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My version of events

Soooo, I met Dave while at a writer’s conference in New York.  This is true. I went to hang out with my writer friends.  It’s always lovely to see other writers and discuss (read gripe about) issues that they understand <Grin>  So, I went to New York.  However, it was July 15th 2004, not the 17th as the mistaken Mr. Spice claimed.  It was the 15th through the 21st.  Ah, the memory is the first thing to go.
I was rooming with a friend of mine from California, Melanie Jackson.  She writes historicals and goblin stories I can recommend.  She’s not a smoker though, so out of consideration for her, I wasn’t smoking in our room even though it was a smoking room. 
Well, the first night we were both too pooped from long journies and waits in airports and decided to make an early night of it.  We called room service for dinner and then I went downstairs to have a cigarette before bed.  I was tired and cranky and not interested in company after a long day of talking to strangers in airports and planes, so I sat on the marble base in front of the hotel, scribbling in my journal while I smoked, the journal acting as a natural barrier to prevent anyone from bothering me.  It really works.  If you look busy, people leave you alone.  I finished writing the days events halfway through my second cigarette (I don’t normally keep a journal, but I had promised a friend to keep one this trip to regale them with ‘every detail’ when I got back.)  I closed the journal and put it in my purse, then wandered over to the communal ashtray to finish the cigarette and put it out.  When I got to it, there was a tall, lanky, good looking, silver-haired Brit standing there who said hello and tried to strike up a conversation.  Unfortunately, I was tired and cranky and not at all in the mood to chat.  I’m afraid I might have been a bit cold as I stubbed out the cigarette and excused myself to go to bed. 
The next day was a busy day for me.  Melanie and I ran around New York, hitting various bookstores, designer stores and such, then walking a good distance back to the hotel.  We were a lot more energetic that night and went out to the famous "Ray’s" for pizza, then hit a couple of street venders to look at knock off purses and watches, then wandered back to the hotel.  We were to meet a bunch of our friends in the bar  (Susan Squires and her husband Harry, Christine Feehan and her daughters Mandy and Domini, and Sandra Hill and Trish Jensen.)  Melanie and I went into the bar and had a drink while we waited, then I excused myself to go have a cigarette.
I went outside, lit a cigarette and raised my head to see the tall, silver-haired Brit walking toward me with a big cheeky grin on his face.  It was a sight I would see many times over the next few days and one I now associate with New York.  Say New York, and I see Dave walking toward me in my mind. 
Anyway, we started talking.  I was in a better mood that night, which might be the reason he seemed much more amusing and interesting.  I know he seemed intelligent and entertaining and we got yipping.  I ended up (rudely) staying out for two cigarettes, but finally decided I shouldn’t leave Melanie on her own any longer and excused myself to go back inside.  When I got back to the table, I apologized for taking so long and grinned and said "Some Brit was chatting me up."  I didn’t think he was really.  I thought we were just talking, but I said it with a teasing grin and I know Melanie knew I was joking.  We sat and waited, and waited, and waited some more for our friends.  Everyone was running late. Unfortunately, we weren’t in our room to get their messages that they were running late (roll of eyes, one of us should have thought to run up and check, but neither of us did)
Neither Melanie nor I are barflies and we soon got bored and decided if they didn’t show within fifteen minutes, we were going to give up and leave.  I then said, well, if that was the case, I’d go have a last cigarette before bed, and off I went back outside.  I got to the ashtray, lit a cigarette, raised my head, and there he was again, the foxy silver-haired Brit with the big grin.  I’m pretty sure I grinned back this time.  We talked again and, again, I stayed longer than intended, smoking two or three cigarettes as an excuse to stay and continue talking to him.  He told me during this conversation that he was there with a friend who was being chatted up at the bar by someone and he didn’t want to get in the way of that, so thought he should leave them alone.  I nodded understandingly, thought that was swell of him, then said I should head back in, I was being rude leaving my friend alone.  He then asked if he could join our ‘party’.
I should explain here that I am a lightweight when it comes to men.  No sophistication here at all.  My initial reaction was jaw dropping and eyes going wide as saucers.  I think my heart might have done an alarmed little dance in my chest too.  I fear I kind of panicked.  I had just been joking about the chatting up.  He was the cigarette guy.  The chap I could pass time with while smoking.  Now, he wanted to move to the ‘friends’ table.  I hadn’t been prepared for this.    However, I didn’t want to be rude and say no, so I squeaked "Yes." (completely forgetting that we had planned to give up on waiting for our friends in the bar) and then scurried back inside, very aware that he was following me.  I led him to our table (probably at a quick jog) all in a panic, and bent to whisper to Melanie that this was the Brit I’d told her about. 
