Settling in

Well it’s been a while, but then it always is with me (grimace). Life has been terribly chaotic for the last several years. I keep hoping that will change soon, and finally I think it might. I have arranged my deadlines in a way I hope gives me more time.  We shall find out by fall if it works. 


In the meantime, we have settled into the new house which was quite a chore. Just filling it with furniture was a task and a half. Unfortunately, a lot of our furniture in our lovely old Victorian house was antique, so when the buyers asked if they could purchase some things we said yes. The new house is more contemporary in style and the furniture wouldn’t have suited it. But that meant we got here with a lot less furniture than we had before. That was kind of good in a way, this house is actually smaller in some ways than the old one. There are only three bedrooms not five and so on . . . Although we have the two offices instead of bedrooms . . .  hmm. . .   Anyway, we had to buy a lot of things when we got here. Bedroom sets, the office furniture for both offices, living room furniture for the upper sitting area, etc. We also had to have blinds put into my office and Terri’s to discourage Mr. Spice from spooking me by staring in the windows at me at night when I couldn’t see him and then coming in to tell me so. That was kinda freaky if you ask me. Made me paranoid he was standing out there looking in all the time.  Ah well.


Amid the madness of furniture shopping, delivery, return of furniture (because we seemed to always have the wrong furniture show up, or have it show up late, or show up damaged. Seriously, I was starting to think we were cursed. For a while there it seemed like every delivery was a screw up of some variety or another). Then there were the various installation guys coming and going, as well as problems with our email provider, internet provider and so on (you know it never rains but it pours. I swear Terri and I spent two weeks straight just dealing with phone calls trying to straighten out the internet and email issues) On top of all that, we also had a death in the family, my lovely Gran. She was a sweetie and feisty as they come, fighting the cancer to the bitter end. It was hard as hell to watch knowing you couldn’t do a damned thing to help her and it took me right back to my mother’s death fifteen years ago. 


Right, so, to change that depressing subject, following shortly on the heels of all that chaos and the tragic loss of Gran was the scramble to get everything set for the RWA conference in Washington.  Apparently I maybe ran myself a little ragged. Too much stress for too long maybe, wore down the old immune system and the Monday night before we were to leave for the RWA I landed in hospital emergency with pneumonia. It came on quite suddenly. Sunday I woke up with burning irritated sinuses thinking allergies were acting up or some such thing, then Monday I woke feeling not too well, still I had running to do for the conference and appointments as well, so headed out, but by the time I returned a little after 5:30 I felt like a train had hit me. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed, but Terri and Dave took one look at me and put their heads together and the next thing I knew I was on the way to emergency. The diagnosis was pneumonia with spasming lungs and bronchi adding to my inability to breathe and the bluish look that had Terri suggesting Dave take me straight to the hospital.  We left the hospital shortly before midnight with half a dozen prescriptions and permission to attend RWA so long as I took it easy and got to a doctor at once if I encountered trouble breathing. etc..


Yes, I went to RWA with pneumonia. Not the contagious kind, a lung infection. However, the first day there Terri came down with strep throat and the two of us were a pitiful pair, lol. I’ve never been so happy to see the end of a trip, but I got home about as sick as I’d been when I left. It’s been bed rest since then with the threat of a return to the doc’s if I didn’t, so I spent a week banned from the computer and going crazy with nothing to do but relax, lol.  I don’t relax well. Haven’t done it in so long, it’s like a form of torture. Or at least it was at first, after the first couple of days I started reading though and it got better. Now I’m doing much better, still have a bit of a cough and runny nose, but otherwise fine.  So I thought I’d start on emails. . . WELL . . . I’ve got a lot recently pointing out that I have never posted pics of the new house, that the pics of the new old house were still there from three years ago, but none of our new home in the country, so I’ve come to post this and put them up.

