile aliens, you may even call someone for help so the poor guy in the sink hole isn’t trapped there indefinitely.

Hmm… I wonder if his/her boss would believe them when they call work to tell them why he/she couldn’t make it in today.  I can just hear it, “I’m sorry but I can’t make it in to work today.  The earth opened up and swallowed my car… with ME in it.”

Love to hear that conversation.



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Yes, I do do a LOT of singing and my new guy pal sings along with me.  This is very strange for me as I’m used to looks of annoyance from innocent bystanders but I dig it.  That’s the one thing about friendship, you never know what will pop out once you crack open that egg.  This time I got a goody, someone that gets my quirks.  Me likey.

I wish all of you a fantastic year too.  So many people are wishing this for me today that I feel compelled to wish it back.  My hope if that this year is the best ever… at least until the next year rolls around!  <G>

Enjoy the lovely weekend weather my friends.


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I am getting excited!  Yes, I will be going to the RWA conference and looking forward to signing all those lovely copies of my books that you have.

I have been told that The Reluctant Vampire, Hungry For You, The Countess and The Heiress will be available at the Literacy For Life book signing.

At the Avon book signing I was told I’d have Love Bites and The Hellion & The Highlander to sign.

Also reason I am so excited about this trip… I love New York City.  It’s always been so much fun.  I also get a chance to see my editor (Yay Erika!) and my agent (Jenny rocks!) so it’s going to be a big chatfest.

So I hope the Big Apple is ready for us, meaning myself, my posse and you my wonderfully light-hearted readers, cause we’re a-comin regardless!  <G>


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