Melanie is much more sophisticated than I.  She took this all in stride and struck up a conversation with him, asking innocuous little questions like…his name!  Honest to God, I never even had the sense to ask it before that.  He was just "the Brit" in my head, "the cigarette guy".  It never occurred to me he would be interested in me as anything other than that.  I am sad that way.  A man pretty much has to hit me up the side of the head with one of those strips of condoms for me to figure out he’s hitting on me.  Sad but true.  Anyway, the-Brit-I-now-knew-was-Dave, Melanie and I chatted for a while and then the rest of the party arrived, or most of them (Christine, Mandy, Domini, Susan and Harry arrived)  We all visited for quite a while, chatting and laughing in the bar.  Dave fit in with the group beautifully.  They all included him and seemed to like him and the evening went well, then Dave turned to me and asked if we’d be in the bar the next night.  I said probably, we had a dinner with my publisher than would be back there probably.  It was convenient and the easiest place for us to meet.  He nodded and said he’d look for us the next night then.  He was still adjusting to the time zone and was headed to bed and off he went.
The next day was full of appointments with agents, meetings with editors and open houses at publishers, then dinner with the pub, then we went back to the bar.  The others went in to find a table and I stopped to have a cigarette outside.  I had barely lit up when I glanced over to see — yes, you guessed it — a tall, silver-haired fox of a Brit walking toward me with a big grin on his face. LOL.  We talked, and talked and talked and talked, then went in to join the others.  However, it was very loud in the bar and we ended up going out for cigarettes very frequently so that we could talk, staying out longer and longer each time until the party broke up.   
The next day was much the same.  Appointments and so on all day, then dinner at a fondue place, then back to the bar where Dave joined us and we talked and chatted.
Saturday the 19th was the Rita awards.   Melanie and I went out to a lovely restaurant with Susan and Harry, then returned to the hotel.  We saw Dave and his friend in the bar as we passed on our way to the ritas up on the second floor.  I stopped and explained I had to go up, but would return shortly, then went up.  We weren’t up there long, the awards were almost over when we arrived.  We came back down, our group, plus my and Melanie’s editor who proceeded to kind of grill Dave, lol.  It was the funniest darned thing.  Me in my thirties, with my editor who is in his twenties, acting like the papa bear for me <GRIN>  He asked what he did, where he was from and so on.  The only thing he didn’t ask was what his intentions were, lol.  Dave and I were seated out on the marble in front of the hotel when my editor left later that night and he proceeded to call me over and lecture me on if I slept with him I was to use protection….this, despite my repeated squawking of "I’m not sleeping with him, I hardly know him!"  LOL
The next night was the last day there.  Some of our party left during the day, some were leaving very early in the morning and went to bed early.  Melanie and I were on our own in the bar that night, but were joined by Dave and his friend.   The other two left just before eleven or midnight and the bar then shut down.  Apparently, the hotel bar closes early on Sunday nights.  Dave then suggested we go to this vodka bar he’d been to and had mentioned to me earlier.  I hesitated, considering calling upstairs to tell Melanie where I was going, just in case, but in the end, threw caution to the wind and headed out with him. 
This vodka bar, however, wasn’t open at that hour and we ended up on the patio of Maison where we yipped and yipped and yipped, then I glanced down at my watch and it was after three a.m!  Maison was a twenty-four hour bar/restaurant.  About a half hour later Dave was telling a story and I was watching his mouth move and suddenly wondered what it would be like if he kissed me.  The thought was a completely errant one, coming from nowhere and startling because it was the first I realized that I was interested in him for anything other than conversation.  I did mention I don’t have a clue when it comes to men (grin) 
My startled reaction was apparently obvious because Dave suddenly said, "No, really, that’s what happened." LOL.  He thought I was reacting to what he’d said.  Anyway, half an hour after that, we headed back to the hotel, but neither of us were ready to part I guess.  We sat on the marble at the front of the hotel until 5:30  in the morning and had our first kiss….and he’s a darned good kisser for a guy with no memory <grin>
Anyway, at 5:30 I said I’d best go up to be sure Melanie got up for her alarm and didn’t miss her flight.  He saw me up, then headed to his own room.  I saw Melanie off, went down for breakfast, lugged my luggage down to wait for my ride to the airport.  I sat on the marble to catch up on my journal and hadn’t been there long when Dave and his friend came out, headed to the train station and the second part of their trip.  He spotted me, rushed across the driveway and said, "I have to go.  We’re running late, but I’ll talk to you later."  Then he rushed back, hopped in the car and drove off and I sat there thinking, ‘How the heck can I talk to him later?  He’s from England and I’m from Canada.’
However, he was right.  Once we were both home, we started emailing each other, then talking on msn, then calling every night.  The poor man often talked with me through the night and then had to go to work without sleep.  Then we had a week long date in New York in September.   The date ended a week and a half before his birthday and before we left New York I asked what he wanted for his birthday.  His response was for me to come to England, soooooo…four days after I got home, I flew out to England for what was supposed to be a two week stay, but turned into three.  I came back home to Canada in October.  He asked me to marry him, then came over in November to meet my family and visit, then came back in December to spend Christmas with my family and take me back to England with him.  And the rest, as they say is history. 