Right now I have pics mostly of the offices (mine and Terri’s) and the little seating area outside our offices and the views from them.  I shall endeavour to take pics of the rest of the house and get them us as well soon.  In the meantime, this is a start.  By the way, we just love the new house. Having actual offices to work in is lovely and it is so peaceful and quiet out here. There are wild bunnies our at all hours of the day munching on grass, chipmunks everywhere and quite often around dusk a family of deers charge across the lawn headed for the woods. Then there are voles, moles and raccoons as well as an array of quite the loveliest birds I’ve ever seen.  There are Cardinals and Blue jays as we had in town, as well as hummingbirds, orioles and other birds we haven’t identified yet but all seem to have lovely plumage.

So, here’s a pic of my office. No it’s not usually this clean. At the moment my desk has about a gazillion things on it.


This next pic shows a little more of the office 


This is the view from the sliding glass doors in my office. I love looking out at the hanging baskets of red flowers. It always cheers me

These next two are my view from my desk window behind my computer. 


This is the right side of the office. I think it’s a bit blurry, sorry.  The French doors with the copper colored blinds in the back left corner of the pic lead into Terri’s office and the rest of the house.



Ugh, this is the more healthy office equipment. Yes, I’m trying to incorporate more time on healthy pursuits. Actually, that’s a portable I have there on the treadmill, I’m hoping to be able to type while walking so that I don’t just drop using the treadmill when under the pressure of deadlines.



This is Terri’s office from my french doors. You’ll notice she’s hard at work. (Grin)


Terri is my assistant. She is also my sister and hates getting her pics taken as much as I do, but I just had to show you how relaxed she is at work. Doesn’t she have cute toes? LOL. Seriously, she says she likes her job, but the fact is she’s a joy to work with.



This is the Immortal Hunter poster. It was made for a conference and then my editor kindly sent it to us to do what we wanted with it. Terri likes it in her office. I’ve told her she doesn’t have to hang it there if she’s tired of it, but she said she liked coming into work to his handsome face every day so . . . shrug



The long hall to the rest of the house. It really is quite a distance, you can see the entrance to it in the pic above beside the blue boy there and it’s about two rooms long. Twenty-seven or thirty feet or something. It’s kind of the adjustment place, I shed my work worries as I walk up that hall to enter the rest of the house.


So enough about the offices, now come the views outside. We have a table and chairs set up outside the outer entrance to both my and Terri’s office and believe me we use it. Sometimes we have lunch out there, but most of the time so far it has come in handy when we were having all those troubles with the internet and email and trips to the hospital to visit Gran and so on. Both of us would be about ready to start shrieking and yanking out hanks of hair after arguing on the phone for several hours with someone and then one or the other would say “Outside!” and we’d rush outside and plop on the chairs and just listen to the little pond and the birdsong and rustle of trees and look at everything and calm down enough to head back in. We both love that spot. So here they are for your enjoyment, the views of and from our little break area outside. Sometimes that includes Mr. Spice on his nifty riding lawn mower.





So that’s it from me for now. I shall be back soon with pics of the rest of the house


Hope you’re all well




As Promised…


And, as promised, the cover for The Immortal Hunter, which is published next Tuesday. 



What news is there . . . Hmm, well the cat is going squirrelly.  I think all this boxing and removing of boxes is stressing her out. She’s taken to suddenly bolting from the room like someone dropped a hot iron on her tail. Dave and I are trying to pat and soothe her as often as we can, but we’re rarely sitting down for such occasions. The other night Dave found her in the tower bedroom and sprawled on the carpet beside her for a hello and soothing pets. I found them both there and joined the party, sprawling on the carpet as well for a couple minutes, lol. But we didn’t stay long before going back to our work.

In an effort to keep her from stressing we have been making sure not to touch any of her stuff and pack or move it. The plan is to wait till the day we take her, put her in her carrier, quick gather up her things, take her to the new house and set her things out then let her loose. Of course, at the end of the day we’ll have to put her back in the carrier and quick regather everything to take her back home because we can’t actually sleep at the new house the first night or so. So she’s getting to visit and adjust while we organize what we can there before the furniture arrives.

