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Hope all my American friends had a great Thanksgiving.  A happy and healthy one.

 I haven’t much news.  Done one story, working on and halfway through the other, but had a toothache start up this weekend so switched to reading and didn’t get much work done Saturday or Sunday.  I get to go to the dentist this afternoon…UGH!  I hate dentists.  It’s nothing personal, just hate going to see them.  For some reason I don’t freeze well.  Never have, even as a child. 

 My dentist when I was a child thought I was fibbing about that.  He’d give the shot, come back, tap the area and ask if I could feel that and I could.  He wouldn’t believe me and would drill anyway.  GAD!  The last time that particular dentist did that, I instinctively started to close my mouth in pain and the drill slid off my tooth and into the side of my face, after which he yelled and slapped me.  My mother never took me back to him.  She was pretty mad.  I shudder at the thought of dentists since then.  BLECK!

 Anyway, it’s a problem that’s continued through the years.  It usually takes three or four shots to numb an area for me.  I guess lidocaine or xylocaine or whatever the caine is just doesn’t work well on me…which makes dental visits somewhat trying.  On the bright side, it probably means I’d never have to worry about becoming a cocaine addict <Grin>

 Ah well, that’s going to be my day.  Dentist.  So, I’m not likely to get much work done today either. 

 On another note, it appears I’ll be having the family Christmas this year.  Gran and Aunt Sue came for tea Sunday and by the time they left, Christmas was going to be here.  We have the space and three large tables as well as one round one.  Of course, we only have 8 chairs so it will mean they have to bring folding chairs.  Which means I really have to get working on finishing this story and the taxes so I can concentrate on prepping for it.  I haven’t a clue what that involves, but I’ll probably go overboard.  It’s my nature, sigh.

 If anyone has great recipes or decorating ideas, feel free to share them.  This is the first Christmas I’ve ever hosted and am not ashamed to admit I NEED HELP!!

 Oh gees!!  I just realized I haven’t even started Christmas shopping either.  GEES!!  I definitely need help here.

 Lynsay, off to start making lists until her dentist appointment


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Checking in

Ack!  Sorry, I’ve been so neglectful, I’ve been working.  So far I have one story almost done, the other half done.  YAY!!!  Mind you, I’ve been neglecting taxes to write.  Oddly enough, writing goes so much faster and is so much more fun when I am doing it to avoid something as unpleasant as taxes <Grin>

Well, that’s not totally true, I really enjoy writing most of the time.  It’s editing I dislike.  But anyway, last I wrote I was going to meet my sis for lunch.  That was lovely, we always have fun together lately.  Funny how you can fight and scrap like cats as kids, then get along so well as adults.  We’re planning a local Mexican restaurant for our next outing.  In the meantime, she’s going to check out the local spas so we can drag our little sis down for another girl’s spa day soon. 

Saturday I took time out to put up the Christmas tree and do some other decorating.  I have to make a trip out to get more decorations actually since we didn’t bother to ship any over from England.  All I had here was my old tree from storage and some decorations for it, but I’ll get to that in time. 

I’m also on a pet campaign, trying to talk Dave into our getting one.  He is resisting, fretting over what we would do with a pet when we travel and I’m really too busy at the moment to put much effort into persuading him, so no doubt that is something else I will put on the back burner until I get more of my work done.   By then we probably will be traveling again though <grimace>

And that’s about it for now.  You can see why with so little news I have been neglecting posting.  But now I’m pretty much caught up….So, its back to work for me.  I left my hero and heroine in a bit of a pickle when I stopped to write this, and really should get back to them.

Hope you’re all well.


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Checking in

I’ve been off doing corrections that had to go back quick, so slacked on blogging.  Now, I’m done and have mailed them and still don’t have a thing to blog about because I was working.  Just call me boring. 
Let’s see.  Dave mentioned in his blog that we went to a concert last Friday.  The Foo Fighters and Dylan.  I have to say I liked Foo Fighters.  They were good.  They engaged the audience and played and sang well.  Dylan…Hmmm….Dave says this is Dylan.   So be it, but sitting there listening to songs I don’t know or can’t recognize because they’ve been changed so much, and to a singer who forgets his lyrics so mumbles, and never speaks to the audience, just stays at his keyboard until the end when he takes a moment to introduce the band, and then at the end, after the encore, poses with his band in a two or three row, obvious pose for anyone who wishes to take pics when everyone has been warned cameras and cell phones (often also cameras) are not allowed….well, I had trouble staying awake for the Dylan part of the concert.  Ah well…
We did have a lovely visit with Terri afterward.  Dave, Terri and I sat up laughing and chatting until 4:30.  Well, Terri and I did.  I think Dave wandered off to bed at 4 A.M.  It was fun.  My sisters are fun to visit with.
So then it was work and now the corrections are off and I have to shift onto the taxes and all those stories soon coming due, but tomorrow I think I’ll take some time off and go have coffee with my other sister, Jackie who, by the way, recently went to see Elton John in concert and says he’s one heck of a show.  A definite showman.  Neither she nor her husband are big Elton John fans, but she claims he was one of the best concerts they’ve gone too (she’s a concert afficianado, John gets the tickets through work) and even John was impressed.  I’m sorry I let Dave off the hook and didn’t go.  If he makes his way to my area again, I’ll definitely go. 
So there you have it.  That’s all for me today.  I’m off to start sorting receipts…Gad, I hate taxes.
P.S. There are lots of contest entries coming in.  Thank you for the help guys.  I haven’t really looked through them, but I do know a couple of people have sent in HUGE long lists of names.  I’d appreciate it if you’d try to keep it to five or less.  In fact, next time I think I’ll say ahead of time that if there are more than five, it will be disqualified, because it’s kind of unfair to put in thirty or forty names.   Thanks

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So, okay, here’s the contest.

I need a name for Lissianna’s baby. Sorry to tell you before it comes out in Bite Me If You Can, but it will be a daughter and I haven’t been able to come up with a name myself.

So….I need baby names. Girls. The one who sends the name I use will get an autographed advanced copy of Bite Me if you Can and will be thanked in the dedication for the book in which it is first published. Probably Marguerite’s book.

The contest runs for a month. From now until December 2nd when I’ll choose from the suggestions.

I’ll send out the ARC on December 3rd so it is received before Christmas.

Send your suggestions to admin@lynsaysands.net

Thanks guys and good luck!


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