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Allowed back online briefly


1.  What Name Do You Go By Online?

Ummm…Lynsay?  Sandi?  Mrs. Spice?  LOL.  Take your pick, I’m a confused person. <Grin>


2.  What Kind Of Pants Are You Wearing Right Now?

None – I’m in a maroon nightgown.


3.  What Are You Listening To Right Now?

Cartoons on television…Come on, it’s Saturday morning!


4.  What Are The Last 4 Digits Of Your Phone Number?



5.       What Was The Last Thing You Ate? 

Turkey, salami, swiss cheese, cheddar and dijonaise on Pumpernickel Bread…We had sandwiches for supper and haven’t gone for breakfast yet.


6.  If You Were A Crayon, What Color Would You Be?



7.   How Is The Weather Right Now?

Sunny and warming up. YAY!


8.  Who Was The Last Person You Talked To On The Phone?

My sister Terri


9.  What Is The First Thing You Notice About The Opposite Sex?

Their expression, whether they look happy or sad and need cheering up


10. Do You Like The Person Who Tagged You With This?

Love him when he’s not driving me crazy with comments like “Hello my little Canadian dwarf…”  Tall people are such smart asses.  <Grin>


11. How Are You Today?

Good thanks.


12. What Is Your Favorite Drink?

Coffee – The black gold of life for us dead-liners in any field


13. Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

Lime Margaritas


14. Favorite Sports? 

Hockey…I AM a Canadian


15. Hair Color?

Auburn with some blonde highlights


16. Eye Color?



17. Do You Wear Contacts?

Nope. Don’t need glasses.


18. How Many Older Siblings Do You Have?

One – sister, also have one younger, I’m a middle child


19. Favorite Month?

March/April when spring arrives with its electric storms and you can smell new grass growing and the leaves bursting to life.


20. Favorite Food?

Pizza – It has all your food groups


21. Last Movie You Watched?

George Romero’s ‘Land Of The Dead‘ – Terri and I tormented the guys with a scary movie night <evil grin>.


22. Favorite Day Of The Year?

Hmmm has to be my birthday  I take that day off no matter what…unless I have a really urgent deadline


23. Are You Too Shy To Ask Someone Out? 

Definitely.  Besides, I’m married now. Ohmigod I’m married…like a grown up or something.


24. Scary Movie Or Happy Endings Better?

Love both


25. Summer Or Winter?



26. Hugs Or Kisses

Have to agree with Mr. Spice here, serious snogging is the most fun and includes both.  Guess I’m greedy


27. Relationships Or One Night Stands? 

Relationships – never been one for one night stands.


28. Chocolate Or Vanilla?



29. Do You Want Your Taggies To Write Back?

Do I have to tag others?  That’s sooooo mean.


30. Who Is The Most Likely To Respond?

Not sure


31. Living Arrangements?

Changeable at the moment, the only constant is Mr. Spice is there


32. What Book Are You Reading Right Now?

I haven’t had a chance to read yet, but I brought an advanced copy of Dates From Hell with me to read the other offerings in it besides my own.  Hoping to read the stories by Kim Harrison, Kelly Armstrong and Lori Handeland.


33. What’s On Your Mouse Pad?

Nothing.  Have a wireless mouse on the hotel  table top….Speaking of which, Mr Spice’s portable is back to back with mine on the table top and we are sharing an internet connection this weekend while here.  Hence the reason I don’t get online much.  He is such an internet hog <grin>


34. What is your favourite board game?

Hmmmm….hmmm….the last board game I played was scrabble


I will have to consider who to tag and enter it later….It feels so mean.