You probably think we’re being silly or worrying too much about a kitty, but she is a member of the family. She also has a tendency to throw up when stressed and the carpets there are all WHITE. We are trying to preserve both our cat’s sanity and the new carpets. There are loads of concerns about the kitty and the new house. Her tendency to get sick (which she also does after eating too fast), and the fact that there is a lovely large Atrium there at the base of the living room and I am so driving myself crazy trying to think of ways to make sure she doesn’t think the Atrium is a new larger kitty litter (Groannnnn)  I’m also worrying about the plants in it. Which reminds me, I need to look at the pictures of the atrium and research the plants to see if any of them are poisonous to cats.

Speaking of the cat, she noticed me sitting for a change while I have a coffee and type this and so has come to sit beside me for comforting.  Guess I’d best  give her some cuddles, then get back to the last of the packing. We go to the lawyers this afternoon to sign papers and then it’s just a case of driving Mr. Spice crazy till Thursday.

Hope you’re all well and happy.



P.S. I’ll ask Mr. Spice to post the cover for The Immortal Hunter up here for me. It comes out next week so I guess we should put it up.  Did we even think to put up The Rogue Hunter?  Sheesh. I’ve been so behind on EVERYTHING.  Can’t wait for this to be over and order to return to my life . . . Well, okay, my life has never really had much order, but it’s never been this bad either.

Saturday Afternoon

WOW!  You guys are still out there. Wow!  Well, I really appreciate the encouragement.  Guess I shall have to make an effort to post more often . . . Especially since I’m getting letters of complaint from readers about my NOT posting. I do notice though this is from people who don’t comment here either (she says, raising her eyebrows and pursing her lips in a prissy fashion) LOL. 

Okay, so I’ll try to post more once we’ve moved and life settles down to some calm. Seriously, that’s all you’re getting for an apology. I had trouble getting anything done this last year. It was hell having to rush out of the house every other day while it was for sale. Imagine yourself trying to get your work done while having to spend every other day driving a squalling cat around the town while people wander through your house. Boy did I go through the headache pills.  And the viewers never made their tours of the house quick in-and-outs. They all seemed to like to linger well past the allotted time. Imagine trying to get your invoices done with such interruptions, or teaching a class while constantly having to rush outside for fire alarms. That should give you an idea of what this last year was like. AND it made Mr. Spice and me INCREDIBLY CRANKY. I’m surprised we survived.

 I swear I am NEVER selling a house again while I live in it.  I shall either live in the new house till I die or I shall have to have enough money put aside that I can buy the next house and move to it while the old one sells.  . . So, guess I’m living in the new house till I die . . . which is fine with me. Tori the house elf (also known as Terri my assistant) and I both have offices in the new house and they’re away from the rest of the house there. This is actually the first time I shall have an office and it gives me shivers of pleasure just thinking of it. To celebrate the occasion I bought office furniture. Well, you know, I would have had to anyway, but I went to a Mennonite store and ordered proper, solid oak furniture to be built. I have been informed the building part is done and the last of the furniture is being stained and finished for delivery this week. I even designed a printer table (they didn’t have any so I took one of their TV tables, redesigned it a bit, added a drawer and cupboards, and they are turning my redesign into a printer table. I also did a bit of redesigning on the desks and such but nothing very notable) The offices shall be LOVELY.  Working there shall be lovely. I am hoping to get loads done in the new environment; peaceful, out in the country, Mr. Spice, deer and other critters to look at out the window. It’ll be great.

In that new environment I am hoping to get loads done, including posting more often on the blog . . . although, truly my life is really so boring I don’t know why you want more of it, lol.  