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Back to the honeymoon

I’m back!!  The revisions are done, the deadline met and I can continue with my interrupted honeymoon.  YAY!!  LOL.
Poor Dave has been wandering around here like a lost ghost while I was working, but he was very good and patient about it all and didn’t complain which I greatly appreciate. 
So, I had written about our first day’s wanderings, but he already did, so I scrapped it.  However, I shall say he looks very handsome in his new coat and his Australian hat.  Very nice. 
I didn’t get a coat myself, they didn’t have any of the ones I liked in my size.  They would have made it for me, but it would have taken until at least Christmas, and we’re leaving on Nov 30th, so…no coat.  I did get slippers though.  Lovely warm cushy slippers.  Very nice (Thank you, Dave <G>) 
We then had lunch at the Dragonfly Cafe, then wandered through Kitchenwares.  We are soooo going to have fun shopping there when everything is settled.
So, that’s all from me for now.  Have to work my way back into this blogging business it’s been so long.  Now I’m off to answer all the letters I’ve been neglecting while working.

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Late Posting

Nov 7 2005

Well, we’ve come back to Canada. Oh what a day!

We arrived at the airport Sunday morning and had waited an hour before we found out that – between fog in New York and storms in Toronto — our flight was cancelled. EEEK! Fortunately, we had headed out from the hotel early in case of traffic (the marathon was on in New York City and some streets were blocked off because of it.) We arrived at check in quite early, so were at the top of the standby list and were able to get on the next flight. Sticking to the theme of get married and separate though, our seats were way far away from each other. Dave was in row 19 and I was in 39, the very last row. Oh well, at least we were on the flight.

I sat with Sean and Sylvia, a lovely couple from Mississauga, and we chatted the whole way. The landing was a bit rough, but we got down all right and when I was finally able to exit, Dave had waited for me at his seat, but boy was he GRUMPY. I came to learn he’d put his poor back out twisting and lifting the luggage, poor thing. He was also starved. We hadn’t eaten since 6 that morning when we had some fruit to start the day, though I’d had a cookie on the flight, he hadn’t.

Once we got through customs and immigration, we went out to wait for the rental. Now that he was moving, the pain was easing in his back and Dave was less grumpy. We got the rental and grabbed a snack on the way to my sister’s. The original plan was to drop off the luggage and head down to London to visit, but the storms were still here, the car was buffeted around on the road like crazy and then a hard rain hit and the highway traffic slowed to 60 km an hour. It was after 6 pm when we hit my sister’s place, we’d been traveling for twelve hours and decided that was enough travel for the day.

So, we called my aunt’s place, but kept getting a busy signal, then tried Gran’s but got no answer, so called my other Aunt’s and found out they’d given up on us at just before six and headed home. We’ll have to visit next week after I meet my latest deadline (grimace)

Then we unpacked and Dave had a long soak for his back and was falling asleep by 8, lol. Party animals, huh? LOL. Ah well, it was a long day.

And now it’s a new day, but I have a deadline to get to, so I’m off to work revisions for Vincent’s story.

Take care!

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The Deed is done – long

Welllll…We are married. And here’s the real tale rather than Dave’s amusing one. <Grin>

It was quite entertaining really. We were both calm as can be from the minute we woke up. We went to breakfast and then Dave took a bath while I went to the flower shop to order a bouquet and boutonniere. He originally was going to go with me, but I suggested it might be better if he stayed and bathed, so that I could when I got back. That way, we could get mostly ready before John and my sister Jackie arrived. They were coming to our room straight from the airport to drop off their luggage and dress so that we could head right down to be married and I didn’t want a last minute crunch with everyone fighting over the bathroom. He thought this was a solid plan so stayed to bathe while I went off in search of flowers.

I went to the first shop I found, Flowers of the World, and ordered a bouquet of peonies and white roses, and a boutonniere. Dave wanted a carnation boutonniere. He said it was traditional in England. Unfortunately, Flowers of the World just did not have carnations. Apparently, that isn’t a flower of the world, I guess.

Anyway, in the end I had no idea what kind of boutonniere they were making or even what kind of bouquet except that it would have white roses and white peonies, but it was ordered and paid for and was to be delivered at noon. So, off I went, back to the hotel, stopping to pick up a couple of large cappuccinos on the way. Wasn’t I clever? Cappuccinos. A caffeine jolt is just what we needed at a time like that right?

I returned to the hotel room and we had our cappuccinos and I took my bath, then threw on jeans and a shirt after while I dried my hair. In the meantime, Dave started to dress.

The problems started when I finished drying my hair and turned to doing my makeup….That’s when my hands started to shake. When I said as much to Dave, he said the shakes had just suddenly hit him too. I looked out in the bedroom and he was pacing and fiddling with his tie as he tried to put it on. The nerves had definitely set in. LOL.

Just moments after that there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there was John. Jackie was to the side and out of my sight, and I started to squawk. "My hands are shaking. I can’t do my make up." Then I realized they were still in the hall and got out of the way so they could come in. What a panic. Hug hug, hello hello, put your luggage anywhere.