Oh, gees, I almost forgot to say . . . we move this week!  YAY!!  I can’t wait. This last week shall be torture, though. GAD!!  But then we can settle in the new place. YAY!! WOOHOOO!! YIPEEE!!  Seriously, I am as excited as a kid counting down the last week to Christmas.    I’m sure everyone is when they move to a new home. But I bet they don’t drive their husband’s as crazy as I am making Mr. Spice. LOL.

Random thoughts

I need a life coach or something. Somehow over the last three years my life has fallen into chaos and I can’t seem to re-gather the threads and pull it together again. It’s been ever since moving back to Canada. There was that ridiculous year of nothing but writing. Literally. I got up, wrote all day and evening, eating the meals Dave brought me at the computer even, and then went to bed for four hour naps a night before getting up to do it again.

Actually, I guess that was two years not one, but anyway, this last year I’ve been trying to reclaim some me time so my life isn’t all work. I’m also trying to sleep eight hours a night because I was told by various sources that shorting your sleep like that is bad for your health. However, while I’ve managed to work myself up to sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night (trust me, it was a painful process. My body wasn’t used to sleeping more than four hours and didn’t think it needed it and so would wake up at the four hour point, and then – if I did manage to get back to sleep, would wake up every ten minutes after that until the eight hours had been reached.) Back to the point however, while I now have myself trained to sleep eight hours a night and am no longer grumpy as heck doing it (I was a miserable cow at first. HATED it.)  I don’t seem to be able to get ANYTHING DONE.  Seriously. It’s like sleeping has stolen my concentration or ability to focus.

Mind you, there have been some distractions to help with that, the main one being that we put the house up for sale at the end of last April and—DEAR GOD—as distractions go, that was a DOOZIE. For some reason everyone and their brother wanted to see our house . . . their brother, their sister, niece, nephew, next door neighbor , etc.  Honestly, we never had less than three showings a week but often as many as five or six. And of course, they never came at the same time or one behind the other so we could vacate for a day and be done with it. It was every other day and so on. Having this many showings is apparently quite unusual. Houses just up the street were going weeks without even ONE showing. I don’t know why the heck everyone wanted to see it.  Mind you it is a beautiful house with a turret and stuff.  Still it made working almost impossible. It seems like the time was spent constantly cleaning or driving around with the cat in the car while people toured the house.  It got so impossible to work that I checked into a little motel for a month to get two stories done back to back.

While I complain about all the tours and how disruptive it was, the house did sell just before Christmas and I know how fortunate we are to have had that happen. There are many houses that have not sold and are reducing their asking price.  As I say, we are very lucky. We were also very lucky in that the purchasers gave us a very long closing time which gave us the chance to find a house and so on.  That’s all we did for the end of December and all of January, house hunt in a bit of a panic because while the purchasers were generous with the closing date there was a deadline and we didn’t want to just take a house out of desperation but wanted the “right” house.  Fortunately, at the end of January we found a house we both love and were able to buy.

Since then we’ve been packing and trying to tend to matters of the move. Between that and some family concerns it’s been impossible for me to concentrate on things I should be concentrating on. Namely work and I’m starting to feel a bit frustrated. I sit down to get to it and my mind is off chasing movers in my head or reminding me I have to do this or that for the move, or that I should call and check on one of the two family members I’m presently worrying over.  Yeesh.

I guess maybe it isn’t really a life coach I need. I just need to get through the move and get settled and see if I can’t concentrate better once that’s done.  This living amidst boxes in one house with your eye on the house you’re moving to . . . and with such disruption is for the birds. In fact, I suppose this is perfectly normal. According to Maslow’s theory of human motivation, food and SHELTER are the first and foremost concern on the hierarchy of needs and will be a focus until they are satisfied. So, I shall just do what I can for now, and hope it improves once we’re moved. . . And if, once the moves over, I still find I’m struggling, THEN I’ll look into a life coach to come kick my butt into some sort of useful routine.

Lynsay, who is really hoping it’s been so long since she posted that no one reads this anymore and so won’t witness her little self counseling session, lol.

Happy Halloween