There were a couple of minutes of chatter about "How was your flight?" and so on. During which Dave is pacing the bedroom floor and I am flitting in and out of the bathroom in a generally scattered and useless manner. But it was noon and we had to leave at 1:30 and it came out that they were hungry after the long morning and their flight. They also asked if we’d eaten yet.

"No," we said as one.

"Well, you should," we were told. "The wedding is at 2:15. You need to eat before we go."

Dave and I both assured them we weren’t hungry. Then I suggested Dave take them to Lou’s cafe across the street while I put on my nylons and make up and then I’d join them. I thought I would then stay there with Dave while they came to the room for a bit to dress without us around and then I’d just have to throw my dress on and fix my hair and we could go.

Dave got this panicked look when I suggested that. Eyes wide and horrified he asked "By myself?" Like he was a five year old being sent to the corner store on his own. This is when I realized that his brain was no longer functioning on normal. I had already figured out that mine wasn’t. LOL. I said, "Yes, I’ll be right behind you."

So he headed for the door and I said, "Do you have your wallet and room key?" And he stopped, eyes wide with horror again. "No."

There was a mad scramble to find his wallet during which time the reception desk called up to see if we were expecting a flower delivery and warn us it was on the way up. I hung up and Dave was still searching, so I helped.

John kept saying, "Don’t worry about it. You don’t need your wallet. I’m buying." But neither Dave nor I were processing this. He must have his wallet to leave the room. That is as far as either of us were able to think. He found his wallet and charged for the door with Jackie and John following. When Dave opened the door, there was the flower guy with the bouquet and boutonniere. Everyone waited while I signed for it, tipped the delivery guy and sent him off, then off they headed out again, Dave charging up the hall at light speed with John and Jackie following.

I closed the door and managed to do my makeup without making myself into a Picasso portrait, pulled my hair back, donned my stockings and then remembered the necklace and earrings. Afraid I would forget later, I donned the earrings, then couldn’t do up the damned necklace. Muttering under my breath, I wrapped the expensive bloody thing around my fingers, grabbed my purse, stepped into my shoes and rushed out the door to head to Lou’s.

Jackie saw me coming and smiled and waved. John was listening to Dave who seemed — when I looked through the window — to be talking a mile a minute. I went in and joined them and Dave didn’t even slow in his talking. He was rabbiting on. I commented on the fact that he had a smoked salmon sandwich and Jackie said, he’d found his appetite when he got there and I should order something too. So I ordered a sandwich as well, turned so Dave could put my necklace on, then sat in a sort of daze as Dave alternately rattled on about something, or tapped his fingers on the table top, all the while, his leg shaking a mile a minute in lieu of pacing. Ahhhhh, we were a mess. LOL

We ate, then gave Jackie and John our key and told them to go dress while we had a drink in the bar. Alcoholic. We both needed settling down. We had one drink each then headed upstairs and it was…

Panic stations.

THANK GOD Jackie and John were there. John mostly sat out of the way, remaining calm and checking that Dave had everything (“Do you have the license? Do you have the this? The that?) Meanwhile, Dave and I panicked all over Jackie. There was Dave’s boutonniere to be put on and we were both useless at that with our shaky hands, then she helped with the last of my makeup and then my hair. We double and triple checked we had everything, then off we went. Dave, again, charging off up the hall at light speed while I took my little baby steps, lagging behind in my darned heels.

By the way, he talks a mile a minute when nervous. This was interesting to learn, lol.

We got a taxi, one of those ones with two seats behind the driver, then a bench seat behind those, like a suburban SUV I guess, and off we went. Dave turned sideways in his seat to speak to Jackie and John in the back and take pictures of them, but he was sliding around like crazy and I was sure the door was going to fly open at any moment and he’d go flying out, but he didn’t.

We arrived, paid the taxi and clambered out and Dave spotted Marc and Sandra right away. We both waved. They saw us and Dave said, “Let’s go!” and charged across the street. I followed at a more sedate pace, my heels slowing me down, and Jackie and John walked with me, laughing at Dave’s exuberance. We got to the other couple, introduced and said hello to Mark and Sandra, then in we went, through security; X ray and metal detection.

Sandra and Mark hadn’t brought any ID. Neither Dave nor I had thought to warn them and I nearly died when the guy said, “No ID? They can’t enter.” I was horrified, but then the guy started to smile and said, but since I was the bride, they could come in. Sheesh, talk about a scare! We all made it through security, hopped in an elevator and rode up. When the doors opened, Dave charged ahead with Mark and Sandra right on his heels, and I, Jackie and John followed a good ten feet behind again thanks to the heels. LOL. This is the guy who normally walks at my side, holding my hand. John, Jackie and I kept laughing at his mad rush and I just shook my head and said “Well, at least I’m not having to drag him to the alter.” LOL

We filled out more paperwork, then were sent out to wait by the chapel. I sat, Dave and everyone else stood and Dave tapped his leg as jittery as a colt.

They called our names and Dave charged off again, stopping at the door to the inner chapel when he realized I wasn’t beside him, then caught my hand when I reached him and rushed me inside and up in front of the podium thingie. He positioned me beside him and we stood there staring expectantly at the …er…well…whatever she was. The official? Jackie and John and Sandra and Mark positioned themselves in the room, then John and Sandra moved to better picture taking positions and it started. A Canadian and a Brit getting married in New York by an official with an Irish brogue. Only us.

“Do you, David, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife–”

“I do,” Dave blurted.

The official actually broke a smile. She didn’t look like she did that often, and I heard the chuckles from behind us, but didn’t understand it, I was in too much of a daze. At that point, all I’d heard was his ‘I do’ and I’d stiffened up like a soldier under fire, my brain telling me to get prepared, the next part was mine. Then she said “Just hang on there, I’m not done” and added the next part, “To love, honor and cherish as long as you both shall live” and I realized he’d jumped the gun. I smiled and finally relaxed a little. He loves me you know.

Dave said I do again when she finished, then she turned to me and asked me if I took him to love honor and cherish and I said, “I don’t have to obey?” And she cracked another smile and shook her head.

“There is no more obeying anymore,” she assured me.

“Okay then, I mean I do,” I said. Dave later said, “I couldn’t believe you said that!” LOL

Then we came to the kiss the bride part and he kissed me and I broke a rose off my bouquet as I brought it up to hold onto his arm. Sigh. I am such a clutz.

Then we signed stuff and got our picture taken with her and then she told us to take the paper she signed to the whatever room to get the marriage certificate. Dave grabbed my hand and charged out. The next group were waiting in the hall and he did that knee up, pulling fist down sign and told them, “We’re married. YEAH!” And they laughed and said congratulations as he rushed me out of the room to the next room. LOL

There was a bit of back and forth to this window and that to get the certificate and everything, then off we went, out of the building for more pictures. Then Dave hailed a taxi and said “Who’s in the first one?” I said he should go in it with Sandra and Mark, and I’d go with Jackie and John because we were headed back to the hotel and he and I were the ones with the room keys.

“Oh.” He frowned, but nodded and got in the cab with Sandra and Mark and headed off. John promptly tsked and said, “Just married and already splitting up.”

I just laughed, but really I wished we’d arranged it better and thought to hire a car or limo to take us all to the hotel. Actually, we should have hired a car to take us there but we’ve both been so busy… Oh well.

We caught the next taxi and headed uptown. There was a bit of traffic because of a fire, but we got there eventually and I scrambled out of the cab behind Jackie to find Dave taking my hand. They had waited in front of the hotel for us. He kissed me as I straightened and said, “Hello wife.”

To shorten the rest of a lovely, night, we went up to the hotel room, Jackie and John collected their luggage and headed off to check in then were coming back. I changed into a pair of black pants and a cream colored top so I could wear flat shoes and Dave, I, Mark and Sandra went down to the bar and had a drink while we waited for Jackie and John to get back.

They returned and we headed to La Bonne Soup where the food was to die for and every one had a great time. It was where Dave and I had had our first dinner date and was chosen for that reason. It’s also an excellent little bistro.

Jackie and John got on great with Mark and Sandra, in fact, at one point, Dave and I slipped out for a cigarette and I don’t think any of them noticed we left they were so busy yapping. This pleased us. We were glad they enjoyed each other. Having them be uncomfortable and awkward would not have been as nice. Then we walked to Maison and had a couple more drinks

We all left Maison at about 10:30 or 11 and headed our separate ways. Sandra was falling asleep on her feet from jet lag and John looked pretty red-eyed too. Everyone was tired. But Dave and I went back to our hotel and had a drink in the bar and talked about wishing the rest of our family could have been there, especially my mom and his parents who are all deceased. We cooed with each other, and laughed with the bartender who had been there in 2003 when we met, then came upstairs to find an email from my agent Jenny, saying that I’d made the USA Today AND the New York times bestsellers list again and congratulations. What a lovely wedding gift from God.

Soooo, I am now a Mrs…..But I don’t feel any different than I did before the wedding… Am I supposed to? Shouldn’t I feel more mature or responsible or something? Hmmm….Hope you’re all healthy, happy and well!



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The Big Day


Hmmmm…Well, getting the license was a pain and a half.  You have to pay in a money order from a U.S. financial institution.  However, to get a money order from a U.S. financial institution, you have to have an account with them.  This we learned yesterday morning.  It was the first hitch in the plan.  Dave being from England and my being Canadian, neither of us has an American bank account.  The bank lady suggested we go get a postal money order, but Dave said, “Let’s go to the office and find out if they’ll accept it first, or what they suggest.  We don’t want to get the postal money order and have them say it won’t do.”


So off we went to the City Clerk’s office.  Getting in to this building is like trying to get on a plane.  They want ID, then they have you empty your pockets and send everything through an x ray machine, while you go through the metal detector, all under the eyes of some scary looking armed dudes. <Grin>


We got in and the gal at the information desk in the City Clerk’s office was very helpful.  Obviously, we weren’t the first with this problem.  She handed us a card.  The western union, just up the street on Chambers was where we needed to go.  So off we went to get our money orders, then back through security and then back to the info desk to get the forms to fill out.  Ahh, bureaucracy.  Then we stood in line forever and a day, then we got to the lovely woman who transferred our file to the computer.  She was a sweetie by the way.  I quite liked her.  Fast and friendly.  Super!  Then we had to go to the cashier to hand in the money order and get the printed license.  Only the license came with Dave’s name spelled Dav id.  This is not how the fast and friendly girl typed it, I guarantee it.  We both watched on the monitor as she filled in the sections.  But apparently it shot over to the cashier’s computer that way, obviously a computer glitch of some sort. 


Back we had to go to get it corrected, then back to the cashier to get it printed it up.  This time it came out perfect.  And we were done!  Sounds easy, huh?  This took ALL MORNING!!  It was 11:57 when it finished.


LOL.  As we stood in line waiting, Dave was eyeing the graffiti on the walls.  Yes, apparently some people waiting in line to get their license think they’re at lover’s lane and there were all these hearts and “Joe and Denise June 11 2005” and so on scribbled on the walls.  Dave peered at them and wondered aloud if they did the same sort of graffiti when they went for their divorce.  You know, “Joe sucks, thank God it’s over Nov 6 2005” or “For a good time call Denise, she’s single now…not that it ever mattered to her that she wasn’t single”…That kind of thing.  I laughed at that, but then he pointed out the sign taped to the front of the glass window where you sit to give info and it said “Divorce Info County Clerk 60 Center Street, 212-669-2400” 


GROAN!  You aren’t even married yet and they are telling you how to end it.  What a sad world we live in.


Anyway, once it was done, we came back to the hotel, had lunch, then took a nap.  Yes, sad but true, after getting up at 4 a.m. we needed an afternoon nap (or kip as Dave calls it)


We slept till 4:30 and then wandered down to the executive lounge for hors d’oeuvres, then went shopping…had to hit the bookstore and saw both my latest books out.  COOL!  (Speaking of which, I got an email from my editor at Avon/Harpercollins with some good news.  A QUICK BITE made number five on the Waldensbook’s bestsellers list.  YAY)


After that we stopped at Maison.  It was the first restaurant we went to together, though we went there for drinks only at the time.  Then we came back to the hotel and went to the hotel bar where we spent a good deal of time the first week we met because we writers were all meeting there before or after meals to make it easy to find each other and this is where we had congregated to talk to each other and editors and so on.  So, when Dave joined our group that week, we’d spent a lot of time there.  Then we came upstairs.  Even with our afternoon nap, we were in bed by midnight.


Now it is the wedding day.  Sandra and Mark arrived from England last night.  Jackie and John are coming today – they should be here within the hour.  The flowers are coming at noon.  We are leaving at 1:30.  And I have to go bath now that Dave is out.  So, next time I type in here, I shall be – officially – Mrs. Spice <Grin> 


Dum dum dee dum



P.S. Excuse any mispellings, I’m still not used to typing on the portable without my wireless keyboard.

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Off we Go!

Sooooo, the adventures of moi.  LOL.


I spent Sunday night in a suite at the Airport Hilton in Toronto.  It was nice.  I got to catch up on emails and took two…count em TWO baths!   No, I am not a clean freak.  After all my checks and double checks to be sure I packed everything for the wedding, I apparently forgot, entirely, to check the bathroom and left shampoo, cream rinse, baby powder, and my razor behind.  EGADS!  I hadn’t seen Dave in three weeks!  I so wasn’t showing up with hairy legs <G>  Unfortunately, I only noticed the oversight after getting in the tub and dragging my bag over to look for the items.  Sigh. 


So, I took the bath, then got dressed and ran out in search of a shoppers.  I ended up at the gift shop, paying an arm and a leg and two future children for shampoo, cream rinse and a razor.  Sheesh!  The woman felt so bad for me that when I stopped at the door and turned back for the baby powder, she cut me a break on that item which I thought  was terribly sweet.


Anyway, so back I went to my room to bathe again and this time wash my hair and everything.  <Grin>


Then I could not get to sleep.  I just couldn’t.  My original wake up call was for 4:45, but I ended up calling down at 12:15 and asking them to change it to 5:15.  Up early, I dressed, got ready and headed out for the airport.  Left my rental with the hotel as instructed, then off the airport on a shuttle. 


OH MY GOD!!  The airport has become a nightmare of line ups and security and so on.  Line up for the machines to check-in where you have to type in a gazillion answers to a gazillion questions, then line up to have your luggage weighed and tagged and get the standard questions about “Did you pack it yourself?  Has it been out of your possession since packing?”  Then line up for American immigration.  Then line up for the security checks and going through the xray and so on…


I always arrive at the airport three hours ahead of time so that no problems can make me miss my flight, and I don’t know if Monday is just a busy day or what, but the line ups were horrendous.  By the time I got through it all, I had ten minutes before boarding.  Literally.


Anyway, then I got on board and made the poor couple who were already seated in my row get up, so I could take my window seat. 


Well, I work alone.  I sit with a computer day in and day out and type, as I’m doing now.  And the last month has been the worse for that.  I have been working like a fiend to meet the two deadlines.  Locked in a little room with a computer.  Soooo, let me out amongst the living who – unlike computers – talk back and I talk.  And Talk.  And talk.  Those poor people.  I probably yipped their ears right off.  They were lovely by the way.  And very nice putting up with me.  The lady next to me was wonderful and we fell into conversation.  A lady in the row in front of them was with them and I thought she was with the young woman seated beside her.  I didn’t realize the three of them were together, or I would have offered to switch seats so they could have sat together, but I didn’t know.


Anyway, we got talking and I learned that the husband was there on business and the women were on a shopping trip with him.  And I explained I was going over to get married.  Naturally they asked if Dave was from NY and I explained that no, he was British, but we’d met there, his friends and family are in England, mine are in Canada and so since we met in NY and had our first date there we were marrying there.  And then I yapped and yapped about Dave, England, and so on.  And Dave…And Dave…LOL.


And then they asked where he worked and I told them and – Holy Moly!! – They were from the Canadian division of the multinational company he works for in the UK. 




And then the husband (I am avoiding names here on purpose because you just never know who reads this, lol) handed me his card and told me to have Dave call when he got to Canada.   How bizarre is that?  Of all the people I could have sat beside….  I mean it was an air bus, not the smaller little planes.  There were 30 some rows of six seats, so there were almost 200 people on that plane and it was pretty full I think.  What are the chances that I would happen to be seated with that particular trio?  Dave did the doo doo doo doo music when I told him about it and handed him the card, lol. 


Anyway, the flight went fast.  We landed and I collected my luggage and grabbed a cab into the city.  Arrived at the Hilton to find the room wasn’t ready.  The wonderful desk clerk, Kim, asked if I minded having two double beds instead of the executive King and I squawked “No.  I’m getting married.  One bed.  King size please.  I don’t mind waiting.  So the luggage was checked in and I wandered off to find some food.  I’d had nothing but one of those tiny bags of nut type things on the plane since dinner the night before and it was after noon.  I went to Lou’s café and had a sandwich then wandered about before checking back on the room.  IT WAS READY!!  Well it wasn’t really, but Joyland who had replaced Kim had them move us to a room that was ready.  I went up, dropped the luggage, checked on the internet to see that Dave’s plane had landed and then went down to wait for him. 


I couldn’t stop smiling as I waited.  This was where we’d first met, in front of the Hilton a little more than two years ago.  And now it was all coming full circle and we were marrying.  How lovely. 


Then he arrived.  I restrained myself and didn’t jump him, lol.  But we kissed and hugged and then had to behave because the doorman (is that what they’re called?) was waiting with the luggage.  He took care of the luggage and we went up to the room and – low and behold – there was a huge bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and a bowl of strawberries!!  Wasn’t that sweet?  Sigh.  You have to love the Hilton.  What a great group they are! 


Well, flying always makes me feel grungy and Dave too so we both took showers and popped the Champagne open and enjoyed Strawberries and Champagne in the hotel where we met.


Anyway, now it’s Tuesday morning and we’re about to slip out for breakfast and to get the license.  A busy day ahead.  See you soon.







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